Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Tips Tricks, Features, Problems and Solutions

The Samsung Galaxy s5 smartphone is an amazing device with many great features to offer including a state-of-the-art 16-megapixel camera. You need to know all of your favorite camera’s shooting modes to be able to get sharp and creative images.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Tips

Let’s zoom in on the Samsung Galaxy s5 Camera features, tips, and problems.

High-tech features

If you are looking for a high resolution camera, then it is advisable to buy a digital camera. An android’s camera is simple and small compared to a digital camera. The Samsung Galaxy s5 cameras have small sensors and fixed-lenses limiting their performance, especially in poor lit environments. They lack many features that a digital camera has to offer. However, you can maximize on the camera features to come up with quality sharp and creative images.

HDR feature

The HDR feature works best in situations where there are light and dark elements in the same subject. The HDR mode works by combining multiple exposures in a single image to stop too much light and to also bring out details in a dark spot.

Metering Modes

The metering modes makes the camera focus on the most important part of the photo while under exposing or over exposing the other parts of the photo. You have various metering modes to choose from including sticking to the default settings which is center-focused. You can adjust the metering modes to spot or matrix metering modes. You will find the metering modes in the gear icon of your phone.

Burst Mode

Burst Mode gives you the opportunity to capture a series of photos in succession. This is achieved when the shutter button is held down. What’s more, the photos can be edited by adding different effects to them. Burst mode can be ideal for taking fast-moving subjects. Because you will end up with a multitude of photos, then you can select the best quality image. You can take up to 30 shots in just 3 seconds.

Shot and More

The Shot and More mode allows you to use many similar photos in a series of photos and create one single high-quality image.

This feature works with the burst mode feature. Activate Shot and More mode before taking photos. When you activate the Shot and More mode, your device will take photos in burst mode. This feature also allows you to access a photo Eraser Mode for editing your photos. In addition, the Shot and More mode feature gives you features like Best Shot to help you select a good image from several images.

Exposure value

You can adjust how much light your camera sensor is exposed to by using the Exposure value. Play around with the exposure values to come up with good shots. The exposure value ranges from -2.0 which is darkest to 2.0 which is brightest. Find the exposure menu on the phone camera’s app’s settings icons. To use this feature, the HDR has to be off.

Reduce a photo’s resolution

Do you really need a photo with a high megapixel? A high-resolution photo is expensive to maintain. Sharing the phone on any social media platform may cost you a lot of data and also the image uses your phone’s memory, requiring you to have many memory cards if you have many such photos. Go to settings menu and select your desired picture size. You can still have good quality photos with details at low resolution.

Beauty safe for Better selfies

Activate beauty face before taking selfies. The beauty face feature gives you five levels of intensity to choose from for improving your selfies. The feature will rub blemishes and other marks on your selfie images improving your image quality.

Private mode settings

Are you concerned about the privacy of some of your photos? The Samsung Galaxy s5 has a privacy feature for hiding files. They only become accessible by entering a PIN code. You can make some of the photos private by enabling this feature. Find the Personalization icon in your settings menu. After creating a PIN, then go to your phone gallery app and long press on the specific images you want to hide and move them to the private mode.

Faster focusing on an image

Image stabilization is a feature that helps in reducing blur in a photo which happens due to the shaking of the lens. But it can delay photo-capturing. Therefore, you can achieve better image focusing by turning off stabilization on your device. Switch off picture stabilization found in your settings menu. With picture stabilization turned off, you can capture special moments quickly. Use this when taking action subjects.

Selective focus feature

Selective focus gives you three options for your image focus. You will choose between an even focus, background focus or foreground focus. Selective focus feature gives you the option of blurring a part of the image to achieve an artistic effect by highlighting the main subject in detail. Activate Selective Focus to use the feature.

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You can upgrade your phone by adding latest features to your phone. You can download the latest phone features from the Samsung App Store on to your camera. This will keep your phone up to date.

Zoom physically

Avoid using the digital zoom on your camera to zoom. Zooming complicates your camera settings complicating photo shooting. To zoom on an object, do it physically by moving closer to the object. Use different perspectives for better images. Change positions until you have the perfect image. You can kneel down, change angles, and use other positions.

Avoid using the flash

You have the option of either turning off the flash or having it on auto. Use the flash only when taking photos at night, otherwise, it is better to turn it off. Most of the time a flash will bring down the quality of your photos by adding shadows or colors that destroy your image quality.

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You will enjoy using the many features that your Samsung Galaxy s5 phone camera has to offer. To be able to take good quality photos, you will need to maximize on your phone camera’s built-in features and tools. Be sure to save your favorite images well where they can never get corrupted or deleted. Lock your images before transferring them to another safer saving mode.

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