Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problems and Solution : Handy Details

Does your Samsung Galaxy s5 run out of battery way too fast? The Samsung Galaxy s5 has many features which can be responsible for the battery life problems. They have GPS location services, many apps, video, camera, games which use a lot of battery power. The problem could be caused by multiple issues.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problems and Solution

Here are some of the common possible causes and solutions of a short battery life.

Reboot your phone

If battery draining is something you are experiencing for the first time, try rebooting your phone and see if your phone will go back to operating normally. Restarting your phone stops all the programs running on your phone.

Find out which Apps are currently running on your device

If your phone is running many apps, that could be the cause of battery draining of your device. To check which apps are running on your phone, go to the settings menu, choose Application Manager on the settings menu. Click on it. Then you will be presented with all the apps currently running on your phone.

Only retain apps that you need. Uninstall apps that your phone can function without or apps that you use occasionally. In future, after using an app that you don’t use frequently, ensure that you disable it.

Use an app to hibernate your phone

There are many apps available that you can install on your device to stop battery drain issues. The app works by placing all your apps in a state of hibernation. Then you can activate the apps when you want to use them.

You will definitely see an increase in your battery life if most apps are inactive. You can check for this information online and choose which app to use to put your phone apps into hibernation mode. Greenify is one of the options you can consider.

Reset features on your phone

Some of the Samsung Galaxy high-tech features are responsible for the battery drain. They include the GPS location feature, brightness on the screen, sync settings and smart gestures.

The screen of your phone is among the top power consumption features of your phone. Turn off the automatic brightness settings and manually adjust the brightness of your phone device to a lower setting. Also, avoid live wallpapers on your screen and adjust the screen timeout too short. Also using black wallpaper saves your battery power.

Though the GPS service is a very important feature, but unfortunately, it is responsible for most power consumption on your phone. Many apps on your phone use the GPS location service including google maps, facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Limit the GPS location services on your phone. Adjust the settings to your preferred choice. Go to your settings, then choose the location and then the mode. You will be presented with three choices. High accuracy will keep your phone on GPS, Wi-fi, and the device’s mobile network to determine your location. This uses a lot of power. The battery saving option uses limiting features of the GPS location services, thus saving battery life. On the other hand, turning off the GPS will definitely extend the battery life of your device but will limit your phone capabilities.

Chances are very high that you don’t need your phone’s Smart Gestures features on a daily basis. You can disable this feature to save on your battery usage and only turn it on when you need to use it.

Modifying your phone sync settings will prolong your battery power. The sync menu provides you with constant notifications including emails and messages which drain your battery life. Disabling the sync settings will stop these notifications. You can consider leaving only frequently used sync settings.

To change your sync settings, go to the settings menu, then look for the Accounts menu and tap it. In the Account Menu, you will be provided with many options including Facebook, WhatsApp, Email among others. Select an account type, then turn off the sync settings. This will result in a disabling of updates and notifications.

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Limit your phone usage

If you never put your phone down, and you are always busy on phone, be sure that your battery will not last long. This is especially if you do streaming and play games. You may want to play games or stream only when you are able to recharge your battery immediately.

Monitor battery usage

To know what drains your phone battery, it is important to monitor your battery usage. You will do this by setting your phone. Go to settings, then choose battery and click on the menu. This feature will help you track your battery usage and know what adjustments you can make to extend the battery life.

Battery saver and power saver modes

An android phone has a battery saver feature. You can use this feature to extend the life of your battery by limiting battery over-usage. The battery saver feature does this by reducing various apps activities. It will dim the screen, reduce vibration, disable some apps to save on battery.

Also, consider turning on your phone’s power saving mode. Familiarize yourself with the two power saving modes. Ultra power saving is used when you really want to drag your battery life while the regular power saving mode can be used daily.

Replace your launcher

Replace your launcher with “nova launcher”. To do this, go to the play store app on your phone and click on the “search menu”. Type nova launcher on the search box and after finding it, install it. Then set it for use on your phone by going to the settings menu on your phone device, clicking on default applications, then click on the home button and then enable the nova launcher to run on your device.

A power bank

Consider purchasing a good power bank. Check the one that can recharge your phone several times. This should keep your phone on for the longest time possible.


The decision on which features to disable on your phone depends on what features you need frequently. If you have tried all of the above solutions and your phone is still experiencing battery drain problems, consider taking your phone to the nearest Samsung Galaxy shop for troubleshooting. You will be advised on whether your phone battery needs replacement.

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