How to Take a Screenshot on Your Samsung Galaxy S5

For any Smartphone user, there always comes a time when you need to share the contents of our screens. It may be a weird text message that you have received a joke or the cool wallpaper on your screen.

There are also some guidelines or instructions which are understood better when given through screenshots. This includes the installation of apps and programs.

In the past, it was virtually impossible to capture a screen on a phone. In fact, it was only possible to capture a screen via a computer.

It is something you can now do with relative ease. The unfortunate bit is that the phones released into the market have no buttons specifically assigned for taking screenshots.

How to screenshot on Galaxy S5

We are yet to encounter a phone which has an extra button for this vital purpose. We hope that the developers have noted this issue down in their notebooks.

However, the lack of buttons does not mean that we cannot take screenshots through other creative ways. We will guide you through some of the means of taking screenshots on a Galaxy S5.

“Home” and “Power” buttons combination

This has to be the most popular way of taking screenshots on Android devices. We will provide you the simple steps of using this method.

Go to the photo, message thread, app or theme that you wish to grab on the screen. After that, you hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed for around three seconds.

Once the process completes, your screen will flash and a camera shutter sound will be produced. The phone will display a message telling you that the screenshot has been saved.

The screenshot will be saved in the gallery app of your phone. It is from this point that you can do various actions with your screenshot; such as share on social media or email.

Simple, isn’t it? If for any reason whatsoever you fail to grasp the pressing of two buttons at the same time, we shall provide you with another way.

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Hand swiping your screen

This method is available in the newer Samsung versions. It is much simpler than the method we gave you above.

To use this feature, ensure that the Palm motion feature on your device is enabled. If not, navigate to settings, then “Motions and gestures”.

Finally, you tap on the “Palm swipe to capture” box. Once this is done, we now go to the screen capture process.

Go to the screen which your intend to grab and then place the side of your palm upright next to the screen.

You then swipe your erect palm from one side of the screen to the other. Your screen will flash if the operation was successful. The screenshot would be stored in the gallery, which would have a screenshots folder.

Although the above two methods are the simplest, they capture the whole screen and unnecessary stuff. For instance, no one would need the battery icon on their image.

You can easily fix this issue through use of photo editing apps. If you are not content with these two methods, we have another option for you.

Use of the Phone manager

If you wish to take screenshots on your device without pressing buttons, then this application is just for you. Its interface gives you a wider and clearer view of your device such that you can easily identify the part of the screen that you intend to capture.

To use this app, you first have to download it from the windows store and install it to your PC. After the installation, open the program before connecting your Galaxy S5 to the PC through a data cable.

Ensure that you have enabled the debug mode of this cable for the operation to proceed. Your device will now be synced with the application. The information on your phone will now be seen on the interface.

Navigate to the portion of app or screen that you wish to capture, before clicking on the camera icon to complete the screen capture.

You will be provided with two options on where to save the screenshot; on the “Clipboard” or the “Local drive.” You can now disconnect your device from the PC by clicking on “Disconnect”.

Note that if you are not comfortable with connecting your device to the PC via a data cable, you can always do it via Wi-Fi.

One advantage of using this method is that the phone manager can also be used in managing other files stored on your device such as music, contacts and apps.

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Use of Apowersoft Screenshot

This app comes with a browser such that you can easily capture WebPages. Even better, you can use it to capture screenshots in other apps. We will provide you with simple steps on how to use this app.

The first step is downloading and installing the app on your Samsung S5 device before opening it.

Navigate to webpage that you intend to grab and on the right bottom of your screen, click on the camera icon. In most cases, this icon is blue in color.

If you wish to capture a region, you will tap on the topmost button. If your target is a full webpage, tap on the middle button and if you wish to capture the current screen, click the last button.

This app has an image editor which you may use to make further alterations to your screenshot. When you are through with the editing, click on “Done” and then “Save”.It will be stored in the gallery in its own “Apowersoft Screenshot” folder.


Now that you have learned how to take a screenshot, you should choose your method based on your preferences. If you just want a basic and “normal” screenshot, then you should go with the first two methods; handswipe and button combination.

If you need additional features, then the Apowersoft method is the one for you. Also ensure that you track the location where the screenshot has been stored.

We would not want you to take a screenshot only for it to “hide itself” in your phone. 

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