How to Remove Apps from Android

Are you running out of space in your phone? Or are you done with some apps in your android powered phone? In this article you will learn on how you can easily delete an app from your android phone with ease.

From our realization, there is a considerable group of people who do not understand how they can remove some apps completely from their phone.

Although the process of eliminating an app from an android phone is simple, it is however sometimes depends on the type of device and the version of the android operating system.

How to remove apps from android

In this regard, this article addresses all these issues by providing several ways that you can use to delete an app your phone. There are three ways that are widely used to remove app from the phone because they work with virtually all kinds of versions.

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Settings Method

Deleting apps from the phone using setting method is one of the methods that are widely used because they apply in all kinds of android versions. In using this method, you are supposed to press the menu button and then go to settings.

From the setting you then open the apps or application manager and go to the app that you want to delete. When you select the app on the app manager option you will be given various options such forcefully stop or uninstall.

Once you press uninstall, the app will completely be removed from your phone. You will then be redirected back to the application manager where you can then select any other app that you need to remove from your phone.

However, if this method does not work, here is another way!

Delete from the Google Play Store

This method does not work in all android versions, but you can just try it if the first method fails to work with your phone. In this second option, you are required to first launch your Google Play Store. From the app, go to setting option and choose app & games.

From this point, all you will do is to open the app that you want to delete and then press on uninstall. Immediately, the app will be completely deleted from your phone. To delete more apps, you will just press back on your phone or tablet and repeat the same process for more apps that you want to delete.

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App Drawer

Although it is one of the fastest ways that you can get rid of apps from your android-powered smartphone or tablet, it mostly works with relatively newer versions of android. But there is no need to worry, if it does not work in your phone you can just choose any of the previously discussed methods.

In this method, all you need to do is to open the app drawer, an app that contains all the other apps in your phone. You then press and hold on the app that you want to remove and heave it to the uninstall section on the screen. Then press ok.

The app is completely deleted from the phone, immediately. You can then repeat the process for other apps that you want to delete from your phone.

Note!  Removing apps from an android phone is not like deleting messages in a phone where you can just pick a number of messages and delete them at a go, here is one at a time.

The process of deleting apps in the phone is designed to help you make sure that you are deleting an app that you are quite sure you want to get rid of it from the phone.

Once an app is deleted from the phone, you can only get it back by downloading it from the Google App Store or receive from other androids phones. Just remember you cannot retrieve an app that you have completely deleted from your android phone.

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