Tips On How To Make a Wireless Spy Camera At Home

Sometimes you need an extra eye to look out for your security especially when you’re not around your home or are too busy to focus on some crucial matters on-the-ground. Having a spy camera is the easiest way to do this.

However, having a commercial company come over to your place to set up the systems might prove expensive.

Well, the good news we have for you today is that you can actually get the job done on a flimsy budget using a few simple, DIY tactics. Would you like to learn more? Here’s how to make a wireless spy camera.

How To Make a Wireless Spy Camera At Home

Two Types of Spy Cameras

There are two ways to make a wireless spy camera. The first and most common method entails the use of a wireless camera while the second one involves the use of a phone and a live stream application.

Using a Wireless Camera

Spy cameras are available in most online and offline shops. So you only need to purchase one (if you don’t have one already, that is). Here are the few steps you’ll need to follow.

Step One

Invest in a camera that is recommended for your unique needs. The good thing is that the manufacturers have already done the difficult work for you and you can even cameras that are disguised as common items including books, coffee cans, radios or even clocks. What’s more? Some cameras come with advanced features including night vision abilities. Just find the right camera as per your needs and you’ll be good to go.

Note: If you can’t afford a camera that comes as a disguised object, you can always improvise. For instance, you can insert the naked camera inside a coffee can provided you direct it toward an inconspicuous hole that allows it to view the entire room inconspicuously.

Step Two

Start by making sure the camera’s battery is fully charged. It may not be of great use if the battery drains prematurely. To do this, you’ll only need to plug it into a source of power.

Step Three

Connect the antenna of the camera to its wireless receiver before plugging its power cord to the rear side of the camera’s body. This cord should eventually end up in your wall socket or any other reliable source of power you might be having around your home.

Step Four

Normally, your camera will be sent to you accompanied by a CD ROM which you should insert in your computer in order to install the accompanying software.

Basically, the job of this software is to decode and encode the information as captured by your camera thereby enabling you to track it remotely.

Step Five

Once the software is fully installed in your computer, simply plug the wireless receiver into the USB port of your machine. Just as simple as that and you’ll finally be able to view what your camera is capturing.

In order to capture the best shots, be sure to adjust the camera’s head. Also be sure the camera is properly stabilized using its mounting screws. Alternatively, you can use adhesive tapes to keep it firmly in place.

Just like that and you’re ready to track the activities of people of interest to you without them ever noticing it.

Using Your Old Phone

This would be a fantastic idea especially if you have an old phone that lies unused in your home. The camera of your phone can easily be converted into a spy camera but to do that, you’ll need to follow these few steps.

Step One

The first thing you want to do is download a security camera app to your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can download any good live streaming app you come across on the app store.

Note that, there are quite a number of apps offering features such as cloud streaming, footage storage, alerts, motion detection and so forth. Once the app is set up, you’ll be able to conveniently track everything happening within the camera’s range, remotely.

Step Two

The next highly important step entails setting up your phone so it works as an inconspicuous camera. You may need to improvise with some of the basic household appliances.

For instance, you can place it inside a coffee can, bottle, unused carton box and so forth provided it has a tiny hole from where your camera can record vivid images. After that is done, make sure you position your phone at a strategic location in your home. Make sure it is safe from things like rain or direct sunlight. Tip: Consider investing in a wide-angle lens for a wider and better field of view.

Step Three

Once the camera set up is done, you’ll simply need to activate the app from the phone’s end. Once the phone begins recording the footage, you’ll be able to acquire a link.

In most cases, all you’ll need to do is copy and paste this link onto your computer’s browser and press enter. This will mean that you’ll start capturing the images as recorded by your phone but remotely from your computer.

It is, however, worth noting that in some cases, there may be a slight delay in the streaming. Most live streaming apps tend to lag the content by a few seconds – but that’s not a big deal especially if all you want to do is maintain a steady eye over your property or loved ones.

Note: One challenge with using an old phone to stream is that it might have a weak battery and, therefore, may not provide you with long hours of live streaming.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to keep it near a reliable source of power. Consider getting yourself a long Micro-USB cable to add some flexibility to your camera.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to makes sure your kids are safe at home or are monitoring the activities of your dog – whatever it is you’d like to observe remotely, a spy camera can be a heaven-sent addition to your life. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to get yourself a fully-fledged system.

As long as you’re willing to improvise, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start getting live footage of what’s happening in places of interest to you without anyone else noticing it.

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