How to Hide a Camera Phone in your Bathroom for Security – Quick Tricks For You

Ever wondered how to hide a camera phone in your bathroom?

Well, as it turns out, sometimes you need to be aware of what’s happening inside this room. Maybe you’re an employer and have been curious to track some suspicious activities of some of your employees – or maybe you just want to do it inside your apartment – just for fun.

The good news is that there are quite a few places that you can hide a phone camera through which you can record important footage for your own consumption.

But in order to do that, here are a few quick pointers you need to ponder upon.

How to Hide a Camera Phone in your Bathroom

How to Hide a Camera Phone in your Bathroom

Place It inside the Heating Duct

The heating duct of your bathroom is the last place one would expect to have a camera operating from.

For that reason, it provides the perfect place to hide your phone camera so it can record all the important footage without attracting unnecessary attention.

The last thing you want to gamble with is the safety of your little secret because the moment someone finds out that you’ve been recording their bathroom footage, then you could be in serious trouble. Fitting your phone inside the heating duct is a relatively straight-forward process. Here are a few steps to follow.

Step One

Identify the best duct in the bathroom and check for the most strategic area from where your phone camera can capture the best images.

Step Two

Make sure your phone has a functioning live stream application as well as a powerful battery.

Step Three

Simply remove the cover of the duct. To do this, you’ll only need to remove the screws which are usually located at the respective corners of the duct. A simple, flat-bladed screwdriver should be enough to get this job done.

Step Four

Dust and debris can easily damage your phone and for this reason, make sure you clean the duct appropriately. Simply use a mild soap solution and some water. Then upon cleaning the duct, be sure to give it so time to dry.

Step Five

Once you’re absolutely sure that the duct is dry, it’s time to put your phone inside there, but before you do that, make sure that the live stream app is running and that your phone is actually capturing the footage.

Be sure to position the lens of the camera is such a manner that it remains unobstructed (you may need to create a tiny opening for this). Once you’re sure that the camera is well positioned and that it’s capturing the right images, proceed to the next step.

Step Six

Tighten the duct and retain it in its usual position. Give it a second look just to make sure that nothing looks out of place. Once that is done, you can sit down next to your computer and using the live link created by your phone, monitor what’s going on inside the bathroom (inconspicuously).

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Inside The Ceiling

This option entirely depends on the design of your bathroom ceiling. Typically, if your bathroom has a normal board for a ceiling, you can always find a loose spot where you can fit the phone camera.

The good thing with using ceilings as hideouts for such gadgets is that they’re typically hard-to-reach and absolutely safe from the risk of water splashed. Let’s take a look at a few steps to follow here:

Step One

Begin by turning off your AC system and remove the ceiling vents which are typically covered in plastic. Depending on the design of your ceiling, you may also need to turn off and remove any ceiling lights or paddle fans.

Step Two

Use a harm to locate and remove a few nails from your ceiling board. This will provide you with a fantastic place to put the phone. You can always create a tiny hole through which your phone’s lens will record all the footage you need.

Note that you can always put the phone in such a manner that it’s easy to remove for a recharge or something. However, if you’re planning to capture one-off footage, then you can simply place it strategically before finally hammering the nails and covering them with joint compound.

Step Three

Use the live link from your phone’s live stream up to remotely monitor the content being recorded. Alternatively, you can have the phone record the content and retrieve it much later.

Other Potential Places to Hide Phone Camera In The Bathroom

Inside The Cabinet or Storage Area

If you have a large bathroom, complete with a spacious storage area, you’ll be happy to learn that you can convert a part of this to provide adequate room for your camera phone.

While at it, it’s worth noting that you may need to do a bit of medication to the cabinet for instances to ensure your camera remains discreet and still manages to capture crucial details.

Unused Toothpaste Box

You may need to find one of those large toothpaste boxes and convert it into a discreet hideout. All you’ll need to do is create a small hole from where your camera phone can get an unlimited view of the entire bathroom.

Who on earth would even think that a simple toothpaste box could contain a camera capable of capturing all the details? Such discreetness makes these boxes a perfect choice, any day.

Inside A Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic bags are yet another all too familiar feature inside the bathroom and the good news is that no one would even have the slightest idea that you’d hide a spy camera in there.

All you’d need to do is ensure that this cosmetic bag is strategically placed for a clear view of the entire room. Perhaps, it’d also be a good idea to have your phone in the silent mode just so it doesn’t end up attracting unnecessary attention.

Behind Art Work or Picture Frames

Wall art and pictures aren’t something one can expect to have such a powerful device hidden behind.

So, if your bathroom has one or two of these, you can easily convert it into a watch tower of sorts – and this would provide an incredible, strategic view of the entire room without arousing unnecessary attention.

Final Words

So, if you really need to record the footage of what’s taking place inside your bathroom, there you have it, a list with all the dirty tricks you can use.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas – have some new ones? Please share them with us so we can expand our menu of options.

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