How to Delete a Snap Chat Account

Snapchat is one of the social media platforms that presents fast messaging and sending of pictures of a friend.  After all, who doesn’t like to share some goofy pictures with friends? Snapchat provides easy way of sharing photos as well as communicating some messages to friends.

The best aspect about Snapchat is that it is different from other social medial sites, the photos completely disappears after they have been shared. This means you can share photos and then before you even know it, they disappear from your account.

And just as the name suggests, it provided a quick way through which users can easily delete message completely from their account. Although many people are familiar with this feature of deleting messages quickly, most are fully acquainted with the steps they can use to completely delete their Snapchat account.

How to Delete a SnapChat Account

In this article, you will be learning on how you can delete your snap chat account from your phone. Deleting Snapchat from your phone is a personal decision, which be influenced by reasons better known to you. However, whether you have been a naughty or nice person on Snapchat, it reaches a time when you feel it is just time to have it off your phone.

I personally, don’t have it any more on my phone, but I was really challenged when I wanted to delete it from my phone. This is why I realized many people have Snapchat accounts which they are not using but they do not understand how they can rid them off from their phones.

First, there are two ways that you can delete your Snapchat account from your phone.

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First method of deleting your Snapchat account

In this first method, all you will need to visit the Snapchat website through any browser. For instance, when you decide to use Google Chrome, you will have to open a new tab and visit the Snapchat account.

Ones you are on the website of Snapchat, you will then be required to insert your username and your password. Then you will be required to proof that you are not a robot.

After you have proved that you are not a robot, you will then be required to key in your username and password again. Then you select the option of ‘delete my account’ which is at the bottom of the Snapchat page.

After you select the delete option, your Snapchat will automatically be deactivated. However, your data will still be retained for a period of 30days. This is a period where users are given a choice to decide whether to reactivate or let it go permanently.

However, after you have stayed for 30days, your Snapchat account will be permanently be removed. Additionally, all your data will also be completely erased.

When you regret deleting your snap within the provided 30days, you can immediately log into the Snapchat and have it reactivated.

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Second method of deleting your Snapchat account

In this second, method, the process is relatively simple because all you need to do is find the delete feature in your Snapchat account.

In this process, you are required to first visit Snapchat website in any browser like in the first method.

From your account you will then scroll down to the support option in your account. From the support option, you will find the ‘learning the basics’ option which provides an explanation of various features about the account.

Then click on ‘account setting option’ which comes with an option of ‘delete account’

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A Few More Steps

From this point you will then follow the same steps which you did in the first method. And just like the first method, you will still be provided with 30days, to decide whether to reactivate or have your account permanently deleted from your account.

Once 30 days have elapsed, you will now be free from the funky funky of Snapchat. But, staying without snapchatting is not always easy if you had already been too deep into it. You may experience some withdrawals syndrome. At this point you can decide to open a new Snapchat account in your phone.

In opening a new account, you will then be required to follow the Android Account Authority, provides the guidelines on how to open a new account.

But because Snapchat account does not consume a huge space in your phone you can just decide to retain it in your phone.

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