How To Change Font on Android

Have you ever heard of the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”? Well nothing portrays this as well as fonts do. One can comfortably state that fonts are the image of the text document.

The content may not be good at all but an attractive font style just endears the reader even before reading it. An ugly font does the complete opposite. It turns away the reader even before reading it.

How To Change Font on Android

Going through text with ugly font is tiresome and strenuous to the eyes. It creates quite a foul mood for the particular text or website.

Why Font Matters

A well designed font captures the attention of the reader. Although a platform may not contain anything of great significance, the beautiful font assures the reader that someone somewhere took their time to make it.

The fonts used act as a medium of communication between the site visitor and the owner. You can therefore conclude that fonts can be considered a deal breaker in terms of first impression.

Fonts are known to add value to your text. Fonts that are clean and easy to read are vital to any presentation. The readers can make their own conclusions from the text.

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Different Font Types

Fonts can be used to categorize information based on their degree of importance. Different font types facilitate the simple distinguishing of texts that are of utmost importance. This will highlight information which requires more attention, for instance topics and headlines require different fonts from the rest of the text.

The use of fonts in a particular manner creates an element of consistency. This level of continuity is further evident if the reader can see a particular pattern all through the text. Consistency makes the text appear organized and appealing to the reader.

The Proper Use of Fonts

The proper use of fonts projects an image of professionalism and trustworthiness. This provides a sense of security for the clients and customers on the website. Happy customers tend to market your products even further.

In addition to the above points stated, they also help in creating an identity for the company. The fonts create a visual memory for your clients such that they always associate certain use of fonts with your products or website.

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Four Groups of Font

There are four basic groups of fonts. A large percentage of the ones we use fit into one of these groups. They include: those with serifs, those without serifs, scripts and decorative styles.

Continuous research by scholars in the field has come up with more specific ways of categorizing fonts. This has led to the emergence of sub- categories, which ensures that every type of font belongs to a specific category.

Specialists in the field deem the four categories to be inadequate. Therefore, various styles used over the years are widely accepted and in use to this very date.

The classifications include:

Serif Type Styles

This includes: old style, transitional, Neoclassical and Didone, Slab, Clarendon and Glyphic.

Sans Serif Type Styles

This category consists of: Grotesque, Square, Humanistic and Geometric.

Script Type Styles

This group consists of: Formal, Casual, Calligraphic and Blackletter and Lombardic.

Decorative Styles

This category consists of: Grunge, Psychedelic and Graffiti.

This article has already stated the importance of fonts, as well as the various types that exist. This article further explores how one can change the font in android. Luckily, various options are available.

System Settings method

For stock androids, methods for changing system fonts install by default. This however depends on the manufacturer of the phone and the flavor of the android.

For instance, in older versions of Samsung, you open settings. Then tap on devices and select fonts. Finally, click on font styles.

Newer versions of Samsung phones come with android 4.3. One can change the font styles by opening settings, and then select my devices. Select display and then font style.

HiFont Method

This method is suitable for devices without inbuilt ways of switching fonts. This mainly applies to non-Samsung devices.

HiFont is an app which is available for free on the playstore. This app comes with dozens of fonts which would act in place of the default system.

This app is fairly easy to use. The main advantage of this app is that once you get your preferred font, you can uninstall the app. You can also use the app to customize fonts, in spite of the fact that the app comes with its own fonts.

Font Installer Method

This app, just like HiFont, is available for free on play store.  The app comes with various fonts to choose from.  Custom fonts may be installed directly from whichever storage sources such external hard drive or the phone’s SD card.

This app is also available on ROM Toolbox Pro, which is a store for high quality apps. This should assure the users that they are in ‘good hands’.

The major issue with font installer is that it requires the device to be rooted. This makes it to be mostly used as a last option.

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PerApp Fonts Method

This app has a major unique quality. It operates on a per-app basis. This implies that you can set individual apps to different fonts.  Normal font changes in the other apps apply to all app on the device.

The major disadvantage with PerAppFonts is the number of fonts it comes with. Whereas other apps come with hundreds of fonts, this one comes with only eight fonts, excluding the default system font.

However, the user has the option of uploading fonts to the device’s SD card and later selecting them on the App’s settings.

With all the options stated above, the user is spoilt for choice. You should go for the option which results in the minimal system disruptions.

The choice of fonts remains a personal one. Choose one that is most appealing to you. Keep in mind that the font you select sends out a message regarding you to the public.

As you browse over the internet, explore fonts as much as you can. Who knows, you might develop a certain type of font yourself.

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