How to block a number on android

Are you tired of receiving calls from strangers and other sales people? Then it is wise that you block their numbers. Although it is easy to block a numberon iPhone, on android, it takes a little more knowledge. However with some quick guidance you can easily block that list of numbers that you no longer want to receive calls from.

It pisses off to hear the phone constantly righting because of a call from a contact that you disdain. And although blocking the contact is not final solution to the problem, it gives relief knowing that the person will have to call you using a different contact, which you can still block again.

However, it is important to understand that the process of blocking a number varies from phone to the other. The blocking of a number on the phone can be influenced by the internal set up of a phone and the version of the android.

How to block a number on android

Some phone provides a quite way of blocking a number by including a black-listing feature which makes the recipient to be invisible when called via a blacklisted number.

But no worries because android provides a quick way that you can easily block a nagging contact and remain invisible when called by the number. This article examines how you can block names in your phone using its native features.

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Android  Marshmallow

It is relatively easy to block names from phones with Android  Marshmallow, such as Google Pixel 2, because you only need to block directly from app of the phone.  Once you have opened the app, you will find three vertical dots which you can press for more options. From the options provided, select setting and thenpress on call blocking. From given options, select the number that you want to block.

When you want to delete multiple numbers, you can select multiple numbers on the call blocking option.

Alternatively, you can block a number direct from the message app. In this method, you are only required to open the message app, and long press a contact and select block.

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Other quick methods of blocking contacts

If you are having a nagging boyfriend or girlfriend, or you just want to keep a particular person from reaching you, then here are some quick tips.

Quickly, just visit yourcontact list and select the number that you want to block. On the contact, select the pencil-like feature and three-dot menu option will appear. After pressing the three-dot feature, then check all the boxes of voicemail. This will prevent any call from reaching your phone.

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Here is a commonly used option

From the contact list, select the three-icon which will provide you with a setting menu, select calls, then call rejection then select auto reject list. At this point, you will be given an option to create an auto rejection list which is similar to contact blocking list.

In this list, you can insert all the numbers and names of the contacts that you want to block. The best aspect about this block list is that you can put a list of numbers that you want to block.  This method is highly preferred because it allows toblockmany numbers at a go.

Although the method that I have provided on this article can apply on many phones, it is not a universal approach for blocking contacts. There is a wide range of tutorials and on You Tube which you can use to learn more on how block names on your phone.

In addition, when your phone seems not to be receptive to any method, you can contact developers for further explanations on how to block names on your phone.  However it is important to understand that luckily enough, some phones can be respond to more than one method of blocking names.

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