How to Backup Text Messages on android

We all have some special messages that we would not like to lose. These can be messages from our loved ones or from an organization, or any other confidential information like a text message that should be used as case evidence.

Backing text message is the right approach that you can use to back up your message to recover them later. Although there is a strategy for backing up text messages many people are not quick aware of this feature. If you are also one of them, then this article is for you.

How to Backup Text Messages on android

There are different factors that can contribute to the loss of messages in your phone such as loss of the phone, deletion of the messages by mistake, or restoration of factory of the phone. Although many people are familiar with backing data such as pictures, most are not yet aware of the strategy of backing text messages

Here is how to backup your SMS messages:

First start your Google play store and then download a text backup app. There are various apps that you can download in the Google store to back up your SMS.

Open the app and install in your phone.

After opening your app then backup your text messages in your phone.

After you have opened the app, select backup and then the select the messages that you want to backup.

Android in-build backup

If you have android version of 8.1, you can now enjoy the privilege of backing up your text messages and other vital data in the phone. This feature is applicable if it is shown at the top of the setting screen. Once you press on the “finish setting up”, the phone will immediately restore data such as pictures and backed up text messages.

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Backing up SMS using your Gmail account

If you want to back up your SMS messages, you will need three important things: your android-powered phone, a copy of SMS Backup which you can download from Google play store for free and your Gmail account.

The first thing you need to do is to configure your phone to be compatible with any IMAP-enabled email server.

Therefore, you should configure your Gmail account to work with the IMAP access.

In this method you will allow your SMS Backup+ to IMAP to access the Gmail account to function. All you will need to achieve this is to log into your Gmail account and proceed to setting. From the setting check the box to allow your Gmail to access IMAP.

Scroll down the settings and save the changes made. By doing this you will make the Gmail account to be compatible with the Back-up +.

With your Gmail account configure with IMAP, and then you can go ahead and install the Backup +.

From the Backup +, press on connect your Gmail. After pressing connect with the Gmail, you will then connect with your Gmail account.

The Backup+ will then provide you with an option to either backup the current messages in your phone or start from the next messages.

The app offers you a stop option to stop the backing up of any to other messages.

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Restoration of the messages

Of course after backing up your messages, you will definitely want to restore your messages.

Again, you will launch your backup and restore app drawer. Click on the restore option.

Then check all the text messages that you want to. Then click on restore message. Restoring messages from the backup into the phone usually follows the same reverse strategy.

By following the steps provided above, you will no longer worry of losing your messages after your phone experiences a technical glitch or when you lose it.

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