How to Add Ringtones to Android

Everybody likes to hear their favorite songs or ringtones whenever their phones ring. A good ringtone can be pleasing to the owner of the phone as well other listeners nearby whenever your phone rings.

Have you ever been in a situation, such as in the workplace, where a co-worker has set an annoying ringtone?

It really pisses off to hear an irritating ringtone from another phone let alone your own phone. Mostly, people with bad ringtones are usually those who do not understand that they can change the ringtone and select a nice and pleasing one.

How to Add Ringtones to Android

Such people usually use the default ringtones that were pre-set when they purchased the phone. But this should not be the case!

Step-By-Step Process

Do you know that you can easily change your ringtone on your android phone?Yes! There are easy steps that you can follow to make that favorite song your next ringtone in your android phone. Here is how:

So long as you have your music or nice tones in your phone, you can often change them into your favorite ringtones.

First, you can use the song or a given tone as it is, or you can use a computer to edit the target ringtone to match your style.

Different Kinds of Android Ringtones

Remember, with the growth of internet, and the establishment of different online sites, you can always access your thousands of ringtones from online and customize them on your computer.

The manufacturers of android operating system understands the importance of a nice ringtone which is they made the system compatible with ringtones in different formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG and M4A.

Additionally, you should understand the therefore other apps which are specially designed to help you access ringtones from your phone. However, ensure that you use apps that are authentic and from trusted sites.

Remember you can download and create a ringtone from your phone or your personal computer.

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First Step: Using Android directly

When you use your android phone, all you will need to do is to select the ringtone of your chose and edit it. Editing a ringtone is basically reducing its rise increasing its speed among other formatting. But, it is not a must that you edit any ringtone, you can use a ringtone just the way it is.

Formatting of ringtones is only meant to help you customize and put it the way you want.

Now, once you are done editing, you are then required to long press your preferred ringtone. A drop-down menu will appear from which you will select use as my ringtone. Immediately, the song will become your ringtone in your android phone.

Second Step: Using a PC

Alternatively, you can use your computer to source ringtone. Many people like using their computers because from the computer they are able to access more editing features which helps them to customize their ringtones.

Ones you are done editing, you are then required to transfer your ringtone from your computer to your phone using a USB cable.

Then, just like in the previous step, long press your preferred ringtone and select “set as ringtone” from the dropdown menu.

However, it is important to understand that some ringtones may not be compatible with your phone depending on your android version of the general features of your phone.

Third method: Purchasing a ringtone

Another method used to acquire ringtones on android is purchasing from various platforms. Although rarely used because of the free access of ringtones on internet, it is also a best option of acquiring customized ringtones in your phone.

Whichever the method you choose to have a new ringtone in your phone, it is important to avoid offensive ringtones. This is recommended because people can be identified with their ringtones, therefore offensive ringtones can taint your image.

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Freedom to You

There are quite a few ringtone resources available online. Some of them are free but a few of them are available on paid up services. While at it, please note that some of the premium ringtone services not only enable you to change the sounds but the wallpapers as well.

This way, you can streamline the process of downloading the ringtones with that of getting a fresh wallpaper for your screen.

Perhaps an important point to emphasize on is that most Android phones come with dedicated file managers. Some phones come with file managers out of the box but a few others require you to download it from Google Play Store.

The file manager gives you the freedom you need to save some files in advance which you can convert into ringtones in the future.

Way Forward

Once you have mastered these processes, you can then make any song or tone in your phone into your ringtone. Go ahead and experiment with various songs till you find one that will keep you wishing for someone to call you so that you, or other people, can hear your phone ringing.

Additionally, you an even set one ringtone for one line and a different for the second line. And, you can also decide to be changing your ringtones in your android phone depending on the occasion that you are attending. This is just another way of experimenting with different ringtones in your phone.

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Final Thoughts

Tired of listening to your old Android launcher tone? It’s time to give your phone a new lease of life. The good thing is that, you don’t have to break the bank to get this done.

As we have seen in the steps above, there are some simple steps you can take to customize that tone.

Remember, once you change the tone, you can always remove and either resort to default settings on get a new one.

You see? That’s the beauty of modern technology. It completely unlocks your life and enables you to customize things up to your specific needs.

So, whether you want to use the native ringtones that come with your phone or some of the songs you’ve managed to save, we hope you’ll find the steps listed above useful.

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