Galaxy S6 Won’t Turn On (What Could be the Problem How to Solve It)

Smartphones have come with a wide range of features which makes the phone to not only be a communication gadget but for other uses such as taking pictures and recording videos. Owning a smartphone has made easy especially with the increase in new brand from Asia.

Even some phones from top brands across the world are manufacture in Asia because of the relatively low of labor. But that is just a by the way.

While smartphones are important in every day life, they can be very delicate to technical hitches. In this article, want to solely focus on the most common technical problem among the users of Galax S6.

Galaxy S6 Won’t Turn On

More About the S6

Galaxy S6 is a smartphone that is manufactured and marketed by the Samsung Company. The phone was first released into the market in 2015, and received a world wide positive reception. However, over time, the users started to complain of a problem with the phone.

The users started to complain of various times when the phone won’t just start.According to most users of Galaxy S6, even after long pressing the ‘turn on’ button, the phone completely refuse to turn on.

Although this can be a simple problem to a person that is well acquainted with phones, most people get stranded when the phone refuses to turn on. In such a situation, the users tend to immediately seek the help of a technical expert.

However, in this article, the attention is on how you can do when your Galaxy S6 refuses to turn on. You will understand on how to troubleshoot on our own before you decided on whether to visit an expert.

Troubleshooting is a good step to identifying the cause of the problem, in order to decide on the right step to take to address the problem.

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Switching on an S6

First, here is the procedure for switching on a galaxy S6.

Press and hold the power button until the phone restarts.

If the phone does not respond, long press power button and volume together for an approximately 5 seconds.

If the phone does turn on, the go down to these steps:

Troubleshooting Steps

Examine whether it is trivial issue

Technology glitch in a smartphone can be contributed by both hardware and the operating system of the phone. Therefore it is important to first ensure that the hardware and system has not technical problem. Under this step, the process involves charging the phone to ensure it has adequate power to operate its system.

Charging the phone is highly recommended given the fact that Galaxy S6 does not come with a removable battery.Therefore in case the battery has frozen, it is important to charge the phone for some hours.

Reboot in recovery mode

Once you have fully recharged your phone, it is important to try the second method. In this step, you should press and hold the volume up.

When the screen turns on, you should immediately release the keys.

Then you should wait until the android recovery screen appears.

After following these steps, you will be able to make a sound decision depending on the magnitude of the problem.

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Final Thoughts

This is was just to guide you on how to try to fix the problem when the phone is not turning on. However, when the problem is beyond your ability, it is often advisable to seek the help of an expert or visit the site of developers to learn more.

Experts are well informed on how to repair complex phones such as Galaxy phones. However, ensure that the expert you are reaching for is well informed and authorized by in that specific field.

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