Top 6 Best SD Card for Panasonic GH5 in 2023

The Panasonic GH5 is an advanced mirrorless digital camera that has a 20.3MP sensor. It has an in-body stabilization meaning you can use the device for both photography and video work. The camera has the capability of recording 4K video frames at 60 frames per second (fps) and HD recordings done at 180 fps. If you love the world of still photography, you can use the camera at 12 fps in a continuous shooting mode and still maintain full resolution.

When buying a memory card for the GH5, please note that it has dual slots that support UHS-II and the US-I cards. However, the US-II offers the best service. We tested 6 SD cards that can work with the camera as the table summarizes some of the findings.

Best SD Card for Panasonic GH5

SD Card for Panasonic GH5 – Comparison

RankingProduct NameFlash MemoryHardware Interface
1Sony 64GB Memory CardSDSDXC
2Transcend High Speed Memory CardSDXCUSB 3.0
3Delkin SDXC Memory CardSDXCSDXC
5ScanDisk Extreme 64GB ProSDXCSDXC
6Lexar Professional 1000X SDHCSDXCSDXC

1. Sony 64GB Memory Card

The Sony 64GB memory card for photograph operators and camera enthusiasts with the GH5 camera or any other SD card compatible devices. With writing speed of up to 260MB/s and 100MS/s reading speed, you can trust the card to deliver data faster. Working with the MRW-S1 reader and writer, your workflow will increase.


  • Enhanced durability because of its ability to withstand shocks
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Performance reliability
  • File rescue software included


  • The card is reported to store blank images

2. Transcend High Speed Memory Card

The manufacturer says that with this memory card is appropriate for a camera operator who wants to update their skills. The SD memory card can support a full 4K cinema quality video recording using the next generation transfer speeds. You do not have to worry about losing files knowing very well that any loss can be recovered using appropriate recovery software.


  • Ideal for all types of full video recordings
  • Supports response for consecutive shooting
  • Supports content creation for recoverable media
  • Suitable for short film recordings


  • Has a high failure rate when pictures increase in the quantity

3. Delkin SDXC Memory Card

The Delkin SDXC delivers speeds that capture the most demanding video modes that include the 4K and Full HD video at high frames. Supports continuous shooting and capturing the rapid-fire RAW shots without buffering. The card has high recording speeds to ensure fast data storage and with a transfer speed of 285MB /s, making your workflow has never been easy. The Delkin is backward compatible with earlier non-UHS-II devices and standard definition recordings.


  • Compatible with cameras using SD cards
  • Capable of producing high-quality videos
  • You can store and record multiple files simultaneously


  • Takes longer to close files recorded at 60 fps

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4. ADATA 128GB SDXC Memory Card

The ADATA meets the latest digital storage standards that allow faster reading times, which may be three times faster than the UHS-I SD cards. Supports high-level video playback that is good for high-end videos recorders and cameras that support continuous photography. This SD card is supported multi-point protection that offers durability and reliability as a choice for professionals who like capturing every moment.


  • Offers high fidelity burst mode with increased writing speed
  • The storage capacity range from 64GB to 256GB
  • Equipped with automatic error correction code (ECC)
  • All these cards feature high quality 3D MLC flash that ensure longevity and reliability


  • Fails to write at 150MB/s using 10-bit mode
  • May show some inconsistencies

5. ScanDisk Extreme 64GB Pro

This SD card is sold as one of the most powerful memory cards that deliver the best performance, reliability, and durability. The ScanDisk Extreme offers perfect imaging in 4K ultra HD quality in whatever digital device you are using. The transfer speed stands at 95MB/s that enhance production flow. The construction of the card involves going through rigorous tests to give users outstanding performance.


  • It is a good SD card for professionals who are looking for a seamless workflow
  • Works well when subjected to shocks, extreme temperatures, and water
  • Lifetime warranty


  • So many duplicates available in the market

6. Lexar Professional 1000X SDHC

Get full HD, 3K, and 4K videos on the Lexar professional 1000x SHDC. Each memory card meets all the UHS speed standards with minimum write speed of 30MS/s. The card is good for professionals who need increased data transfer rates.


  • Supports backwards compatibility on devices using UHS-I
  • The card has a downloadable image rescue software
  • High data transfer rates


  • Some SD cards refuse to work even after formatting

SD Card for Panasonic GH5 – Buying Guide

Like any other Panasonic camera, the G5 has a memory bus with reading speed of 35MB/s when using the UHS-I cards. The UHS-II has more bandwidth that can go up to 80MB/s. Therefore, for recordings of 400Mbps 4K or 6K, you need to look for a UHS-II SD card.

In our review, the best SD card for your Panasonic should be the Transcend High-Speed Memory Card, which is surprisingly fast. However, if you are looking for an SD card with a high reading speed try the Delkin SDXC Memory Card and you may have to ignore the fact that it is the heaviest in the group as long as you get the right performance.

When still trying to figure out whether to buy a 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb, or even higher you only need to consider the capacity of the memory card slots and your workflow.

I hope the article was helpful. So if there is anything that I may have left out on the GH5 or the SD memory cards, kindly feel free to leave us a comment.

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