10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases 2023 In Review – With Handy Buyer’s Guide

There are so many crucial factors to keep in mind when buying a case for your Samsung Galaxy S9. The problem, however, is that you can easily get something wrong and end up with a below par case.

Fortunately, this article is here to ensure that you never take chances with your next investment.

Our review of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 is based on features such as texture, functionality, and design. So if you’re looking to make an informed decision, this is certainly something worth taking a closer look at.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases – Comparison

Not a fan of long and detailed reviews? The quick comparison chart below should come in handy.

RankingProduct NameIncluded ComponentsWeight
1Black Alcantara Case for Galaxy S9Alcantara Cover0.64 ounces
2Zizo Galaxy S9 Bolt seriesKickstand, Belt Clip4 ounces
3Liquid Spigen CrystalPhone case1.25 ounces
4Thin Fit Spigen0.8 ounces
5SUPCASE Galaxy S9 Full Body RuggedCell Phone Case3.2 ounces
6S-View Galaxy Sp Flip CaseS-view Flip Cover, Quick Start Guide3.52 ounces
7Galaxy S9 UAG Feather-Light RuggedPhone Case1.1 ounces
8Dual layer Ringke Case for Galaxy S9Wireless phone, Smartphone case1.2 ounces
9Dual Layered Textured Caseology CaseCell Phone Case1.41 ounces
10Q Card Silk Galaxy S9 Case0.528 ounces

1. Black Alcantara Case for Galaxy S9

This Alcantara cover gives your phone a stylish and luxurious look. The texture provides additional grip as well as creates a great feeling for the hands.

The Alcantara material makes the case strong and can endure falls from massive heights without letting the impact get to your phone. It is also quite slim and is light so no extra weight for you. The cutouts are just enough for you to access the charging port, earphone jack and the speakers without touching the case.

The top lip and the bottom corners are raised so your screen will never come into contact with the surface in case you place the phone face down. The camera sensor and flash are pushed deeper so they will not get damaged when the phone is placed lying on the back.


  • It has a nice grip
  • It is slim and fits well
  • It is not bulky


  • It gets dirty quickly
  • The entire bottom is not covered

2. Zizo Galaxy S9 Bolt series

This case is slim and you will be very comfortable with it in your hands. It is thick enough to absorb any shock that may be brought about by a fall or bump. The edges are raised on all four sides and will protect the screen when placed face-down.

It has a flip-out stand to enable you to watch your videos hands-free. The buttons are protected enough from wear and tear. It comes with an extremely thick screen protector to safeguard your screen from scratches and dust.

Additionally, it has a belt clip just in case you do not have a pocket to put it in and move around.


  • It has a nice grip
  • It is durable
  • The screen protector is really thick and offers maximum protection


  • The belt clip is fragile and breaks easily
  • The thick screen protector interferes with sensitivity
  • You will require more effort to press down the buttons

3. Liquid Spigen Crystal Galaxy S9 Case

The liquid crystal case is slim and fits the device perfectly. It is smooth and you will not have a problem sliding it into and out of the pocket. The buttons are built on the case and they function just as effectively as on a naked phone.

It is clear and so you can still show off the original design of your phone. Taking it off and putting back on is really easy.

It can endure falls from massive heights without relaying the shocks to the device. Additionally, it has a curved screen protector which offers maximum protection for your screen from external impacts.


  • It fits nicely
  • It is durable
  • It has a nice grip


  • It loses color really fast
  • The floral patterns may seem too feminine

4. Thin Fit Spigen Galaxy S9 Case

Just as the name suggests, this case is really slim and you may feel as if you are holding the naked phone. It has the best grip while still being easy to slide out of and into the pocket.

The perfect cut-outs mean that you will get minimum trouble in accessing the charging ports and earphone jack.

The lip at the top and bottom will prevent the screen from getting into contact with the surface when it is placed face down. The cutouts for the buttons will ensure that they will be easy to press down.

You will also find convenience in the camera and fingerprint sensor cutouts.


  • It is not bulky
  • It allows easy access to the various functions of the phone
  • It fits nicely


  • It does not offer much protection from bumps and drops
  • It is not durable
  • The buttons are exposed to wear and tear

5. SUPCASE Galaxy S9 Full Body Rugged Case

The product description describes this case as a defensive powerhouse and we find this to be very true. It is heavy duty and is very hard so it can cope with bumps and falls without letting the impact get to the phone.

It comes with an inbuilt screen protector which while hard, does not interfere with the sensitivity of your phone. The protector will safeguard your screen from scratches, dust, and drops.

The USB and earphone jack ports have covers to prevent them from getting clogged by dust and other foreign particles. It fits perfectly and has a clip which you can use to attach the phone on your waist.

The volumes and power buttons and the camera lens are easily accessible and are just as effective with the case on. Finally, it has an awesome grip and will not easily slip out of your hands.


  • It fits perfectly
  • It is durable
  • The grip is amazing


  • It is a bit difficult to put on
  • The belt holder is fragile

6. S-View Galaxy Sp Flip Case

This simple case lets you interact with your phone while the case is still closed. Just by pressing the power button, you can check the time, missed calls or even weather updates. Responding to phone calls too would require just one swipe and you will be good to go.

It fits nicely and adds no extra weight to your phone. It is also slim and will slide easily into and out of your pocket.

It comes with a built-in kickstand which will give you the ability to watch videos from your phone at whichever angle you like.


  • It is not bulky
  • The buttons are easily accessible
  • It fits perfectly


  • It does not really protect your phone from sudden impacts

7. Galaxy S9 UAG Feather-Light Rugged Case

This case will give your phone military-level protection. It has tiny pockets in the corners which will help in absorbing the shock caused by sudden impacts and falls.

It fits perfectly and snugs your phone just enough to prevent it from making unnecessary movements. The slightly textures sides and the raised corners help in improving the grip and this will help prevent the phone from slipping out of your hands easily.

The raised bumper at the top and bottom of the screen will help protect the screen in case your phone falls face first to the ground.

The buttons, the camera lens, and fingerprint reader are all easily accessible and work just as effectively as with a naked phone.


  • It fits nicely
  • Easy to take off and put back on
  • It does not affect the sensitivity of the phone


  • It collects smudges at the back quite easily

8. Dual layer Ringke Case for Galaxy S9

The slim appearance of this case may fool you that it is weak. However, it is actually dual-layered with an inner soft and a hard exterior shell. This will protect your device from massive shocks and impact brought about by massive falls and bumps.

The buttons are properly aligned and the cutouts ensure that you will have easy access to the charging port and the camera lens. The functionality of these external features is also not compromised.

The edges at the front are raised to protect the screen in case you place or phone falls face down first. It fits perfectly and is comfortable to hold in the hands.


  • It is not bulky
  • It slides into and out of the pocket easily


  • Wireless charging is difficult with this case on

9. Dual Layered Textured Caseology Case for Galaxy S9

This stylish case is slim, fits easily and is really easy to install. It will give your Galaxy S9 device the best protection while maintaining its slim and lightweight nature. 

The top and the bottom edges are protruding outwards and will protect the screen if you happen to place the phone in a face-down position. The textured surface creates a nice grip which not only prevents your phone from slipping from your hands but also creates a nice feeling for the hands.

The buttons are easily accessible and very responsive. As for the fingerprint sensor, there is a shallow ramp at the back of the case that will guide your finger onto the sensor.


  • It is not bulky
  • It fits nicely
  • Easy to take off and put back on


  • You will not charge your phone with the case on

10. Q Card Silk Galaxy S9 Case

For starters, this case has a wallet pocket made out of vinyl which can accommodate up to 3 cards plus some cash. It has precise cutouts for the camera lens and the charging port. The buttons are aligned perfectly and are highly responsive as well.

The sides are textured to improve on the grip, so no slipping off the phone at all. The corners have small pockets which act as shock absorbers in case of any potentially damaging impact. The edges are raised to protect the screen from scratches if the phone is placed face down.

Apart from using the kickstand top view videos on your screen, the case has flat edges and this makes it possible to place the phone in an upright position for viewing.


  • Great grip
  • Well-made air pockets for extra protection
  • Extra slots for cards
  • Kickstand for landscape view


  • Its interior could use a little more padding

The Buying Guide For Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Now that we have reviewed a pretty long list of S9 cases, you might be wondering how to choose one right now. So, to help make that task easier for you, here’s our detailed guideline on the factors worth keeping in mind.

The Level of Protection

Always consider what the interior and exteriors of your case look like. Basically, you want the exterior to be made of a tough and protective material. Then you can always have the interior made from a soft padding. This way, you can always have enough shock absorption at all times.

The Looks

This is where your unique style and taste kick in. You want to work with a case that has a nice texture to it. Its outer-frame should not only be good looking but also feel solid.

Color Options

Once again, your taste and preferences should be the ones to determine the color options you settle for. Basically, black is a pretty common color and it’s also loved because it’s quite diligent. That said, there’s nothing wrong with trying something bold such as Red or Blue as long as you like it.

The Bezels

Some cases tend to be a bit oversized and, therefore, tricky to use. But as far as your S9 is concerned, we greatly recommend going for something with raised bezels. This way, you’d up with a better protection to your screen without having your user-experience compromised.

Which One Is The Best?

We spent a few days analyzing the cases listed above and based on our findings we’d like to recommend the Zizo Galaxy S9 Bolt series. That’s because it offers a pretty solid protection besides being grippy. 

It, however, isn’t such a looker. So, if you’re looking for great looks, we’d recommend the Black Alcantara Case for Galaxy S9 which is available in different colors.

Final Thoughts

The S9 is designed to last for long as long as you know how to take good care of it. The first step you can take in seeing that happen is by investing in a good case. Fortunately, the review above is awash with awesome options. So, you only need to pick one or two of them at your own convenience.

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