10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Case 2023 Reviews – Latest Update

There are many different cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 devices. But with such a dynamic variety available, it might be a little tricky to find one that best suits your unique requirements.

Fortunately, after careful consideration, our editors selected the 10 cases that have the biggest impression. Please note that these choices are not limited by price, brand or size.

Indeed, we’ve only included cases that are meant to provide you with the best bang for your bucks.

Best Samsung Galaxy S6 cases

Samsung Galaxy S6 Case – Comparison

Howdy? Not a fan of reading all the stuff there is to know about Galaxy S6 cases? Here’s a handy comparison chart meant to help you make an informed choice.

RankingProduct NameWeightColour
1Galaxy S6 Caseology Case0.023 ouncesNavy Blue
2OBLIQ Dual Layered Hard Protection Case1.6 ouncesSatin Silver
3Black Commuter Series Otterbox4.8 ouncesBLACK
4Neo Hybrid Spigen Galaxy S6 Case1.06 ouncesNH Electric Blue
5SUPCASE Full-body Rugged3.2 ouncesBlack
6CandyShell Speck Products Grip Case0.023 ouncesCharcoal Grey/Wisteria Purple
7Waterproof Lifeproof 77-512423.2 ouncesBlack
8Clear Protective Case for Galaxy S60.32 ouncesBlack/Clear
9UAG Military Drop Tested1.12 ouncesBlack
10Slim Amor Spigen for Galaxy S6-mint3.52 ouncesSA Blue Topaz

1. Galaxy S6 Caseology Case

The first thing that will attract you to this case is its stunning and classy appearance. The navy blue color coupled with the textured cover will instantly make you fall in love with this case. The textured cover will enhance your grip and the phone will never slip out of your hands.

It can survive constant falls and the corners are protected as well. The cutouts are perfect so inserting charging cables and headphone jacks will never be an issue. Additionally, it is easy to take off and put back on


  • It has an additional rubber interior for maximum impact resistance
  • It fits perfectly
  • It has a nice grip


  • It is not durable

2. OBLIQ Dual Layered Hard Protection Case for Galaxy S6

If you want protection and beauty at the same time for your phone, this case is for you. The back is made of polycarbonate with a brushed texture which enhances the grip. It gives the phone a compact and integrated feel that will make you comfortable as you use it.

The case has precise cutouts and so using the buttons and accessing the charging port is not a complicated task.

The case has protrusions all around it meaning that you can place your phone face down without worrying about the screen getting scratches.

It is slim and creates a nice feeling in your hands.


  • It has cutouts to specifically help you take it off
  • It adds no extra weight
  • It fits well


  • It scratches easily
  • It gets dirty quickly

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3. Black Commuter Series Otterbox for Galaxy S5

This case is the perfect fit for your Galaxy S5 device. You can make as much movement as you can without worrying about your phone slipping out of the case.

It has a thick layer which diverts all the shock from bumps and falls away from your phone. The textured sides ensure that the grip is so nice that your phone never slips from your hand.

It comes with a screen protector to safeguard your screen from scratches and dust. Additionally, the ports have plugs and therefore the dust will never clog these entries or penetrate your device.


  • Slim and adds no extra weight
  • Fits perfectly
  • It is durable


  • The screen protector is not that dependable

4. Neo Hybrid Spigen Galaxy S6 Case-Satin Silver

This stylish case has the exterior with a unique pattern which provides extra grip and creates a good feeling for your hands. The buttons are metalized for an easy press as well as durability and style.

It has a tough bumper which absorbs all the shock created by bumps and falls, so your phone is always protected. There is a protrusion all around it and so your screen will always be safe from scratches if you place it face down.


  • It adds no extra weight
  • Easy to slide in and out of the pocket
  • It fits perfectly


  • You may have a problem inserting the headphone jack with this case on
  • It is not quite easy to take off and put back on

5. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Galaxy S6 Holster Case

This case will give your phone a stylish appearance as well as maximum protection. It has a soft yet tough exterior with its base being a shock absorber. It is reinforced with a bumper which is resistant to impact and so your phone will not be damaged if it falls.

It has an inbuilt screen protector to protect your screen from scratches. The ports have plugs to prevent them from being clogged by dust and other foreign particles.

You will still have easy access to the buttons and the sensitivity of the phone remains just as it was when naked.


  • The Swiveling Belt Clip Holster boosts the protection
  • It has a nice grip
  • It fits nicely


  • Putting it on and taking off can be challenging
  • Adds extra weight to the phone

6. CandyShell Speck Products Grip Case for Galaxy S6

This rubber-stripped case is the perfect one for photographers. It has the best grip and has a hard outer shell which is impact resistant and ensures your device is protected from bumps and falls. 

The case has protrusions all around the edges so that you can leave your phone face down without getting a damaged screen. You will also get full and easy access to the buttons.


  • It is light 
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • It fits nicely
  • Feels good in the hands


  • The rubber strips eventually start coming off
  • It gets dirty too quickly

7. Waterproof Lifeproof 77-51242 Galaxy S6 Case

As the name suggests, this case can let your device stay underwater for up to an hour without letting in water. It protects your phone from any damage caused by water and from scratches as well.

It also diverts any potential impact away from your phone. It comes with an inbuilt screen protector to keep your display in the best condition.

You will have the easiest access to the ports and buttons.


  • It is a lightweight case
  • It can survive in an extreme environment
  • It is very durable


  • Muffles the sound so you cannot hear the music properly
  • It tends to press down on the power button causing unnecessary reboots

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8. Clear Protective Case for Galaxy S6

Although it is slim, this case will still provide your phone with the best drop protection. It keeps the phone attractive and will still protect the device from scratches. It also has easy access to the ports.


  • It is light and durable
  • It has a wonderful feel for the hands


  • Scratches easily at the back
  • The ports are not covered

9. UAG Military Drop Tested Galaxy S6 Case

This awesome case has a hard exterior and a soft interior. The weird shape may fool you but it actually helps in maximizing its strength while keeping it light.

It keeps the camera safe when placed on its back. It has ridges on its back to enhance the grip as well as additional protection from impacts and bumps. It comes with an inbuilt screen protector.


  • It is durable
  • It fits well
  • Easy access to the ports


  • It has limited colors to choose from

10. Slim Amor Spigen for Galaxy S6-mint

This stylish case will protect your phone while giving it a beautiful appearance. It is slim and light with a soft interior and a tough exterior coupled with a raised lip to protect the screen.

It comes with a kickstand to enhance your experience while viewing stuff on the screen.


  • It does not add extra weight
  • It is quite durable
  • It fits perfectly


  • The kickstand is a bit fragile
  • There are limited color options

The Buying Guide For Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Now that you’ve made it to this part of the S6 reviews, it’s time to focus on helping you find the best value. Speaking of value, we’d like to summarize the following as the key factors to consider when making a choice.

Quality of Protection

Always go for a case that offers your phone a great level of protection. Such a case may come with a shock-absorbent exterior and foam interior. Both these features come in handy at absorbing impact no matter the situation.


Along with the ability to absorb impact comes the need to provide a good grip. Basically, a good grip gives you the freedom to enjoy using your device with no worries of it slipping off your hands. This is a big plus, especially for the busy folks.

The Extras

There are so many other features that can make your case even better. These include the presence of a built-in screen protector, well-made cutouts and polycarbonate shell. Those are just but a few of the goodies worth looking forward to in a well-made unit.

Which One Is The Best?

First off, it’s important to note that there’s no perfect S5 case. All have their fair share of merits and demerits. For that reason, you want to make sure that you invest your money in the best option there is.

In that case, our top choice is none other than the OBLIQ Dual Layered. It’s well-made, slim, and packs loads of features.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen on the reviews above, there’s always something for everyone. You only need to understand your unique needs and preferences in order to make an informed choice.

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