5 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger 2023

There’s no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best Smartphones to have ever come out of Samsung’s warehouses. On the flipside, though, the phone’s battery tends to wear out in 3 to 4 years depending on usage and that’s why you need to invest in the best Samsung Galaxy S5 charger.

Worth noting is that the standard charger included with this device is pretty weak and tends to break down over time. Yet even if that doesn’t happen, there’s always a probability that the charger may get misplaced necessitating the acquisition of a new one. But when it comes to purchasing chargers, there are quite a few facts to always keep in mind. These are:

  • Charging speed
  • Overcharging protection technology
  • Current control technology
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Customer support
Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger

Indeed, a good battery is one that is not only safe and effective but also backed by several years of warranty just to make sure you get the best bang for your bucks.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger – Comparison

Don’t have enough time to read through our detailed reviews? The comparison chart below provides you with a quick idea on which S5 charger provides you with the best deal.

RankingProduct NameWeightBrand
1Samsung Micro-USB 3.0 Authentic OEM
2Witpro 2-in-1 charger pack
3Samsung Galaxy S5 Zacro USB3.98 ouncesZacro
4Best 4 One Samsung Galaxy S53.41 ouncesTopffy
5Samsung 2 21Pin Travel Charger

1. Samsung Micro-USB 3.0 Authentic OEM Charger

Designed for both S5 phones and Note 3, this charger provides a sigh of relief to any Micro USB 3.0 device. It quickly charges compatible devices all thanks to its advanced 5Gbps signaling rate which offers up to 10 times improvement in performance via Hi-Speed USB technology.

A boon for city dwellers and explorers alike, this unit comes with a US standard socket plug and a USB port that supports the transfer of files for up to 4Gbit/s. Of course, that means you can transfer your fantastic HD videos in a matter of seconds rather than minutes using it.


  • Offers above-average charging speeds
  • Designed to offer you several years of value
  • Built by Samsung themselves
  • Light in weight and compact


  • Slightly expensive than other S5 replacement chargers

2. Witpro 2-in-1 charger pack for Samsung Galaxy S5

Are you experiencing battery drain problems with your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone? Then, consider investing in this charger Cable. This cable is a 2018 design with the latest features When you make an order you will receive the cable and a dual USB wall charger


The cord is nylon-braided and therefore tangle free. It has gold plated material with a large bend lifespan of 5000+ to protect the charger against twists and wire cores.

This charger cable has a fast charging speed. It also offers convenient charging with a length of 6.6 ft long, therefore, an appropriate length to charge your phone while using it.

IC technology in the cable will protect your phone against short-circuit over-voltage, over-current, and high-temperatures and prolong its lifespan.


  • Durable cable
  • Fast charging speed
  • Short-circuit protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Limited international shipping

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Zacro USB Spare Battery Charger

Take care of your Samsung Galaxy s5 battery drain issues with the USB Spare Battery Charger. It has charging pins designed for charging only Samsung S5 battery. You can do convenience charging, of using your phone while charging with no effect on the signal.

The battery charger has a high charging speed and has a charging indicator. The indicator is red when charging and blue when fully charged. It has a multiple circuit protection technology to protect against overcharging. In addition, it has an automatic current control and it is designed with IC technology to protect your phone from short circuit, electronic shock and overcharging. It has dual output. In addition, the plug is foldable and easy to carry.


  • 24-month warranty
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Customer service support


  • It is not compatible with other phones

4. Best 4 One Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3 Dual Port Wall Charger

Consider this charging cable to take care of your phone Samsung Galaxy s5 phone charging needs. When you order, you will receive the charger cable and a wall charger. It has high data speeds which make it charge fast.


At 6 ft, it is long and therefore the phone can be used while charging. It is a durable cable. The shell is made from aluminum alloy material. The material is nylon-braided and therefore tangle free. The connectors are gold plated. The charger has a safe charging system with technology to protect against overheating, over currents and overcharging. It has a maximum current of up to 2.4Amps. The charger has a dual USB port.


  • 12 months limited guarantee
  • Long charging cable
  • Great customer service support


  • It is not compatible with other phones

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5. Samsung 2 21Pin Travel Charger 2 Amp USB Charger

Samsung Galaxy 2 AMP will take care of your phone charging needs. It is white in color. It provides quick and convenient charging, therefore, you can use your phone while it is charging. The charger has high charging speeds and a technology to power your battery with 2 Amp while charging the battery. 2Amp is a high output compared to other chargers that offer 1 Amp.

You can charge your phone from a wall outlet or from a USB port. The USB data cable is multi-purpose and can be used to transfer files from a computer to your phone.


  • It is compatible with other smartphones
  • Small and therefore it can be carried conveniently
  • International shipping to some countries
  • Only one color offered

Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger – Buying Guide

There are quite a few vital factors to consider in order to make sure you get yourself the best charger. These include:


It’s important to make sure your charger has the capacity to supply enough amps to recharge your device fast enough. 2 amps is the real deal for S5s.


The best chargers are ones capable of pushing at least 5 volts in order to maximize power output.

Surge Protection

For your own safety, make sure the charger you go for comes with adequate surge protection to protect you from short-circuiting.


Consider getting yourself a charger that comes with a variety of additional accessories. For instance, some chargers come with multiple USB ports allowing you to handle multiple devices at once.

Which Is The Best Pick For You?

According to our analysis, the Samsung Micro-USB 3.0 Authentic OEM Charger is the best pick if you’re looking for optimal value. However, if you’re on a tight budget, then the best cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 charger would be Witpro 2-in-1 charger pack which comes with a 6ft braided cord and dual USB plugs.

Final Words

The last thing you want to compromise on is the quality of your Samsung S5’s charger. Therefore, be sure to grab yourself a unit that’s not only powerful but also safe enough for use. That way, you’ll be sure to keep your S5 powered for several more years to come.

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