7 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases 2023 In Review – Here’s The Latest Information

Just how much do you love your Samsung Galaxy S5? If you can’t quantify the amount of love you have for this device, then it’s important to invest in a good case for it.

But what exactly makes one case better than the other? Well, quite a few factors! And these include:

  • Design
  • Strength of the exterior shell
  • Effect on phone functionality

Design preferences may vary from one person to the other. However, we all want to invest in an outer shell that’s powerful and, therefore, shock absorbent. That said, you don’t want to end up with a case that ruins your smartphone’s user experience.

Keeping all those factors in mind, here is a detailed analysis of 7 awesome cases that you’ll find on the market. Some are cute, others are hardy. So, it’s just a matter of finding the unit that best suits your unique preferences.

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Comparison

Not a fan of reading long reviews? Here’s a brief chart to help you make an informed choice.

RankingProduct Name Included ComponentsColour
1Tough Spigen Amor Galaxy S5 Case1Tough Armor Gunmetal
2i-Blason Transformer Case1Black
3Speck Products CandyShell InkedCaseMulti
4AMS Series Trident KrakenBlack
5Galaxy S5 Tech 21 Impact Mesh-SmokeyCaseSmokey
6Peck Products CandyShell Grip
7Case-Mate Genuine Crystal Brilliance MateCaseBrilliance

1. Tough Spigen Amor Galaxy S5 Case-Gunmetal

If you are looking for a stylish case that will give your Galaxy S5 military-grade protection, here lies your answer. It has a hard exterior shell which combined with air cushion technology makes it the perfect shock absorber for your device. It can literally take any form of beating without cracking the phone.

It has a raised lip which will make you less worried about scratching your screen if you place your phone face down. Accessing the buttons as well as using the touchscreen is quite easy.


  • It is durable
  • It fits nicely
  • Sliding into and out of the pocket is easy


  • It is a bit slippery 
  • It has no cover to protect the charging ports from dust

2. i-Blason Transformer Case

This stylish case not only offers the body protection but it will also help you in maintaining your privacy. This is because you do not have to take it off so as to use the fingerprint scanner or the heartbeat sensor features.

The case is slim yet has a hard textured shell which will protect your Galaxy S5 from damage in case of bumps and falls. This textured surface also enhances the grip and creates a comfortable feeling for your hands. It has raised edges such that when you drop your phone, the screen is protected as well.

The case comes with a built-in stand and this will give you the maximum comfort while viewing anything on the display such as videos.

The interior of the case has a microfiber which tends to clean the screen any time you take it off or put it back on.


  • You can use the stand to hold it, instead of wrapping your hand around the entire device, and still, swipe the screen
  • Provides easy access to the ports and buttons
  • It fits the phone perfectly


  • The kickstand is fragile and can break easily
  • Less flexible

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3. Speck Products CandyShell Inked Case for Galaxy S5

This case will not only offer your phone the highest level of protection but will also give it a stunning stylish appearance. Although the case is dual-layered, it is also really slim and so you will not have difficulties in sliding it into and out of your pocket.

The exterior is made of a hard shell and this absorbs all the shock caused by a fall or bump. Additionally, it has a raised lip which safeguards the screen from scratches during a fall or when placed face down.

You will get full and easy access to the buttons.


  • The rubberized covers protect the buttons from wear and tear
  • It has a nice grip
  • It can survive in extreme temperatures


  • The colors tend to fade quite fast
  • You may need to put on an additional screen protector

4. AMS Series Trident Kraken Case for Galaxy S5

This case has an exterior made out of tough plastic which assures you of its durability as well as protection from bumps and drops. The corners are also sufficiently padded to enhance the protection of your device.

The ports are plugged and this prevents dust and other foreign particles from penetrating into your phone. Additionally, it has an inbuilt screen protector to safeguard your screen from scratches.

The Trident Kraken Case has a built-in stand which lets you view content on your phone at your most convenient angle.


  • It is not bulky
  • The device fits really well


  • Opening and closing the charging port is not easy
  • It opens up easily on dropping

5. Galaxy S5 Tech 21 Impact Mesh-Smokey

This case offers your Galaxy S5 protection as it can withstand several falls without the damage getting to the phone. The rubbery feeling, together with the mesh pattern, creates a strong grip and the phone would almost never slip out of your hands. The mesh pattern also leaves an awesome feeling for your hands and you will really enjoy just holding your phone.

The case fits perfectly and you can easily take it off and put it back on. You will also have an easy time using the power and volume buttons since the case has the most precise cutouts for this purpose.


  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to slide out of the pocket
  • Shock absorbing property


  • It does not sufficiently protect the screen
  • It does not fit all types of headphone cords
  • It is a bit too bulky

6. Peck Products CandyShell Grip for Galaxy S5

This case will offer your phone protection as well as give it a stunning appearance. The case has rubber ridges which give the phone a strong grip and leaves a good feeling for your hands. These ridges may also function as shock absorbers as they help in enabling your phone to survive a drop.

The power and volume buttons are also covered with rubber and you will notice that pressing these buttons with the cover on is much easier than when it is off. The charging port cut out is perfect and you will never have any difficulty in charging your phone without removing the case.

It can also accommodate any type of headphones that you want to use.


  • It provides a nice grip and good feeling for the hands
  • It easy to use the buttons with the case on
  • Easy access to the ports and earphone jacks
  • It adds no extra weight


  • The rubber piece at the bottom tends to rip quite fast

7. Case-Mate Genuine Crystal Brilliance Mate for Galaxy S5

The crystal case produces a kind of sparkle which gives your phone a stunning and stylish appearance. The exterior appears to be made of a high-quality material which makes it impact resistant.

It fits perfectly and the corners too are protected. It is slim enough to not affect the functionality of the phone. You will not have any difficulty in pressing the volume and power buttons.


  • Stunning appearance
  • It fits nicely
  • Taking it off and putting it back on is quite easy
  • Easy access to the charging port


  • It adds some extra weight to the phone
  • The plastic below the menu button snaps easily

The Buying Guide For Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases


Normally, there are two factors to consider as far as design is concerned. For instance, you can go for a case that offers all-around protection. On the other hand, you might find it a good idea to settle for a case that doesn’t clunk up your phone’s beautiful design.

Shock Absorption

The primary goal we all need case is so that we may protect our phones from an accidental impact that may cause breaking or cracking. So, it’s always a good idea to go for a case that has a well-made rubber lining. Besides that, always be on the lookout for something that might be snugly cushioned for extra protection.


While you might find sleek cases attractive, it’s always to consider the kind of grip they present you with. In that regard, it would be wise to find an S5 case with a dimpled exterior shell. This way, you would enjoy a great grip even when your hands are sweaty.


Some generic cases are hurriedly made which means they hardly serve the purpose. Of all things that you should always worry about is the ability to access all the features of your phone. For that reason, always go for a case that allows for a full access to all the buttons and ports.

Which One Is The Best?

Our favorite is the hard-shelled i-Blason Transformer Case. The case is well-made, light in weight, durable, and most importantly reasonably priced. We think that it represents a great value proposition because it has a well-thought-out texture and awesome looks.

Final Thoughts

Looking to protect your S5 from all manner of falls and drops? It’s time to get yourself one of the best Samsung Galaxy cases on the market. And as shown above, you don’t have to break the bank to make that happen.You only need to pick one of the choices above for a rewarding and value-packed experience.

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