Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 – 5 Latest, 2023 Updated

Has your iPhone 5 battery been disappointing you? We all go through moments when our phone batteries decide to misbehave. This often happens as the phone ages. Fortunately, you can always breathe new life into your phone by getting a replacement for it.

Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 5

7 Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 Alternatives Table

From batteries with 1560mAh to ones with 1400mAh, the following charts are meant to help you get acquainted with the lay of the land.

RankingProduct NameWarrantyWeight
1Daxtromn Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S
2Ombar Li-Polymer Replacement Battery
3HoneyBull 1440 mAh Replacement Battery1.76 ounces
4Janbotek 1440 mAh Replacement Battery
5Beltron Premium Li-ion Battery1 Year0.798 ounces
6Vintrons MD637LL/A and MD636LL
7LikeGor 1560mAh Replacement Battery2 year0.493 ounces

1. Daxtromn Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S and 5C

This 1560 mAh replacement battery for iPhone 5S and 5C is perhaps one of the best you’ll ever find on the market.

In its entirety, the package comes with a complete installation kit. This comprises a full set of screwdrivers.

Besides that, this battery is ranked as a Grade A+ battery. It’s duly certified by various quality standards among them the CE, FCC and RoHS standards.

In general, this battery seems well-made. It’s smoothly finished and compactly designed. For that reason, you can enjoy using it under different usage conditions.

What about performance? Well, all we can say for now is that the Daxtromn is designed to provide you with power.

It recharges super-fast. In fact, it takes about 3 hours to attain a full recharge. Once fully recharged, it can last for up to a day or two without the need for a recharge.

However, the battery comes completely empty. You’d need to ensure you recharge it to around 20% to get it working.


  • Well designed
  • Powerful
  • Long lasting
  • Comes with a full installation kit


  • Cumbersome to install

2. Ombar Li-Polymer Replacement Battery for iPhone 5

As you know, there are different phone models that fall under the iPhone 5 series. However, this replacement from Ombar is specifically designed for iPhone 5 device (not 5S, 5C or 5SE).

Ranked as a Grade A+ battery, this unit packs 1450mAh worth of power. On a full charge, it can run your device for a whole day or two depending on the nature of use.

Most importantly, this battery complies will all safety standards available. These range from RoHS, CE, and FCC.

Most importantly, the batteries are usually pre-tested before they’re released to the markets.

In particular, the Ombar comes with a complete installation set. This, therefore, makes it one of the easiest phone models to install.


  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Full installation kit
  • Compactly designed
  • Reasonably powerful


  • Some of its plastic installation tools break easily

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3. HoneyBull 1440 mAh Replacement Battery for iPhone5S or 5C

What if you could replace your phone’s battery to lengthen its lifespan? Well, that’s what the HoneyBull 1440mAh battery for iPhone is all about.

Rated as a grade A+ battery, this unit boasts powerful cells. These are further complemented by the presence of a built-in chip which prevents short-circuiting, discharging or overheating.

Most importantly, the battery is pretty easy to install. That’s because it comes with a well laid out step-by-step guide. On top of that, the HoneyBull comes with all the tools required for a successful installation process.

On average, it takes about 15 minutes to get this battery up and running. And on average it can survive on a single charge per day.


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Helpful installation instructions
  • Comes with installation tools
  • A built-in chip which enhances the battery’s life


  • Some installation kits come without a spudger tool

4. Janbotek 1440 mAh Replacement Battery

This is yet another one of the 0 cycle batteries that are often recommended as replacements for iPhone 5s. Indeed, the Janbotek packs up as much as 1440mAh worth of power.

That’s just enough power to run you throughout the day. Besides that, you can still bank on it to deliver even more power if you mainly use your phone for calls and texting.

On the flipside, though, you may still need to be worried about battery life when actively using the internet. So, clearly, the Janbotek is far from perfect.

But while at it, we still think this Li-ion battery presents you with a great value proposition. It has a 24-month warranty which ensures you get the quality assurance you need at all times.

As far as the life of this battery is concerned, we can confirm that it is 500 charging cycles. It’s no wonder the Janbotek is RoHS, CE, and FCC certificated.


  • Affordably priced
  • Rated a Grade A+ premium battery
  • Provides up to 500 recharge cycles
  • Comes with a free repair and installation kit


  • The company seems to be having issues with ensuring consistency in quality

5. Beltron Premium Li-ion Battery

Beltron may not be a household name in the manufacture of replacement batteries but it certainly is worth the mention. First off, the company presents you with a 1-year product warranty.

However, this warranty is exclusively available on authentic products from them. For that reason, you need to make sure you only buy this battery from legitimate outlets – of course, Amazon is one of them.

One way to confirm that the battery is original is by checking the hologram on the battery.

The only major issue we have with this replacement battery is that it’s a bit complicated to install. In fact, the manufacturer exclusively recommends a professional installation for it.

Also, the high-flying battery doesn’t come with an installation kit. You’d need to purchase this separately.


  • Generally well-made battery
  • Reasonably powerful
  • Recharges fast and stores power for long
  • Has a fantastic standby time


  • Complicated installation process
  • You’d need to buy the installation kit separately

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6. Vintrons MD637LL/A and MD636LL/A 1400MAh Battery

This is certainly not the most powerful battery on the market, but it’s a sure bet as far as reliability goes. The unit is designed to provide you with 1400mAh battery power. That’s just about enough to keep your phone functioning for an entire day.

Another thing is that the Vintrons recharges quite fast. In fact, it takes less than 3 hours to attain a full charge.

That said, it’s important to consult with the manufacturer in case of any challenge. In the past, we’ve seen people complaining of receiving 4 pin batteries while their iPhone 5 phones had 3 pin connectors.

In that case, all one needs to do is get in touch with the Vintrons team and they can always assist. The good thing here is that the company has a really great support team.

All we can say, to this end, is that although this battery is far from perfect, it’s a good investment. That’s because, in case of a negative experience, you can always contact their helpful team for support.


  • Awesome customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Great battery life
  • Safe for your use
  • CE certified


  • They don’t provide an installation kit for it
  • They should improve on their use instructions

7. LikeGor 1560mAh Replacement Battery

This is one of the few iPhone 5 replacement batteries that seem to have it all! To begin with, the battery is FCC, RoHS, and CE certificated.

That’s because it comes with a built-in chip which enhances your safety. So, the moment you choose to use the Likegor battery, you take a step further to enhance your safety.

Moving on, this battery is rated as a Grade A+ battery. For that reason, it stands out as a cell designed to provide a pretty long battery life.

That goes down well with the fact that it’s meant to provide up to 500 charging cycles. For that reason, this replacement battery is recommended for anyone looking for a high-speed, safe and efficient battery.

Last but not least, we like the fact that this 0 cycle battery is pretty easy to install. In fact, it comes with a full set of kit which makes it pretty easy to install even if one doesn’t have a technical background.


  • Properly certificated
  • Easy to install
  • Holds power for longer than average
  • Provides up to 500 recharge cycles
  • Backed by a 24-month warranty
  • Comes with a full installation kit at no additional cost
  • Great customer support


  • The company should make better installation tutorials
  • You have to send your order ID to the manufacturer for your warranty to be valid

How to tell if your iPhone 5 needs a Battery Replacement- 5 Signs

Device overheating

Rechargeable batteries are designed to generate some heat. However, if your iPhone 5 becomes very hot that you cannot touch it, it’s an indication it needs a battery replacement.

Excessive heat may not only damage the iPhone but also its battery. Therefore, when you notice your device is overheating, just turn it off and replace the battery right away.

Slow or poor performance

Slow performance may be a telltale sign that your iPhone 5 needs a new battery. Basically, when an iPhone 5 battery is running its final stretch of the race, the phone tends to be sluggish.

Luckily, there are some tools on the device designed to help you track your battery’s health. The tools let you know if your battery is in top condition or whether it needs to be replaced.

Unexpected shutdowns

When your iPhone 5 shuts itself down suddenly and you’re in the middle of doing something, it can be annoying. This is more so if the battery is half-drained or so.

Unfortunately, an unexpected shutdown can mean that your device’s battery is damaged and needs to be replaced immediately.

Dying faster than normal?

Is your iPhone 5 battery dying faster than usual? It’s likely that you need a new battery. Batteries usually start to die quickly as the phone ages due to wear and tear as well as prolonged usage.

Generally, you can enjoy the full benefits of your iPhone 5 battery for around eighteen months. Therefore, if you have used your phone for a longer duration, you should consider getting a replacement battery.

Your device only works when plugged in

If your iPhone’s battery is completely dead, then your device won’t boot up even when connected to a power source. However, if your device is able to power up when plugged in and functions normally, the battery could be the culprit.

TReplacement Battery for iPhone 5 – Buying Guide

In order to get the best bang for your bucks, it’s important to be choosy in your product selection process. But how exactly can I go about that? You might be wondering. Well, we’d recommend keeping the following factors in mind in order to arrive at an informed choice.

Safety First

Phone batteries can end up being dangerous accessories. For that reason, it is important to invest in a battery that’s duly certified to be safe. Look out for batteries with RoHS, FCC and CE certifications. Those certifications are a confirmation that the battery is safe enough for home use.

Battery Life

On average, we’d recommend going for a replacement battery that’s capable of delivering at least 500 recharge cycles. That way, you can rest assured to enjoy using the battery in the long-term.


It is important to go for a battery that’s warrantied. This way, you can rest assured of getting a replacement in case the battery comes with clear flaws.

Customer Support

You’d need a good customer support team to have your warranty honored. Also, you’d need such a team in case you run into issues and you need them clarified.

Customer reviews

Before purchasing a replacement battery for your iPhone 5, it is important you read reviews from other people. This way, you can know whether the battery is a good purchase or not.

Make sure to pay attention to reviews like ‘how long they had the battery’. This is because some people have complained that most replacement batteries have a very short lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we conclude, let’s go over some of the common questions iPhone 5 owners tend to ask about replacement batteries.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 5 battery?

You can get a good replacement battery alone for as low as $20 depending on the brand. Apple, on the other hand, offers battery replacement for around $79 minus shipping cost.

Is it really worth replacing my iPhone 5 battery?

It entirely depends on how old the phone is. If your device’s warranty has not expired, then it would be a good idea to replace the battery. However, it may not be worth it to replace a completely dead iPhone 5 battery.

Can I replace iPhone 5 battery myself?

Yes you can if you have the tools to do so. However, we recommend having a professional do it for you because the iPhone 5 has very fragile components inside.

Which One Is the Best?

Our best choice, in this case, is none other than the Daxtromn 1560mAh battery. The unit comes with a 2-year warranty. That’s in addition to a full installation kit and an extended battery life.

Final Thoughts

Phew! That has been a mouthful. We, however, hope that to this end, you’ve found a battery that meets or even exceeds your expectations!

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