5 Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 3 Reviews – Plus Buying Guide

Has your phone battery been disappointing you of late? Well, if you’re an iPhone 3 owner, the good news is that you can still find replacement batteries on the market. Perhaps the most important points to remember at this point are that:

  • Different replacement batteries have different power levels
  • Not all batteries are compatible with all iPhone 3S
  • Some batteries are RoHS and CE certified, others aren’t
Best Replacement Battery for iPhone 3

Replacement Battery for iPhone 3 – Comparison

Don’t have a lot of time to read? Worry not. Below is a detailed analysis in the form of a quick chart – just for you.

RankingProduct NameManufacturerWeight
1Insten Li-POI Battery Replacement
2Vintrons 1200mAh iPhone 3G
3Empire Scientific Replacement BatteryEmpire Scientific4 ounces
4Vintrons Cameron CS-IPH390SLCameron Sino2.11 ounces
5Exogear iPhone 3 Rechargeable Battery CaseExogear3.2 ounces

1. Insten Li-POI Battery Replacement for iPhone 3G.

Your iPhone 3 might still be performing beyond expectations but you need its battery replaced. In that case, this 3G replacement battery would be a pretty decent choice.

The Lithium Polymer battery provides you with 1500mAh worth of power at 3.7V capacity. The accessory is compatible with all iPhones that fall within the range of 8GB and 16GB.

One thing with the Insten battery is that it’s quite stable. Once fully recharged, it can last you for up to 48 hours under normal use.

However, as time goes by, the life may depreciate to just under 24 hours. That, however, takes time to happen.

The only challenge with this battery is that it requires technical skills to install. We only wish it came with a helpful installation manual, but it doesn’t.

Otherwise, this is a really great battery.


  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Dependable


  • Requires a technician to install

2. Vintrons 1200mAh iPhone 3G Replacement Battey.

Certified as safe to use by CE, RoHS, and ISO90001, this battery is designed to stun. In fact, it’s meant to be used on iPhone 3G 8GB and 16GB phone models.

Sometimes that’s all the power you need to keep your device stunning. Most importantly, this unit provides you with 1200mAh power. On average, that should be enough to last you for slightly over a day.

That said, we still think that 1200mAh isn’t that much. Therefore, you’d be better off limiting your browsing habits to get the most out of this battery.

Otherwise, we like the fact that it’s pretty light in weight and highly compatible with all phones of this model.


  • Compatible with all iPhone 3s
  • Certified as safe for use
  • Affordably priced
  • Well-built


  • Limited battery power which also declines over time

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3. Empire Scientific Replacement Battery of iPhone 3G.

The battery model BLI-1228-1.4 I no doubt of the few well-made ones out here. This one, in particular, provides you with a remarkable 1200mAh worth of power.

That’s enough power last you all day long. We’d have wished for more power but the good news is that iPhone 3s aren’t power guzzlers.

They do a good job when put to a minimalistic use. So, if you aren’t an intensive smartphone user, we think this replacement battery would suffice.


  • Relatively easy to install
  • Shipped fast
  • Works pretty much like an original


  • Sub-par warranty coverage

4. Vintrons Cameron CS-IPH390SL Replacement Battery.

Are you looking for a powerful but affordably priced replacement battery for your iPhone 3 phone? Maybe you want to use your old smartphone as a security camera and would like a stronger battery for it.

Well, the good news is that this particular battery is not only well-made but also reliable. It packs a power that falls at a base level of 1200mAh. In fact, when fully recharged, it can achieve a maximum of 1400mAh.

That’s pretty much the kind of stuff you can expect from an OEM battery. Above all, this Li-Polymer unit is RoHS, ISO9001 and CE certified.

The icing on the cake is that the battery is protected by a user-warranty. This is a 24-month warranty that ensures you get nothing but the best user experience in the long-haul.


  • Great power capacity
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Light in weight and compact


  • We’d recommend it to professional installers

5. Exogear iPhone 3 Rechargeable Battery Case.

You don’t always have to buy a replacement battery and struggle installing it from scratch. The good news is that you can always bank on a battery case to provide you with a much-needed power backup.

The Exogear is one such case. Beneath it is a superb, 1300mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. Therefore, it doubles up as a case and a backup battery as well.

On top of that, this rechargeable battery case does an incredible job of perfecting your device’s network reception. That’s in addition to enhancing a precise syncing process with iTunes.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Painlessly easy to install
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • Light in weight
  • Protects your phone


  • Adds a bit of weight to your iPhone device

Replacement Battery for iPhone 3 – Buying Guide

What are some of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for an iPhone 3 device? Well, our criterion is short and simple.

First, the battery should be available on the market. That’s because new iPhone brands have taken over the market and, therefore, very few companies are producing replacement batteries for iPhone 3s.

Besides that, you want to make sure that your replacement battery is properly screened for safety. Therefore, consider going for a unit that’s at least CE and RoHS certified.

Another important factor to consider is the level of power provided by the unit. Ideally, you should only settle for a phone with at least 1200mAh.

That way, you can get enough power to run your phone throughout the day without the need for a recharge.

And as we sum it all up, it’s best to invest in a phone that has a warranty. The longer the warranty period, the better the battery is likely to be.

Which One Is The Best?

We’d go for the Insten 3G Cell Phone replacement battery. Armed with over 1500mAh power, this is the best bet for long-term performance. Most importantly, the battery is pretty easy to install and compatible with all iPhone 3G phones (8GB and 16GB).

Final Thoughts

A good replacement battery can breathe new life into your iPhone device. However, in order for that to happen, it’s important to make sure that you only settle for the best picks available. Luckily, the detailed reviews above are meant to help you make that decision today, without compromising.

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