5 Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5 2023 – Top Options Reviewed

One of the most frustrating things about owning a Smartphone is that you can never really tell when the battery will die. You put it on the charger in the morning, listen to a couple of songs on your way to work and alas, the phone shuts down. Fortunately, a malfunctioning battery should not mark the end of your device’s life. All you need is to get yourself the best replacement battery for Galaxy S5.

Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5

Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5 – Comparison

RankingProduct NameBatteriesWeight
1Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Battery1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)1.58 ounces
2CyberTech i9600 Galaxy S5 Battery Combo
3PowerBear 7800mAh S5 Replacement Battery
4Anker 2800mAh Li-ion Battery for Samsung S5
5Original Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery EB-BG900BBZ

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Battery

The fact that this battery comes from Samsung themselves means it’s likely to offer you some incredible performance once you get it. Weighing in at slightly over 1.6 ounces this product is protected by a one-year warranty from Samsung. Perhaps the main secret behind its efficiency comes from the fact that it is based on Lithium-ion. As you might be aware, LiOn batteries are good performers when it comes to enhancing battery life.

The removable battery offers you a standard capacity of 2800mAh with 3G internet usage of 11hours.

The battery can last even longer if you decide to only listen to your favorite MP3 hits as it has 67h audio playback time. Wi-Fi users can enjoy a whopping 12hours of continuous usage on this battery.

This is not an ordinary battery. A closer look at it reveals it is equipped with an NFC antenna, which allows your mobile phone to communicate with other devices within its vicinity. Once you order it, it comes packaged in a Samsung branded plastic casing. The battery may not completely revolutionize your experience, but one thing is for sure – it can take you through moderate usage without having to recharge the phone every so often.


  • Offers extended battery life
  • Made by Samsung themselves
  • Timely shipping
  • Great packaging
  • Covered by warranty


  • Does not hold charge as long as a brand new battery that comes with a new phone

2. CyberTech i9600 Galaxy S5 Battery Combo

If we were to pick three adjectives that best describe this combo, they would be: lightweight, portable and easy-to-carry. Indeed, although these batteries are not originally from Samsung, the manufacturer has truly gone out of their way to meet expectations. First, the replacement battery has an integrated microchip which automatically disconnects current once the battery is fully charged. That prevents overcharging and of course, lengthens battery-life.

Each i9600 comes with a USB port output, which allows one to charge their phone directly. On the flipside, though, a USB cable is not included which means you have to dig deeper into your pockets to take full advantage of the i9600.

Packed up with 2800 mAh, the high capacity battery offers extra-long stand-by times with the ability to revolutionize charge-life.


  • Long-battery life
  • Intelligently made to prevent overcharging
  • Categorized as Grade A


  • The charger does not look as well made as the batteries themselves

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3. PowerBear 7800mAh S5 Replacement Battery

This battery promises to unlock the beast in your phone by supplying it with adequate power to run for extended hours. Unlike your normal battery, that only delivers 100% capacity, this one claims to offer 275% capacity. If that is anything to go by, then you can look forward to more than doubling your battery power. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Well, one thing we like about PowerBear 7800mAh is that it is extremely easy to use. You only need to turn off the smartphone, open the back cover and remove the old battery – then replace with this new choice.

After doing that, you should put your phone to charge until it reads fully charged.

Rated as Grade-A batteries, these come with a chip which protecting your batteries from the risk of overcharging. And to back all this goodness up is a 24-month warranty cover.


  • Besides the battery, you also get a hard back cover, screen protector and protective case in the box
  • Built-in chip that protects your phone from overheating
  • Designed to deliver 100 hours of extra charge


  • Battery takes longer than normal to recharge

4. Anker 2800mAh Li-ion Battery for Samsung S5

Anker claims to be firmly committed to delivering Grade A cells which are ranked among the best top 10%. Well, that sounds like a very good promise – but is there more than meets the eye? The battery boasts a built-in IC CHIP in our opinion does a great job at preventing overcharging and short-circuiting. On the flipside, though, this battery is not compatible with NFC technology which means it does not communicate with other phones once you start using it. But unless NFC is such a big issue to you, it’s really not a mandatory feature to have.

A closer look at the replacement batteries, though, reveals that they are manufactured under strict quality control standards. The Anker Li-ion battery proudly bears a ROHS and CE certification. Being of Grade A caliber, this unit offers more than 500 cycles for longer battery life and efficient charging. That’s why you can proudly look forward to enjoying 2800mAh worth of power provided under 3.85 volts.


  • Rigorously tested for compliance with highest set industry standards
  • Does not short-circuit
  • Relatively high success rate
  • List Element


  • The battery tends to get hot when you leave it plugged in for long

5. Original Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery EB-BG900BBZ

This battery is as original as Samsung wanted it to be. However, besides the catchy brand, there are more pressing issues to be considered. Like does it deliver that much-needed power boost? Well, for starters, this battery is ranked as Grade AAA, which means that it can comfortably offer over 500 cycles.

Best of all, unlike other options available, it offers high-speed, efficient charging. And in case you are worried about your battery blowing up due to an overcharge, the good news is that this battery seems to have some built-in protection.

In fact, the manufacturer has been on record saying that this battery has anti-explosion protection.


  • Above-average packaging
  • Moderate approval ratings
  • Genuine battery from Samsung
  • Can boost your phone’s life
  • Reasonably priced


  • Weakens after about 24 months of use

How to Extend the Lifespan of your Galaxy s5 Battery

You probably had no idea how to treat your phone battery right and that is why you ended up with a replacement battery.

Replacement batteries do not come cheap but besides that, throwing your old battery away is an environmental hazardand we all want to mitigate that.

There are several things you can do to ensure that Galaxy s5 battery lasts longer before you need another replacement.

Here are some of them.

Delete or Restrict Social Media Apps

Apps like Instagram and Facebook are in famous resource hogs, both on iPhone and Android. If you cannot do without such apps, you want to go toy our settings and restrict permissions such as notifications, access to your location, and video auto play.

All these can drain your battery; and fast too. If the apps come pre-installed in your phone, you may not be able to delete them completely, but you can always disable them in your phone’s settings.

Turn your Phone to Power-save Mode

The Galaxy s5 comes with energy saving modes that restrict CPU performance and you may want to put them to use.

The trade-off here is that you may get less performance, but extended battery life. It is something worth considering.

Avoid Temperature Extremities

You do not want your phone’s battery to get too cold or too hot as this puts pressure on the battery and reduces its lifespan.

Avoid leaving your phone in the car because its battery will suffer in there whether the weather is hot or cold.

Do not Fast Charge

We know you are busy and you probably do not have the time to wait around for your phone to charge, but fast charging strains you phone’s battery.

Unless it is a matter of urgency, do not fast charge your battery. Actually, it is better to charge your battery slowly.

Make it a Habit to Charge your Phone to 50% Before Storing

Phone experts recommend charging your phone to 50% before switching it off and storing it for an extended period.

Doing that will reduce the pressure on the battery rather than fully charging it and letting it drain before storing.

Perhaps you do not know this, but your phone’s battery continues to discharge and degrade even when your phone is off.

If you can, turn your phone off occasionally and top up the charge to 50%.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Did you know that, your smartphone’s screen uses the most battery?To save energy, you want to turn down your screen brightness.

You want to be hands on when it comes to adjusting your screen brightness and this may require you to do it manually every time there is a change in lighting levels.

Get Rid of Useless Apps

Sometimes you download an app to do something in particular and forget to delete it later, or some apps come pre-installed in your phone but you have no use for them.

The thing is, most apps still run in the background and obviously put a strain on your battery. Get rid of such apps to extend the life of your battery.

Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5 – Buying Guide

Don’t buy your replacement battery unless it meets the following criteria. That way, you can rest assured of getting good value for your money.

Battery Capacity

The first, important factor to consider when shopping for a replacement Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is the power capacity it has. Normally, a mobile phone’s battery capacity is measured in what’s known as the milliamp Hour unit. Generally, the more the mAh a battery has, the longer it’s likely to last.

The OEM battery provides you with packs a whopping 2,800mAh. Therefore, even if you choose to go for any other brand, you want to make sure that this is the least amount of milliamp hours it offers. Anything less than that may be too little and downright frustrating to use.

NFC Compatibility

Most modern smartphones are designed to communicate with each other. This is especially important when one needs to make eTransactions especially through online wallets such as the Google Wallet. However, not all batteries come with this compatibility.

So, you want to double-check and confirm whether, or not, your preferred Galaxy S5 battery has this all-important feature. If the manufacturer/seller doesn’t seem keen on clarifying on whether their battery has an NFC chip or not, don’t buy from them.

Customer Support & Warranty

You don’t want to end up transacting with an arrogant team that never bothers to listen to your complaints. So, if you can find a seller who responds to queries and accepts responsibility for their flaws, that’d be a good opportunity to transact. The reason good customer support is important is that some batteries may arrive with some issues that may need clarifications on or replacements.

Along with good customer support is the quality of customer support. You want to work with a seller with an outstanding track record of being there for their buyers and not fly-by-night warriors who only care about making some quick bucks.


Lastly, you want to make sure that your best Samsung S5 battery is duly certified for safety. It should have a built-in chip, for instance, to prevent overcharging and overheating. Certifications can come from bodies like CE, RoHS, and CCC.

S5 Replacement Battery FAQs

How do I optimize the battery life of my phone?

How long or short your battery lasts depends on how you use it. So, we’d recommend making some basic adjustments to reduce the pressure on your battery for it to last long. These including adjusting display settings, using the power saving mode, and reducing the frequency of syncing data.

Can I use non-Samsung (non-OEM) batteries in my Samsung device?

Yes. But in that case, you want to make sure that the battery of choice meets all the basic requirements as shared on the buying guide of this write-up. If anything some of the non-OEM batteries offer better features than the ones you’d find on OEM batteries.

Can I continue to use my battery if it’s damaged?

No. You should stop using it immediately. That’s because a damaged battery can end up destroying your entire device and even cause injury by exploding.

How We Created the Rating List for This Review

When compiling this comparison sheet and buying guide, our experts considered a myriad of factors. They looked at the credibility of the brands behind the batteries. They also considered issues such as functionality and budget-friendliness. Most importantly, the factored in various user reviews based on experiences shared by people who have actually used these batteries.

Final Word

Has your phone battery been troubling you of late? Well, time to live a life beyond small worries. As we have seen above, by investing in the best replacement battery for Galaxy S5, it is possible to bring your worthy gadget back to life. So before you dispose of your coveted phone just because it won’t hold power for more than 60 minutes just know that there are numerous options on standby for you.

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