6 Best Raw Converter for Nikon 2023 – Review Plus Buying Guide

A raw file has no more data related to the image than most JPEG files. Professional photographers shoot RAW images to extract what they need during post-processing. RAW conversion is the initial step in your workflow and as obvious as it is, try not to get it wrong because one wrong move and the entire production is ruined.

The reason for this analysis that RAW converters are supposed to give better results. Despite all this, professional photographers always look for a solution that fits all situations.

An experienced photo editor could directly decide what software to use by looking at the EXIF information. For this reason, it is highly important that you understand the differences in the behaviors of certain converters that best suits your ideas and workflow.

Best Raw Converter for Nikon

Raw Converter for Nikon: Comparison

RankingProduct NameManufacturerWeight
1Corel Paintshop Ultimate ProCorel
2DXO Elite Pro for PC and MacDXO Labs
3Luminar 3 Editing SoftwareSkylum Software0.54 Ounces
4Nikon Capture NX2Nikon32 ounces
5Nikon Capture NX2O’Reilly Media3.2 Ounces
6Capture One Pro

1. Corel Paintshop Ultimate Pro

Corel Ultimate should be one of your best choices that are in the market that offers a bonus collection that makes photo-editing desirable even for beginners. We listed a few of its main features and functionalities that may help in your decision making process.


  • You will get results for less money
  • The package is faster and has an easy to use Paintshop Pro including bonus software
  • Trim unwanted areas in the image or video via a single click
  • Quickly edit photos using level, straighten, and remove tripod from 360 degrees 
  • images
  • Work with non-destructive layers and masks
  • Turn a photo into artwork using AI


  • Does not make vector files
  • No Mac version currently available

2. DXO Elite Pro for PC and Mac

If you are looking to improve your photos and make them better, then use the DXO Elite Pro. The software removes noise, boosts colors, highlights details, as well as optimizes exposure and contrast. Use the Probabilistic Raw Image Enhancement (PRIME) denoising technology to limit the high ISO photography.


  • Gives precise geometric corrections
  • Intelligent optimization for contrast and exposure
  • Preserves colors and detailing
  • Adaptable presets to suit needs and taste
  • Smart lighting feature for controlling contrasts
  • Have several creative renderings
  • Has a preset window to see work before rendering


  • May hang up in Windows 10

3. Luminar 3 Editing Software

When you need everything that for managing and making special photo effects within a short time, Luminar 3 should be able to help, the software enables the viewing of all your library photos and use powerful editing filters to manage RAW files.


  • Sleek user interface for creating images in less time
  • Photo grouping images using the new feature
  • More than 45 intelligent Photo filters that implement the use of AI
  • Use 67 smart presets using a single click
  • Use the preview window before rendering the images for final production.
  • You can integrate many of your Adobe Photoshop Plugins using the Skylum


  • Some complain of its complexity
  • Too many plugins and presets

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4. Nikon Capture NX2

Make use of this full-featured image editing software that gives photographers all the necessary tools needed to edit RAW media. You can enhance the color brightness and saturation and of images by using the color controls and adjusting using the slider buttons. The automatic retouch tool enables seamless editing when removing blemishes and other distractive elements.


  • Quick and easy photo editing
  • Accessible color controls for quick color change
  • Removal of blemishes using the Automatic retouch tool
  • New image browser with redesigned interface and custom workspaces


  • Problems saving photos
  • May not work on higher versions of Mac

5.  Adobe Camera Workflow

Adobe Camera Workflow gives a proper understanding of the appropriate use of the Adobe camera raw plugin. Use the application to acquire the ability to produce high-quality images within a short time as you explore the various methods used in adjusting RAW images such as exposure, cropping, and many other manipulations. Learn how to reduce digital noise and image sharpening techniques.


  • Offers a visual layout for easy learning
  • You can perform the most complicated exercises using minimal steps
  • The software is bundled with a user manual


  • Mac version not yet available

6. Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a software that fits the professional life, as an editor, you get full control over the editing process giving you access to the necessary tools.


  • Offer first performance with high resolution and can use advanced tools
  • Good for the best and precise color adjustments and features for selective edits
  • It has all the tools needed to adjust RAW files


  • Does not have a Windows version

Raw Converter for Nikon: Buying Guide

The best way to get what you want is to try the software before using it. From the review above, make sure you identify one or two RAW editors and experiment before making the final buying decision. Look at the main differences in the light and professional versions regarding their capabilities.

Look out for the following essential adjustments:


A good RAW file editor should have a tool that helps in color adjustments giving you precise controls over colors that need smooth gradient throughout the photo.

Adjustments Transfer

The software should be in a position to copy or transfer image settings from one screen to another or multiple screens at once.


Use this setting to increase or decrease contrast with mid-tones of the image. The more detail adjustments you make, the more clarity you get. The presence of this tool also enables edge definition making it easy to adjust landscape details.


Adjusting exposure should also be part of your selected application. Exposure controls contrast, brightness, and saturation.


The list for the best RAW converter for Nikon should at least have some of the features to make it worth considering. That is why we insist on you using the trial versions of the software of choice and confirm that all features can fit in with all requirements concerning image quality and workflow.

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