Meet the 15 Best PTZ Camera Choices of 2023 – See Which One Wins

Security is one of the most vital elements of a healthy and productive life. But unless you have the money to hire a full-time bodyguard, you may not always guarantee your personal security. Fortunately, with the best PTZ cameras, you can track the on-goings in your home through your phone.

  • Some systems send push notifications
  • Others send email alerts
  • Others enable you to review the activities of the day by rewinding
Best PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera – Comparison

With all those choices available, it might be a little tricky to find one that offers the best deal. So to help you make an informed choice, here’s our unbiased review of some great options.

RankingProduct NameWeightColor
1NetgearArlo VMS3230 Security System4 poundsWhite
2Nest Security NC2100ES Alexa-Compatible Camera3.35 poundsWhite
3Amcrest IP2M-841B ProHD CameraWhite
4AmcrestProHD AMDV7208M-4B4D-B System26.60 poundsBlack
5YI Dome 6970171171097 CameraBlack
6Zmodo ZP-IBH15-W Wireless Camera with Night Vision0.7 poundsWhite
7Foscam Weatherproof FI9828P Security Camera0.8 poundsWhite
8Foscam FI9803P with IP66 Weatherproof and 720P0.7 poundsWhite
9Trivision NC-335PW HD Outdoor IP66 Waterproof Camera2.2 poundsWhite
10TriVision Home Security Camera System2 poundsWhite
11Defender PX301-011 Digital Wireless DVR System0.4 pounds
12Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Bullet IP Camera1.1 poundsWhite
13Amcrest WLD895EU Weatherproof Camera2 poundsBlack
14The Zosi ZG2617A Security Camera960H 900TVL
15Microseven HD Outdoor Camera1 poundsWhite

1. NetgearArlo VMS3230 Security System

Designed to work with Amazon’s Alexa AI system, this security system is revered for its ability to capture HD content. In fact, it comes with HD cameras that are designed to deliver stunning clarity and sharp details.

What’s more? You can use it to livestream and relay events. All you need to do is download a free Arlo App and install it on your smartphone or computer.

We’re glad to report that despite its wireless design, this camera does an incredible job. So, no matter the part of the globe you might be in, you can always bank on it to deliver great images from all angles.

And the icing on the cake is that this unit comes fully equipped with the features needed to provide night vision. How cool is that?


  • Comes with built-in motion-activated cameras
  • Designed with the ability to customize alerts
  • A wireless and discrete design for added security
  • Can work better with Amazon’s Alexa AI system


  • Its motion detection features may sometimes get overly sensitive and send unnecessary alerts

2. Nest Security NC2100ES Alexa-Compatible Camera

Much as this camera looks simple, the truth of the matter is that it packs a lot of power within. First off, it’s housed inside a weather-proof casing which means you can use it outdoors with no worries.

Moving on, it comes with a built-in live alerts system. The Nest Cam has a motion detector which also picks out any loud sounds and bangs. As such, you can rely on it to alert you when there’s a break-in.

In fact, this system not only alerts you but also sends you some images from the said event. We, therefore, like the fact that you can use this system to capture essential, real-time details.


  • Built-in ability to detect motion and sounds
  • Well-built housing for greater durability
  • Captures HD quality content
  • Captures details even in the darkness
  • Sends quick alerts to your phone


  • In case there’s a WiFi disruption, there’s no way to re-start this camera if you’re away from home

3. Amcrest IP2M-841B ProHD Camera

You don’t have to be a security expert to tell that this is probably the best camera. Picture this – it comes with a built-in ability to deliver high-quality footage.

That’s because it comes with a powerful Sony image sensor. In addition, a closer look at it reveals that it comes with an Ambarella chipset which provides a superb 1080p HD performance.


  • Well-built and resilient enough for long use
  • It’s easy to operate
  • Equipped with IR lens for HD night vision
  • Can be remotely controlled via the Amcrest View app
  • Ability to live-stream footage based on your preferences


  • Its desktop app is a bit cumbersome to use on Google Chrome

4. AmcrestProHD AMDV7208M-4B4D-B System

It’s one thing for a PTZ camera to claim to deliver high-quality content but another for it to do that. The Amcrest is, however, a tad different.

For instance, it is designed with an HD over Analog system (HDCVI) which delivers 1280x720p resolution. This gives you greater freedom to use the coaxial infrastructure of CCTV and save on IP cost.

Moving on, the entire system comes with 8 reliable cameras. These cameras are housed in an IP67 casing.

You can station them either indoors or outdoors and they’ll still do a great job for you. Moving on, this system comes with 2 TB of storage space, pre-installed. That’s in addition to a 30FPS motion detection system which works wonders.


  • Ability to relay activity in real time
  • Delivers HD quality content using minimal resources
  • Loaded with 8 powerful cameras with great quality features
  • Both bullet and dome cameras are provided


  • It’s corded and, therefore, difficult to disguise
  • Difficult to install

5. YI Dome 6970171171097 Camera

For a cheap PTZ camera, this one from YI passes the test with its great features and price. At an under $40 price, it’s interesting to note that it offers a 720p resolution.

On top of that, you can always take advantage of the camera’s 115-degree vertical and 345-degree horizontal rotation. In other words, you technically have a 360-degree coverage at all times.

Moving on, this wonderful piece comes with a built-in microphone. That’s in addition to an anti-noise filter. In other words, you can rely on this system to listen in to conversations with great clarity.

Perhaps one of the sweetest deals out of this system is that it supports YI cloud storage. This prevents the risk of losing important files in case of an SD card loss.


  • Provides a wide field of view
  • Comes with a user-friendly app
  • Great WiFi connectivity
  • Advanced microphone with anti-noise filter features
  • Generally easy and convenient to use


  • Tends to modify system settings too often, sometimes without even notifying you

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6. Zmodo ZP-IBH15-W Wireless Camera with Night Vision

This IP65 weatherproof camera may not have all the modern features but it certainly does an incredible job. First off, it has the ability to livestream content through either Android, iOS or PC platforms.

All you’ll need to do is create an account on their website and you’ll be ready to stream surveillance from anywhere. Moving on, it also has a playback feature which enables you to reload the content to catch up on past events.

In addition to that, this system comes with a fantastic IR night vision. This means that you can still view images in the dark. That said, the images generated at night are in black and white – though still crystal clear.


  • Provides you with access to cloud storage for added data safety
  •  Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Its cameras are IP65 weatherproof for indoor and outdoor safety
  • Enhanced motion detection
  • Offers features for customizing motion detection
  • Great night vision features


  • Its images are somewhat grainy, though still usable

7. Foscam Weatherproof FI9828P Security Camera 

There are quite a few good reasons why this PTZ camera costs northwards of that much. One good reason is that it provides an IR vision of 8 meters at night.

Besides that, it offers a 3X optical zoom. That’s presented to you in 1280 X 960p display resolution. That’s pretty much all you need to experience high-quality video content.

Moving on, unlike other cameras that are rated IP65, this one is at IP66. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that this unit can withstand almost anything that nature might throw at it.

As far as your convenience is called, this system is pretty smart. For instance, it comes with a free Foscam Android and iOS power. It also supports IEEE wireless connectivity in addition to supporting a wide variety of Oss.

To top it all up, the system is cloud-enabled. That means you can store and view your files remotely. And because the system has an H.264 compression, you can rely on it to provide small-sized files which aren’t grainy.


  • Great image quality even in night vision
  • Great WiFi connectivity
  • Cloud-based storage which improves the safety of your content
  •  Easy to operate
  • Compatible with a wide array of devices and Oss


  • Quite expensive

8. Foscam FI9803P with IP66 Weatherproof and 720P

The main selling point of this under 100 PTZ camera is that it allows you to access your camera feed remotely. In fact, it improves on the benefits of the traditional CCTV systems to offer a great performance.

You only need to download a Foscam app. The app is highly intuitive and you’ll be re-directed with just a few steps until the system is up and running.

Thanks to this machine’s built-in smart technology, you can fully bank on it to send intelligent alerts. That’s because it has a powerful motion and sound detector incorporated.

And the system doesn’t just send you real-time evidence – it delivers great quality and usable evidence. For instance, its video quality stands at 720P which is quite powerful and vivid.


  • Can be operated remotely
  • Great WiFi connectivity
  • Easy to use and backed by a handy Foscam app
  • Great color balance
  • Fantastic images at 720P HD quality


  • Its night vision images are pretty bright as the camera struggles to compensate the exposure

9. Trivision NC-335PW HD Outdoor IP66 Waterproof Camera

What if you find a PTZ camera that’s easy to set up and intuitive to use? Well, perhaps the Trivision NC-335PW HD would be your best pick.

This compact camera is pretty easy to set up. In fact, you can get it up and running in a matter of minutes. In addition, it’s usable both on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and Android devices.

You only need to install an App known as Anyscene which is available for free. Then once you install the live camera program, you’ll be able to remotely view what’s happening at home.

What we particularly like about this camera is that it has quite a powerful resolution. In other words, you end up with a 1080p HD image quality.

That’s pretty much all the power you need to enjoy vibrant and accurate colors. And best of all, the camera’s nighttime vision spans for up to 30 feet.

In other words, you’d never miss a moment provided you have this system running in your home.


  • Easy to use
  • Delivers vibrant images with accurate colors
  • Powerful storage capacity
  • Built-in ability to send mobile as well as email notifications
  • Reasonably good WiFi connectivity


  • Complicated to customize its motion detection features
  • The housing seems a bit bulky

10. TriVision Home Security Camera System with NC-336PW

If you’re willing to cough out a few more dollars for a great PTZ camera system, the TriVision NC-336PW would be great. The system provides you with a whopping 50feet of night vision coverage.

What we particularly adore about this system is that it has an excellent motion detection capacity. This can be customized as per your needs. Otherwise, it works great and only sends you important alerts.

Another awe-inspiring feature of this system is its incredible WiFi connectivity. This allows you to control your home security remotely.


  • Great content quality at 1080P
  • Ability to send mobile and email notifications
  • Great WiFi connectivity


  • It would have been good for the manufacturer to provide cloud storage

11. Defender PX301-011 Digital Wireless DVR System with Night Vision

What if you got a 2-way intercom tool, SD-recording, and long-range night vision all-packed into one? That’s precisely what the Defender PX301-011 provides you with.

The system comes fully equipped with a handy digital wireless technology which makes sure no wires are involved. For that reason, this PTZ system is easy to hide. It’s also easy for anyone to install.

Most importantly, it comes with a free 7-inch LCD monitor which gives you the opportunity to review your footage.


  • Easy to install as no wires are involved
  • Great night vision performance
  • Has intercom tool which enables communication within the system
  • Built-in microphone for communication


  • The video quality isn’t anything worth writing home about

12. Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Bullet IP Camera

While other cameras provide you with 40 to 60 feet of night vision view, this one delivers a whopping 100 feet. On top of that, it delivers 3MP megapixel images.

Its video output stands tall at 1080p. That’s way better than 720p. And so if you’re looking for better quality videos, this IP camera might be the in thing.

Most importantly, the camera itself has an IP66 rating which means it’s suitable for any kind of weather.


  • Fantastic video output
  • The camera has a great housing which is weather-proof
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Discrete installation and design


  • Its still image quality is wanting
  • Some users complicated that it was difficult to install

13. Amcrest WLD895EU Weatherproof Camera with 720p

At a glance, this system from AmCrest seems well-built. But how well does it combine its features and performance?

The answer is simple – you get mixed results. The reason for that is that this camera works according to how you install it.

Its IP66 housing may be good enough to protect it in different weather conditions, however, it may not last long. So, it would be a good idea to protect the camera if you want it to last long.

Otherwise, this system can provide you with a clear 720p video quality. That’s in addition to a night vision that spans 32 feet.


  • Delivers superb full-color LCD screen
  • Excellent transmission distance
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Great motion detection power


  •  No cloud storage provided just MicroSD card storage
  •  card storage

14. The Zosi ZG2617A Security Camera 

If you’re really on a tight budget and would like to have a PTZ camera that does all the work for you, this would be a great pick.

It comes with a weather-resistant housing which can survive any outdoor conditions.

On top of that, it delivers a whopping 100 feet of nighttime vision. That’s in addition to it having incredible vandal-proof features.


  • Great night vision image quality
  • Great housing for outdoor use
  • Affordably priced
  • Relatively easy to use


  • Does not come with a video power cable
  • No livestreaming feature provided

15. Microseven HD Outdoor Camera

We saved the best PTZ camera 2018 options for last. Indeed, the MicroSeven 1080P stuns with its built-in microphone and day/night vision.

We like the fact that it has an excellent motion alert system. This system works for 24 hours. What’s more? It can always be customized so it only sends images that are highly relevant to you.

Last but not least, this unit comes with a 128 GB SD card. That’s just as much storage as you’d need to store all your live-streamed content. Plus, there’s the option of using the M7 cloud cam mobile app.


  • Great sound and video quality
  • Fantastic storage capacity
  • Ability to send push notifications
  • An infra-red nighttime vision of up to 50 feet


  • Bulky and difficult to install discreetly

The Buying Guide For PTZ Camera

The best way to buy a PTZ camera is by ensuring you get nothing but the best quality, always. So, how do you go about that? We’d recommend taking the following factors into consideration.


Consider getting a system that offers both SD card and cloud storage.


It’s better to go for a wireless system for ease-of-installation.

Night Time Vision

Go for a unit that provides at least 40 feet of nighttime vision in IR.

Which One Is The Best?

Given the criteria above, our best pick would be none other than the Amcrest IP2M-841B ProHD Camera. It provides great quality of videos and images. It also offers a myriad of great storage options for you.

Final Thoughts

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best PTZ camera options in 2018. As you might be aware, the market is always full of options. So, you first need to understand your unique needs before proceeding to make an informed choice. Hopefully, this review has helped you do that and all that remains is to get a system that best meets your needs.

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