The Best Light Bulb Camera 2023 – Here’s Our Unbiased Review

Technology continues to evolve, and what a good thing that is! Did you know that the best light bulb camera can discourage intruders from getting into your property while providing surveillance at the same time?

Now, the task of finding the perfect light bulb with a camera can be daunting and that is why we are here to help.

A good bulb camera should be:

  • Inconspicuous
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight        

Let us go deeper this rabbit hole together.

Best Light Bulb Camera

Light Bulb Camera – Comparison

While we strive to make our review articles detailed and interesting to read, it takes time to completely read them. If you’re short on time, here’s a list that can guide you.

RankingProduct NameAlert TypeVideo Capture Resolution
1JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light BulbMotion Only1080p
2TUPEYA Light Bulb CameraMotion Only1080p
3TDYJWEL NAIYO Light Bulb Camera
4Ring Floodlight CameraMotion Only1080p
5HIJUNMI BT WiFi Bulb Security Camera
6XinAnX Light Bulb Camera
7ATOPXLNT Light Bulb Camera

1. JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb Panoramic Camera

This 1080P light bulb security camera is believed to be one of the best that Jbonest has come up with. This is a good hidden/spy lamp for a good home.

With this camera bulb, you only need to have your phone to control it in the comfort of your seat.

Furthermore, you don’t need to fit it on your ceiling. This is because it suits any living room decorations in your house as it has a square form.

When you have this bulb security camera, you might feel like you are secure all again in your house because it is installed with a Panoramic IP Security Surveillance system.

Despite all the good sides, this bulb has its shortcomings in that it is not as bright as porch light can be.

Additionally, its night vision will activate only, and only if the light is on. So this means that in case you forget to switch on the light, the night vision cannot serve you at all.

Key Features

This camera light bulb from Jbonest is famous for its capability to record in full 2.0Mega Pixels and High Definition, and by doing this, it captures good images.

Additionally, it can capture images using its 360-degree fisheye, which brings out better vision and images.

Also, this bulb can be added to your mobile phone using an app, and also shared with five users at maximum.

Being that the bulb has all these features of Wi-Fi connectivity, don’t you think it can be suitable to use for baby monitoring? For me, I do.

Moreover, the system is installed with a microphone and speaker for time to time communications with your baby.


  • Light sensors
  • Clear night vision
  • Connectivity to a wireless network
  • Supports communication through speaker and microphone


  • Not as bright as a porch light.

2. TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera Wireless security home camera LED light

This is yet another company that has a reputation for making security lights that might blow your mind.

For this one, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and 1080 high definition videos quality.

For this reason, you might like to install this light in your home to get quality vision and images.

Additionally, the light has a 360 degrees fisheye that has the capability of covering a whole room or area on a 360 degrees dimension.

This means that you can secure your home against theft because it will always alert you whenever unnecessary motions are detected.

Although the connection of this bulb sometimes might give you problems if you do not have the necessary expertise.

But on a brighter side, the Tupeya Bulb Camera allows not only quality images but also the recording of this footage so that you can retrieve them later.

Key Features

The Tupeya Bulb Camera comes with a motion detector alarm, which is a plus one to the camera installed in the bulb.

In case it detects any suspicious movements, it will immediately alert you, and therefore keeping you safe.

Additionally, the camera can connect to your home Wi-Fi, where you can keep an eye on anything that happens there through your phone.

It is vital to have an SD card to store the scenes and footage captured by the camera.

This will give you access to access the past footages that were recorded, but you were not watching.

A problem arises though when the SD card gets full, and you do not change it on time.

This will mean that some of your footages will not be saved.

Having to try it will not harm you at all, or will it? It might blow off your mind.


  • Clear video in both day and night
  • Allows recording for later viewing
  • Works well with Android iOS
  • Protects against theft using motion detectors


  • Connection can sometimes cause you problems

3. TDYJWEL NAIYO Light Bulb Camera for Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance 

Are you looking for a surveillance bulb that is friendly and at the same time, easy to install? Then this one bulb installed with camera and motion sensors might be the one for you.

Getting to choose the best-priced light bulb camera in your home is supposed to be priceless. For this surveillance bulb by TDYJWEL might define this for you.

This is because it exhibits some of the best features that might get you excited, and after all this, you might decide to go with it in your home installation.

Additionally, it might interest you because it comes with built-in Wi-Fi that can enable you to connect to your mobile phone and control it from there,

Its installation is not complicated at all because it is designed to be installed anywhere in a socket where other bulbs are.

All that you will need to ensure is that it is within the Wi-Fi range to ensure that there is connectivity with your phone device.

However, the Wi-Fi connection might be limited to below 5G connections. This means that it can be hard to connect with 5G Wi-Fi.

Key Features

This surveillance bulb supports up to 2.4G Wi-Fi. You are only required to use your phone to download the app, after which you will follow the simple steps to connect with your surveillance bulb.

Secondly, it has a 360-degree fisheye that can keep an eye on your room or your compound.

One thing about this bulb is that it can do surveillance, both indoor and outdoor, as it lights the place at the same time.

For your security purposes, you will require a motion detector coming with a surveillance bulb as a package, right? All this is fulfilled in this surveillance bulb.


  • Easier Connectivity
  • Motion sensors
  • Easy to install
  • Remote controllable


  • Does not support 5G Wi-Fi

4. Ring Floodlight Camera with HD Security Camera

The security light from Ring has an inbuilt floodlight that helps in lighting your room and at the same time, surveilling.

You can always connect with various people in the room as long as the bulb is connected to the phone.

Moreover, you can also record anything that happens with or without your watch for more than 6o days with floodlights.

This will help you not to get passed by anything in case you were not available to witness everything as it happened.

Besides, you can share the videos that are recorded and saved by cameras in the floodlights and even share with your family or friends later on.

Additionally, it is claimed that it displays 1080HD quality videos, and in addition to this also has an infrared night vision live view.

This might not be the case for some few people who have come out to claim that the images they received on installing it were far much further from being 1080 HD quality.

Key Features

This set of security surveillance system consists of two floodlights and a camera that come together as a package.

During its installation, you are required to have it in hardwired installation to protect its electrical boxes from weather conditions.

Mostly, this is done for the lights that are installed outdoors due to drastic weather changes that may occur.

Moreover, it is believed to have a 1080HD video resolution with infrared night vision that is very useful at night to detect suspicious people in your compound.

Some people may not concur with this theory because they view the video exhibited here as low quality.

This surveillance system might have proven to be helpful in both surveillance and lighting your room or compound. You can try any time and see how that goes.


  • Connects easily with your phone
  • Good for lighting
  • Good for monitoring your home


  • Video quality might be low

5. HIJUNMI BT WiFi Bulb Security Camera

This is believed to be one of the best security camera bulbs made by HIJUNMI BT, and many people might agree with the same sentiments.

This security bulb camera will allow you to get 360 degrees view of either your indoors or outdoors, depending on where you set it.

Additionally, its night mode allows for capturing of footages in the night.

On top of this, it also has a wide-angle that gets footage from various directions.

On top of that, you will get to enjoy how it has been designed to detect motions from suspicious people, especially at night time.

With its night vision, it will be able to capture the best images and save them for you to see in case you are not watching at that time.

However, there might be a shortcoming when it comes to its storage capacity. This is because it only allows a maximum of 128 GB storage in its memory.

Key Features

The main features of this camera bulb are mostly security-oriented.

When you acquire it, you might not have any issue of a blind spot because, as it has been installed, it is believed that it has the capability of capturing all the directions.

Secondly, it has a Wi-Fi camera that helps in connection with your phone and controls it remotely from there.

In addition, the camera comes with a notification push button that notifies you any time any movement is, or motion detected close by.

As a bonus, you can easily playback the footage any time as you have time to watch it again and again.

As stated earlier, though, it may limit you up to 128 GB of footage, and memory runs out. This might be one of the biggest disadvantages facing this camera bulb.


  • Motion detection
  • Easy installation
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 1080P HD videos


  • Maximum is 128 GB storage

6. XinAnX Light Bulb Camera

The lightbulb could be ideal for your security in your compound or even inside a room or a hall.

This is due to its 360 degrees panoramic view that help in surveillance in all angles without leaving some not surveilled.

Additionally, it enables you to either listen to talks around the camera via mobile phone app or support the talk.

This feature might help a lot whenever you want to talk or to listen to what your family members want to share with you.

On top of that, you can also engage your pets in some various conversations while keeping them active to avoid their boredom.

However, this might not be the case, especially if you have installed the camera somewhere far from the reach of either small children or even pets.

Moreover, you will be able to have a good day vision from the cameras as it provides these types of images at night.

Key Features

This camera bulb has several features that make it very unique.

Starting with the night vision can be very helpful in identifying any suspicious person who walks near it at night.

It also has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, which you can connect to your phone, simply with an application.

Additionally, the motion detectors will work hand in hand with the night vision, and immediately something suspicious is noticed, you will get a quick notification.

You can also opt for a louder siren that alerts anyone who might be around the likeliness of an intruder.

The two-way audio is very important to ensure that you will get first-hand information and feedback.

Moreover, it has a 360-degree panoramic view that will help in giving you a clear view of all angles around the camera


  • Good Connectivity
  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • Two-way Audio


  • Limits children if not set right

7. ATOPXLNT Light Bulb Camera

This is a security bulb that comes with one of the best features of a 360-degree coverage.

This feature is believed to be vital to curbing trespassers in different areas because this camera will always capture them.

Also, the camera enables for focusing and producing images and mostly videos that are of high quality.

Additionally, you can also use this camera bulb as a baby monitor because you will connect it with your phone through the Wi-Fi.

There is a problem here in the Wi-Fi connection, though. This is because the camera bulb cannot connect with 5G Wi-Fi.

This problem is solved by connecting with the lower strength of Wi-Fi only.

Key Features

The most notable feature is that of a 360-degree panoramic camera that captures the area around it perfectly.

Additionally, it connects with wireless connection via Wi-Fi, and this can help many with baby monitoring where you can always monitor your baby while in different rooms.

The fisheye lens is also vital in ensuring that the camera can focus and produce videos and images that are much clear and detailed.


  • Supports a wireless connection
  • Operated using an app
  • Supports 1080p resolution


  • Cannot be used with 5G Wi-Fi

Buying Guide for Light Bulb Camera

It is always good to make a few important considerations before investing in anything and the same applies to your light bulb camera.

Here is what you need to consider

Included Features

Aside from recording videos, what else can your light bulb camera do? Some bulb cameras are not really lights but cameras.

Everybody wants value for their money whenever they buy something and it should not be any different for your light bulb camera.

Your bulb camera should perform impeccably as a source of light while also acting as a hidden security system.

Network Connection

Is your bulb and camera combination able to connect to the internet without any issues? You do not want to be that customer who is always reporting that they are having a hard time connecting to their cameras via the internet.

Before buying, you want to ensure that your camera is able to connect to a network, because otherwise, it beats the whole point of buying.

System Compatibility

Ensure that your light bulb camera is compatible with different operating systems. We are sure that you will want to communicate in front of your camera with other people.

Therefore, your camera should be able to perform 2-way communication.

Light Bulb Camera Portability

It may happen that you want to change the position of your light bulb camera from time to time. In that regard, you do not want to be dealing with something hefty as it will wear you out.

Get something that is lightweight to allow for frequent re-positioning.

Camera Picture Quality

If you want the best image quality from your camera, you must be ready to part with a significant amount of money because they do not come cheap.

You want to get the best picture quality to see the happenings around your premises clearly. If you ask us, it is worth investing in a camera that will give you quality images.

Camera Inconspicuousness

Obviously, you cannot hide your light bulb, because the purpose is to light up your premises. However, you need to ensure that the camera is concealed.

Some intruders will not be deterred by the fact that your premises are well lit and they will go ahead and trespass anyway.

With your concealed camera, you will be able to capture them and probably use that to prosecute them.

Your Budget

It is important to always have a budget in place any time you are planning to buy something. If you are on a limited budget, you may want to narrow down the specs you want in your light bulb camera to basic.

However, if you have the financial capacity, you can go all out and get all the additional features that you may want your bulb camera to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions on this topic, and that is expected. We look forward to answering them but not all of them can be addressed here.

The following are a few that we could tackle.

How is a light camera linked to a phone?

Most light bulb cameras use Wi-Fi and this allows for easy connection between your camera and phone via wireless network.

The instructions to connect may be different for each model, but you can easily find the process in your camera’s manual.

With a simple application download, you will be ready to go.

Will the camera work with the lights switched off?

It depends on the light bulb camera you have. Some will only work when the bulb is on, while others will not.

On your downloaded app, you can switch the bulb off and still have the camera running. The light switch supplies power to both the camera and the bulb.

Check for such capabilities before making your purchase.

Can I use my indoor bulb camera as an outdoor light?

While it is possible to do that, we do not recommend it. Indoor bulbs are designed for indoor use only. They are not waterproof and can easily get damaged when outside.

If you really have to use them outside, you want to make an overhead shield for the camera before setting it up outside.

Best Overall Choice

Our best light bulb camera is none other than the amazing JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb. It’s panoramic, powerful and reliable. Therefore, we think that it provides good value for money.

Final Thoughts

Since we have provided you with all the information you need to purchase the right bulb camera, there is no reason why you should not secure your premises.

You want something that is durable and easy to use while still staying within your price range. Happy shopping!

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