Are These The Best Lenses for Sony FS5 That Money Can Buy? Find Out

Cinematic imagery is the name of the game as far as the Sony FS5 is concerned. And for that reason, you can only count on the right lenses for the job. But given the unique nature of this camera, finding a good lens isn’t always an easy thing to do.

So, in the next few lines, we decided to provide a run-down of some of the finest FS5 lenses we could find. Some are encased in an aluminum body, others come with interchangeable-mount systems and so forth.

Which one of them should you commit your hard-earned bucks on? Let’s investigate.

Best Lenses for Sony FS5

Lenses for Sony FS5 – Comparison

Maybe you don’t have the whole day to waste reading through paragraphs of review content! Well, in that case, your best bet is to take a look at the detailed table below.

RankingProduct NameLens TypeMaximum Focal Length
1Rokinon Xeen XN50-C 50mmStandard50
2Zeiss CP.2 50mm/T1.5 T lensPrime50 Millimeters
3Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine Zoom lensZoom100 Millimeters
4Sony E 18-105mm F/4 G OSS lensWide Angle105 Millimeters
5Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0 lensStandard50 Millimeters
6Voigtlander 35mmWide Angle35 Millimeters

1. Rokinon Xeen XN50-C 50mm T1.5 Cine lens

The XN50-C 50mm lens, just like all the other Rokinon Cine lenses, was designed primarily to be used as a camera lens. First, it has a sturdy aluminum construction to give it the ability to withstand the hustles of daily use.

It comes with a tripod mount to relieve the camera’s lens port from extra pressure.

During focusing, the lens does not change in size as it has an internal focus design. The lens is also multi-coated to make it flare-resistant.

The diaphragm features eleven blades, while 114mm front diameter will allow for swift lens changes.

Finally, the lens weighs only 2.5lbs and an angle of view of 28.4 degrees.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  •  Smooth and accurate focus action


  • Expensive

2. Zeiss CP.2 50mm/T1.5 T lens

The Zeiss CP.2 50mm is an MF lens which was designed for shooting videos and filmmaking. It has an amazing optical construction which will ensure that you experience minimum distortion as well as a fantastic color-matching quality.

It is very fast, and a decent performer in low light conditions and has an interchangeable mount system which makes it compatible with most digital cameras.

Its aperture features a fourteen blade diaphragm which contributes to a pleasant background blur. 


  • High-quality images
  • Very fast
  • Smooth MF


  • No Image-Stabilization

3. Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine Zoom lens

This lens is a fast lens that provides an equivalent angle of view of a 35mm sensor. It utilizes the nine-bladed iris which will guarantee you a pleasant bokeh.

The lens barrel features 180-degree rotation, the zoom barrel 160-degrees and the iris ring 60-degrees of rotation.

It has a sturdy build, entirely metal to increase its durability and capability to withstand everyday use. The lens markings are done in luminous paint to give it visibility in insufficient lighting.

Finally, it comes with a removable support foot


  • Compact and convenient size
  • Sturdy metal-build
  • Fantastic resolution


  • No image stabilization

4. Sony E 18-105mm F/4 G OSS lens

This is an E-mount lens which is entirely electronic, such that turning a ring adjusts the settings electronically.

It was designed purposely for filmmaking, and this fact is compounded by its constant f/4 aperture as well as the power zoom function.

The lens works well on an APS-C sized sensor and supports 72mm filters. The construction is quite solid, with a metal mount and a plastic filter ring. The diaphragm is made of seven rounded elements which will contribute to a fantastic background blur.

It utilizes the Optical SteadyShot (OSS) image stabilization for more explicit images, and it (lens) comes with the ALC-SH128 lens hood.


  • Decent bokeh
  • Sturdy build
  • Fast AF


  • Strong distortion

5. Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0 lens

This is a standard high-speed lens which has many impressive features that make it stand out from the standard lenses you encounter regularly.

It is lightweight, compact and small, weighing just 240g and measuring 4 by 5 cm in size. Its aperture construction consists of eight blades which contribute to an excellent bokeh, while it is exceptionally sharp when stopped down to f/5.6.

To eliminate vignetting, you will again have to stop down to f/5.6. Distortion is not noticeable on both Full-frame and APS-C cameras.

It has a minimum focus distance of 70cm, supports 39mm filters and has a metal built-in telescopic lens hood.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fantastic bokeh
  • Sturdy build


  • Too pricey

6. Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 Nokton II Leica M lens

This versatile lens has a fast maximum aperture of f/1.2 which makes it a strong performer in low-light conditions.

Its optical construction features two aspherical elements and a highly-refractive index glass which do a fantastic task of minimizing distortion, field curvature, and spherical aberrations. As a result, you will end up with very clear and sharp images.

The focusing action is very accurate while the twelve-blade diaphragm will deliver you an outstanding background blur.

It is small and compact; therefore portability is not an issue.


  • Excellent bokeh
  • Accurate focusing action
  • Performs well in poorly lit conditions


  • Too expensive

Buying Guide for Sony FS5 Lenses

What are some of the key factors to consider when looking for a well-made lens? Well, there is nothing like an all-in-one, Holy Grail when it comes to FS5 lenses. But all in all, it’s always possible to pick the best from the rest by considering the kind of features on offer.

The build quality matters a lot, especially for rugged and adventurous users. If you can find a lens housed in an aluminum body or hydrocarbon, then you have a higher likelihood of seeing it last.

The net factor to consider is that in general, Sony FS5 lenses don’t come cheap. Luckily, wide varieties exist on the market with some of these coming from third-party brands like Zeiss, Leica, and sigma.

In that case, all you need to do is weigh between how much you can manage to spend and the kind of features you expect. Then set some realistic expectations and go for it.

Which One Is The Best?

If you are on a really tight budget, we’d think that the Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 would be a great lens to settle for. It has a wide aperture and a focal length that works best for street, food and basic everyday kind of photography.

Final Thoughts

A good lens can breathe new life to any camera. And, therefore, if your choices have been a bit limited of late, an investment in one of the best Sony FS5 lenses would be a sound one. Hopefully, the guidelines provided above will help you make an informed and independent verdict depending on your unique needs.

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