7 Best Lens for Music Videos Reviewed, Compared & Rated

When it comes to choosing the ideal lens for music videos, there are two features that really matter.

  • The ability to perform well in low light
  • The ability to capture fast movements clearly

Therefore, to make a good choice, you should consider getting something that has a wide aperture and a fast sensor.

Well, that may sound like too much work and for that reason, we’re going to breakdown everything for you below. And this way, you’ll have a much easier time making a decision.

Best Lens for Music Videos

Lens for Music Videos – Comparison

Don’t have the time to read through this table of reviews? Below is a shortened table that you can use to make a quick, on-the-point, kind of decision.

RankingProduct NameMaximum Focal LengthMinimum Focal Length
1Canon EF 135mm USM Lens135 Millimeters135 Millimeters
2Canon f/1.8 EF 50mm50 Millimeters50 Millimeters
3Nikon AF-S f/1.8G 50mm Lens50 Millimeters50 Millimeters
4Nikon VR Micro-Nikkor105 Millimeters105 Millimeters
5Nikon Ai-S 105mm105105 Millimeters
6Canon f/4.5-4.6 Lens18 Millimeters10 Millimeters
7Nikon AF-S 24-70mm70 Millimeters24 Millimeters

1. Canon EF 135mm USM Lens f/2L

Who said you have to break the bank to own a lens that enables your camera to shoot music videos that dominate the charts? With the EF 135mm from Canon, you get an ultra-low dispersion glass which helps consolidate the quality of your shots.

And what’s more? The lens has a closest focusing distance of 3 feet meaning that you can use it even when the subject is really close to you.

This telephoto lens also has a relatively large aperture meaning it’s practical to use even in poorly lit set-ups.


  • Well built
  • Built-in USM motor
  • It’s super-fast
  • Sharp images


  • It’s a bit heavy and bulky
  • Minor issues of chromatic aberration reported

2. Canon f/1.8 EF 50mm STM Lens

This is yet another one of the amazing prime lenses that have since become highly popular on the markets. With a 50mm focal length and an aperture of f/1.8, you’re looking at a piece of glass that’s incredibly versatile.

And that’s not all – if you’re doing some really up-close shots, this lens allows you a minimum focusing distance of 1.15 feet. Plus you also get a built-in magnification of up to 0.21x.


  • Sharp images
  • Great performance in low light
  • It’s super-fast and silent
  • Has built-in AF for stable images


  • Limited zooming power
  • The focus ring may produce a squeaking sound as the lens ages

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3. Nikon AF-S f/1.8G 50mm Lens

If you’re looking for a really good lens for music videos under 200, chances are that this FX-format prime lens will resonate with your needs. To begin with, it boasts an incredible minimum focusing distance of 1.8ft.

And with a focal length of 50mm, you can rest assured that this Nikkor lens provides you with the versatility needed to nail any task on hand.


  • Affordably priced
  • Versatile focal length
  • Ideal for portraiture as well
  • Has a silent motor and so operates quietly


  • It is not zoomable

4. Nikon VR Micro-Nikkor AF-S f/2.8G Lens

With a pretty decent wide-angle of view of 23 degrees, this FX-format lens seems all set for any challenge you might be having for it.

It has a reasonably wide aperture at the optimal f/2.8 stop which makes it ideal mostly for use in well-lit environments. On top of that, you get a superb performance when macro photography is a top priority.

And yet despite its huge size, this lens weighs a paltry 279lbs which makes it convenient to carry around and use all day.


  • Light in weight
  • Highly versatile
  • Fast and quiet autofocusing
  • Relatively good depth of field


  • Not zoomable
  • May be susceptible to flaring in some situations

5. Nikon Ai-S 105mm f/2.5 Manual Focus Lens

They say old is gold and clearly, the Nikon 105mm is a piece of awesomeness you really don’t want to miss out on. Therefore, if you’re out here looking for the best vintage lens for music videos, this would be something worth looking into.

And although it’s an entirely manual focus lens, it has the potential to deliver some tack sharp images at different apertures. On top of that, it does a pretty good job even when used in low light applications.


  • This is a vintage lens
  • Sharp images at multiple aperture stops
  • Highly durable and well-built
  • Perfect bet for portraiture


  • No autofocus provided
  • Not a good performer in night photography

6. Canon f/4.5-4.6 Lens 10-18mm STM Lens

Sometimes, all you need to capture some awesome shots is zooming power. And that’s exactly what this STM lens provides you with.

And with the closest focusing distance of 0.72 feet, this is your go-to lens when versatility is of the essence. Why so? Because it can be used in portraiture as well as outdoor, long-range shots.

And to top it all up, this STM lens has a built-in optical image stabilizer which guarantees you of some awesome photo quality and consistency.


  • Great zooming power
  • Operates quietly and smoothly
  • Noise-free video shooting
  • Built-in image stabilizer


  • It’s a bit slow when it comes to focusing

7. Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G DSLR Camera Lens

One thing that makes a good music video stand out from the rest is the videographer’s ability to deliver different perspectives. And that’s exactly what the 24-70mm AF-S NIKKOR seems built for.

To begin with, it boasts advanced image stabilization features that make it a superb, go-to lens even for entry-level users.

At the same time, it offers exceptional low-light performance and an incredible focal range. So, no matter the task or challenge you might be facing, we believe that this piece of equipment has the muscle to see you through it.


  • Great zooming power
  • Reasonably good performance in low-light
  • Well-built and durable
  • Reduces ghosting and flaring


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Pricey

How to Buy the Lens for Music Videos

Let no one fool you that there is a one-size-fits-all kind of lens for music videos. The truth of the matter is that in most cases, you need a combination of lenses to get the job done.

That said, prime lenses with a small aperture e.g. f/1.8 and above tend to provide the safest bets for starters. But even then, it still makes a lot of sense to have a zoomable lens nearby especially when you want to introduce a fresh new perspective to the video.

Vintage lenses are also good especially if you’re looking to give a more unique look to your videos. But always consider going for prime lenses – you’ll almost always get better light.

Types of Camera Lenses

There are various types of lenses for music videos available on the market. So, in this guide, we’re going to take a look at each of them in detail. We hope this helps you find the right one for your needs.

Prime Lens

This is any type of lens that boasts a set focal length. As such, it cannot be zoomed in to change the field of view of the lens. A good example of a prime lens is one with a set focal length of 50mm.

While you cannot adjust the focal length of a prime lens, you can change its focal distance using the focus ring.

Generally, prime lenses are of great quality for music videos since they are designed around a specific number of parameters. Besides, they allow for more light, high-quality videos and a shallower depth of field.

Zoom Lens

Unlike the prime lens, a zoom lens has a variable focal length. This means it can be zoomed in to adjust the focal length as well as the field of view. As such, they are typically pricey as the zoom range increases.

Basically, zoom lenses are available in two types including internal and external zooming. External zoom lenses are quite common and more affordable.

Parfocal Lens

Parfocal is a lens that is built to stay in relative focus when the focal length of a zoom lens is adjusted. Therefore, any lens considered as parfocal must be first categorized as a zoom lens. This is because the focal length of prime lenses can never be changed.

Parfocal lenses come in handy when you’re planning to use zoom lenses and would like to adjust the focal length while shooting videos.

Lens for Music Videos – Buying Guide

Other Factors to Consider

Mount System

Each camera manufacturer features a different system for mounting lenses to their cameras. Therefore, when choosing a lens, it is important you find one that can attach to your camera.

Some of the most popular mount systems include Canon EF, Nikon F, Fujinon X mount, and Sony E mount. When buying lenses, you should consider which mounts and cameras you anticipate using in the future.

Image Stabilization

This is yet another factor worth considering when purchasing a lens for shooting music videos. It helps minimize shake. While this feature might not be so much a priority, it comes in handy when shooting in low-light conditions.

Lens Speed

How fast a lens is can also be described as the maximum aperture. Aperture is simply the size of the opening in the lens designed to let light enter the camera.

So, a faster lens can let you shoot videos of moving objects and even freeze them. Also, high-speed lenses allow you to have a shallower depth of field and take shots in darker conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the best lenses for shooting music videos.

Are prime lenses better than zoom lenses?

Prime lenses are a bit easy to use especially for beginners compared to zoom lenses. Besides, they tend to produce better quality videos than zoom lenses.

What exactly does ‘F’ mean on lenses?

It stands for the maximum aperture which is the amount of light the lens can gather. So, lenses with a greater maximum aperture usually gather more light.

Which One Is The Best?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we’ recommend settling for the Canon f/1.8 EF 50mm STM Lens. It has got some pretty good lighting. For some zooming power, the Canon f/4.5-4.6 Lens 10-18mm STM Lens would be a pretty good pick although you’d need to provide proper lighting for it.

Final Thoughts

With thousands of music videos being posted on different platforms every day, it’s important to do everything it takes to deliver quality. And, therefore, it’s our hope that the reviews above will help you find a lens that gives you this kind of power and reliability.

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