Best iPhone X Battery Case 2022 Reviews – What You Need to Know

iPhones are great except for the fact that the company hasn’t made much effort to improve the quality of their batteries. The good thing, however, is that you can bridge this deficit by opting for either a replacement battery or battery case.

Best iPhone X Battery Case

6 iPhone X Battery Case 2022 – Comparison

We kick off this review by comparing the top 6 options by means of a chart. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed and solid choice.

RankingProduct NameBattery CapacityColour
1Alpatronix BXX Battery Case4200mAhBlack
2Pumier 4000mAh Battery Case
3Red 5200mAh Battery Case
4Pumier iPhone X/XS Slim Pack Case
5Pumier QI Battery Case 4500mAh
6Ainope iPhone X 6000mAh6000 mAhWhite

1. Alpatronix BXX Battery Case and Wireless Charger

This powerful battery packs up over 4200mAh worth of power. In addition, it is UL-certificated which means that its internal system is perfectly designed with your safety in mind.

Moving on, the unit boasts a universal fast-charging unit which is compatible with all units that come with the BXX.

For now, the BXX is exclusively used for iPhone X and XS and other lately designed devices. Indeed, the included wireless charge goes a long way in helping you charge both your battery and the case together.

A closer look at it reveals that the system comes with two internal coils. Those coils allow you to recharge the system in different positions.

The icing on the cake is that this case is CE, RoHS, and FCC certificated. Also, the installation process is pretty straightforward.

Each unit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That said, we happen to wish that the system had a longer warranty window.

Otherwise, everything about this iPhone X battery case seems perfect.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable design
  • Can keep your phone powered for a whole day
  • Comprises a wireless charger


  • Adds some bulk onto your phone
  • Pricey

2. Pumier 4000mAh Battery Case

Who said you have to break the bank to get a great battery case for iPhone x? This product is a testament that it’s possible to get good quality without overspending.

The unit packs 4000mAh which is just as much as your phone needs to run for a whole day. On top of that, this replacement battery supports a lighting earphone.

That means you can listen to music and make calls, easily. On top of that, the unit boasts an embedded metal plate which comes in handy in supporting a car mount.

The case is designed such that it’s easy to use especially for car owners. Best of all, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee period.


  • High capacity battery
  • Recharges fast
  • Comes with a metal plate for easy mounting
  • Helpful user manual provided


  • Its back is a fingerprint magnet
  • Makes the power button difficult to use

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3. Red 5200mAh Battery Case for iPhone X/XS

This case is known for being ultra slim and sleek. That’s beside it coming with a highly effective wireless connectivity to headphone accessories.

The unit further comes with a highly effective power button. The button works conveniently for switching the unit on and off.

The unit packs 5200mAh worth of power. That’s probably because of its Li-polymer rechargeable design.

In other words, on a full charge, this case can provide you with a talk time of 17 hours onward. On top of that, the case can provide you with at least 12 hours of browsing time.

For those of us who like listening to music, this case can provide you with up to 60 hours of run-time. However, when used for gaming, the unit can drop its power efficiency to as few as 3 hours.


  • Highly powerful battery
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • More power than average OEM batteries
  • Has 4 LED level indicators


  • Doesn’t support a wireless recharge

4. Pumier iPhone X/XS Slim Pack Case

Even though some cases are great, they have issues with scratching, peeling, and fingerprints. But this one from Pumier is different!

In fact, it’s designed with an internal sensor who detects your iPhone’s temperature. If your iPhone overheats, this case will automatically stop charging – as a safety measure.

The unit, however, offers you a built-in capacity of 300mAh. We’d have wished for a bit more power.

Otherwise, this is just enough to run you for about 10 hours on average. Not bad especially if you’re shopping for a backup solution.


  • Great design
  • High-quality materials used
  • Awesome battery capacity
  • Has LED indicators indicating battery level


  • Not as powerful
  • Adds a bit of weight

5. Pumier QI Battery Case 4500mAh

This is yet another awesome replacement battery from Pumier. A closer look at it reveals that it packs a bit more power.

In fact, at 4500mAh, this unit provides about 12 hours of talk time, 8 hours of browsing and about 45 minutes of listening to MP3 music.

It may not be the most powerful battery on the pack yet but we believe it represents a great value for money. It’s, therefore, worth taking a closer look at.


  • Affordably priced
  • Effective recharging work
  • Great performance


  • A bit bulky
  • Not as powerful

6. Ainope iPhone X 6000mAh Portable Battery Case

This is the most powerful battery case for iPhone X reviewed so far. As you can see, it provides you with a 6000mAh power capacity.

That’s more than you need to listen to MP3 songs for over 60 hours. On top of that, you can bank on it to keep you browsing for at least 12 hours.

On top of that, this sleek case offers a great standby time.


  • Highly powerful
  • Sleek in design
  • Light in weight and compact

iPhone X Battery Case – Buying Guide

So, to decide which iPhone X battery case works best, we’d recommended using the following buying tips.

Tip 1: Check to see if it comes with a battery level indicator

Tip 2: Go for a unit with at least 3500mAh power

Tip 3: Your replacement case should be well made and durable

Tip 4: It should be reasonably priced

Tip 5: It’s a good idea to go for something that has a money-back guarantee

Replacement Battery vs. Battery Case

replacement battery comes in handy when your OEM battery is totally inefficient. So, in that case, you’d need to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Battery cases, on the other hand, are designed to complement the old batteries. So, you simply need to fit the case on your phone and leave it to supplement your battery needs.

Which one of the two options is the best? Well, as it turns out, there’s no a clear favorite. But in the next few lines, we’re going to talk about some awesome battery cases which provide a good value for money.

Which One Is The Best?

One battery case stood out for us. That is the Red 5200mAh Battery Case for iPhone X/XS. It’s sleek, classy, and powerful. It also has a great customer support.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clue what the best iPhone X battery case is, you have the power to make an informed choice. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the best value for your money, while at it.

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