The Best iPhone 7 Wireless Charger in 2023 Reviewed – Plus Buying Guide

As you might be aware, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices don’t come with a built-in charging capacity. Fortunately, you can always add this functionality on your own using a few accessories.

For instance, all you need to do is get a Qi case and Qi charging pad. You can also invest in a Qi receiver alongside a charging pad or stand.

Better still, you can get a full iPhone 7 wireless charging kit. This way, you’d have an easier time in making sure that the different components are designed to work together.

Most importantly, you’d be in a position to enjoy a consistent performance when using this unique method of recharging phones.

To make it easier for you to reach an informed decision, here’s a run-down of 7 affordable iPhone 7 wireless charger units based on user reviews.

Best iPhone 7 Wireless Charger

iPhone 7 Wireless Charger – Comparison

As a warm-up, we have included a comprehensive comparison chart below. Hopefully, this chart will help you make an informed decision, easily and fast.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsColor
1Kusda iPhone 7 Wireless Recharge Kit5 x 4.8 x 0.9 inchesIPhone Wiereless Charging Kit
2Cloele Qi iPhone Wireless Charging Kit4.8 x 4.72 x 1.77 inchesIPhone Wiereless Charging Kit
3Antye Wireless Charging Kit3.94 x 3.94 x 0.39 inchesBlack
4Hanende Wireless Charger Kit7.48 x 4.25 x 1.34 inchesGold
5Antye Sleep-Friendly Wireless Charger7.48 x 4.25 x 1.34 inchesBlack
6Victorem 2000mAh Wireless Charger
7Angeliox iPhone 7 Qi iPhone Charging Kit

1. Kusda iPhone 7 Wireless Recharge Kit

Kusda is, no doubt, the leading name when it comes to the manufacture of wireless chargers for iPhone 7 devices. In fact, if its user reviews are anything to go by, this company offers you nothing but the best in terms of quality.

First off, this batter is Qi-certified which means it can work with all phones that have a Qi receiver. And since iPhone 7 phones don’t have a built-in receiver, the Kusda comes with one.

What you simply need to do is install the receiver on the rear side of your phone. Afterward, you can place it on the charging pad for it to recharge.

The surface of the charging pad is designed with anti-slip features. This means your device will be safe at all time during charging.

Moving on, this charger has a chip meant to prevent overvoltage or even undervoltage. Of course, that goes a long way in ensuring that your phone is safe to use, at all times.


  • 7 Best iPhone 7 Wireless Charger 
  • You can still answer calls when charging
  • Convenient and sleep-friendly LED indicator
  • Designed to provide broad compatibility
  • 1-year money back guarantee
  • Easy to install and use


  • Its connector seems pretty fragile and has to be taken good care of

2. Cloele Qi iPhone Wireless Charging Kit

Few wireless chargers can rival the kind of performance offered by this one from Cloele. Also known as the Cloele Fantasy Wireless Charger, this unit is specifically designed for iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 devices.

And because those devices don’t come with a built-in Qi receiver, this one comes as a complete unit. So, you get a receiver, a charging pad, a few wires, and a wall adapter.

All you need to do is complete a simple installation process. Luckily, the company provides a handy user manual for you.

The surface of the charging pad is also pretty well built. In fact, it is made from anti-slip material meant to keep your phone safely on top of the pad.

And the icing on the cake, this unit has a sleep-friendly LED light indicator.


  • Simple installation guidelines
  • Non-slip charging pad
  • Handy Qi receiver
  • Sleep-friendly LED light indicator


  • The receiver isn’t flat enough

3. Antye Wireless Charging Kit Model #4326540481

If you’re looking for a wireless charging kit with a low profile, look no further than the Antye Wireless charging kit.

The unit has a matte finish which makes it classy and good looking. The unit comes with a handy receiver which comes complete with a Ti chip.

On top of that, this unit comes with a green, solid LED indicator. The indicator shuts off after 10 seconds which also means it would not affect your quality of sleep even if you use it in the bedroom at night.

The unit, further, comes with an integrated smart chip. This smart chip is designed to prevent overheating and overvoltage.

The unit has an anti-slip rubber ring which comes in handy in preventing your device from falling even in case of a vibration.

On the flipside, though, you may need to purchase your wall adapter. That’s because this unit doesn’t come with one.


  • Sleep-friendly LED light
  • Handy, integrated smart chip to prevent overheating
  • A highly responsive charging pad
  • Helpful user manual


  • No option of turning off the LED light
  • Not the fastest charger for iPhone 7 devices

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4. Hanende Wireless Charger Kit

The Hanende comes in handy when value is of the essence. In particular, this unit is meant to provide your phone with the power it needs to function properly without damaging the battery.

It’s a relatively fast charger. It can recharge your iPhone in as few as 3 hours. In our opinion, that’s pretty fast – we’ve seen slower chargers.

Moving on, the charging pad is made from a solid ABS rubber surface. This comes in handy in restraining phone movements in case the phone vibrates.

At the same time, the material is gentle on your phone and prevents your phone from scratching.


  • Built-in chip to prevent short-circuiting
  • LED charging indicator
  • Qi-compatible
  • Non-slip and non-scratch surface
  • Compact and aesthetically appealing


  • You have to position your phone in a particular way for it to recharge
  • There’s no way to switch off its LED light

5. Antye Sleep-Friendly Wireless Charger Model #4326918413

Antye is a leading name as far as the production of wireless chargers is concerned. This particular model from them boasts a low profile. It also has a matte finish which gives it a classy kind of look.

Along with it is a Qi Wireless receiver which has built-in Ti chips for improved sensitivity. This comes in handy in delivering a seamless wireless charge for your phone.

And the best part – you also get a green solid LED indicator. This indicator is designed to shut off after 10 seconds – thereby providing you with a perfect sleep environment.


  • Great LED light technology
  • Built-in chips prevent overheating and overvoltage
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Its charging pad generally looks cheaply made

6. Victorem 2000mAh Wireless Charger

Victorem has carved a niche for themselves through the design and production of awesome wireless chargers. But are they consistent?

A closer look at their charger reveals a few mixed reviews.

We, however, like the fact that it is designed to rotate in 360-degrees. It also comes with a handy magnetic holder.

So, the pad is quite safe. You can rest assured your phone will stay put at all times whenever it is placed on this charging pad.

The icing on the cake is that this battery charger is capable of delivering a 2000mAh battery power. That often means that your phone will charge pretty fast if you use this charger.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient design
  • Affordably priced
  • Protects your phone


  • Their customer support could better
  • Their product description & user manual are written in broken English

7. Angeliox iPhone 7 Qi iPhone Charging Kit

We saved the best for last – didn’t we? Well, this Qi-enabled iPhone 7 charging kit is perhaps one of the top-rated but affordably priced options on the market.

A closer look at it reveals that it is specifically designed for iPhone 7 and even iPhone 7 Plus devices. It also has a premium UFO shape design.

Its surface is made from acrylic crystal components along with an anti-slip mat. This provides you with a stable placement of your device.

On top of that, it comes with an intelligently built LED indicator. This is highly user-friendly although it may still prove too bright for use in the bedroom at night.


  • Built-in protection against over-current
  • Intelligently made shape
  • Great sensitivity
  • Recharges your phone, relatively fast
  • Has an 18-month warranty


  • Its blue LED light keeps blinking, can’t be turned off

The Buying Guide For iPhone 7 Wireless Charger

The next time you go shopping for a wireless charger for your iPhone 7, be sure to only go for one that’s well-made. The only way to confirm that this is the case is by putting a few crucial facts into consideration.

Does It Come with a Receiver?

Not all chargers come with a Qi receiver. In that case, you’d need to purchase a receiver separately. Fortunately, receivers aren’t expensive. You, however, would end up wasting time and money if you go for a charger with no receiver. So, we’d recommend going for a full kit.

Is It Safe To Use?

Always go for chargers that are duly certified. It’s a good idea to settle for a unit that has a built-in security chip. Such a chip would prevent overheating or overcharging.

Speed of Charging

Avoid going for a unit that takes too long to recharge your phone. Fortunately, all the chargers included in this review are meant to work fast. So, you can limit your search to the 7 of them (for now).

Which One Is The Best?

The Kusda iPhone 7 Wireless Recharge Kit is what, in our opinion, seems to meet the grade. It’s compact, well-made, and convenient to use. Our second preferred choice would be the Angeliox iPhone 7 Qi iPhone, Charging Kit.

Final Thoughts

So, let no one fool you that you have to be limited to a corded charger just because you have an iPhone 7. As we’ve seen here, there are numerous options that you can utilize. So, go ahead and make it happen!

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