The Best iPhone 5 Case 2023 options – Find out which one wins- why

Even though Apple has really upped its game with the introduction of the iPhone X, there’s no doubt that iPhone 5 was (and still remains) a solid phone. In particular, the phone has a bunch of features worth looking forward to, including:

  • A super-fast, 64-bit A7 CPU
  • A touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Dual LED flash
  • Burst camera shooting capability

The design of this phone is, for sure, something worth marveling at. Unfortunately, that’s where the problems start.

The sleek chassis of this phone means that you have to take extra care for it to retain its pretty looks. And since it’s not always possible to prevent those accidental falls, investing in the best case for iPhone 5 is always recommended.

Basically, a good case is one that protects your phone and doesn’t compromise on the user experience. So, which specific case fits that definition? You might be wondering.

Well, the good news is that we have taken an in-depth review of various cases as shown below.

best iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 case – Comparison

Love your iPhone? Check out the following handy comparison chart so you can easily find the best case for the bucks.

RankingProduct NameWeightColour
1Otterbox iPhone 5 Waterproof Case3.41 ouncesGreen
2Akna High Impact iPhone 5 Case0.81 ouncesDesign #422
3Incipio Stashback IPH-847 Impact Resistant1.6 ouncesBlack
4Incipio Shockproof Ultra-Thin1.6 ouncesRoyal Purple
5Xawy iPhone 5 Anti-Scratch Cover Case
6Griffin iPhone 5 Survivor Case3.52 ouncesBlack
7Speck Products CandyShell iPhone 5 Grip Case0.023 ouncesHaze Purple, Grape Purple
8Otterbox Defender Series Case4.5 ouncesGrey
9i-Blason iPhone 5 Case0.704 ouncesBlack
10iLuv Aurora Glow In The Dark ICA7T309BLK iPhone0.352 ouncesBlack

1. Otterbox iPhone 5 Waterproof Case

This polycarbonate case comes with a synthetic rubber over-mold which provides it with a much-needed shock absorbent power. Besides that, it has an internal foam which further wards off any pressure from your device.

Most importantly, the Otterbox comes with a built-in screen protector which is made of plastic. This shield goes a long way in protecting your delicate screen from smudges and scratches.

Moving on, a closer look at this case reveals that it’s waterproof. In fact, it’s designed to block dust and debris particles.

That means it can comfortably be submerged in water for more than 30 minutes without any risk to your phone.

And the icing on the cake is that the Otterbox is designed to protect your device from accidental falls of up to 6.6-feet.


  • Different color choices available
  • Has waterproof protection
  • Quite a durable case
  • Doesn’t compromise phone user-experience


  • It’s a bit bulky

2. Akna High Impact iPhone 5 Case 

Yet another perfect fit for iPhone devices is this one from Akna. Not only is it protective but also pretty well designed.

In fact, there are several color designs to choose from. These are the Angel Blue Leaves, Colorful Cube, Cactus, Dreaming Marble, Retro Yellow Floral, Yellowish leaves among other custom designs.

So, we can confidently say that this is one of the few cases that give you an outstanding design flexibility. Looking for a unique, cute case for iPhone 5? Look no further.

Akna has particularly done an incredible job of producing these with HD graphics and incredible detail.

So, if you’re all about style and value, this is definitely something worth giving a shot.

Beyond the looks, this case is quite protective though moderately bulky. It’s no wonder it is capable of shielding your phone from as much as an impact of a 9-foot drop.

And thanks to the fact that it is made from premium silicone material, it’s scratch-resistant, easy-to-maintain and also eco-friendly.


  • Good looking
  • Strong and resilient protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • Slim and easy to fit


  • Not water-proof
  • Adds a bit of bulky onto your phone’s weight

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3. Incipio Stashback IPH-847 Impact Resistant Case

This is yet another one of the highly rated, impact-resistant cases for iPhone 5. To begin with, it comes with a Plextonium shell which besides being classy is also quite shock-absorbent.

Moving on, the case is pretty slim and still secure. In fact, it’s hard to believe that it has a convenient back compartment in place. You can always use that compartment for carrying some cash or credit cards.

At the same time, this unit is available in several, different colors. These are black, pink, and white. So far, the white variety is the most popular one and it’s also a bit expensive compared to the other two.

But that said, all the varieties seem to be pretty well-made. They’re quite rugged and capable of protecting your phone even in severe conditions.

And the icing on the cake is that with the Incipo, you can access all the ports and controls of your device. So, you can count on this to maintain a full control of your phone.


  • Well-designed and sleek
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Slim in design
  • Has a secure compartment at the back
  • Quite durable


  • Its compartment is quite tiny, can’t fit too many things
  • The grip of its outer-shell could have been better

4. Incipio Shockproof Ultra-Thin Case

Are you looking for variety? No other iPhone 5 case seems to offer such a wide variety and on such a small budget.

Indeed, this model from Incipio is pretty light in weight also. It weighs in at a paltry 0.5 ounces meaning that the weight it adds is almost negligible.

Moving on, you get a rigid Plextonium frame. This comes in handy in preventing unwanted dents and holding your phone in place.

So, generally, this is a sleek case. It has a low profile design which makes it easy to use. On top of that, it’s quite resilient and, therefore, dependable in the long-haul.

Some of the color variants you’ll find available under it include the black, royal purple, grey, orange, and cherry blossom pink.

Our general perception of it is that it’s pretty well-made. It also looks and feels great. Most importantly, it provides you with a fully-fledged access to all of your phone’s ports and buttons.


  • Available in different designs & styles
  • Grippy
  • Has a sleek exterior
  • Seems and feels of great quality


  • Could have been a bit more rigid

5. Xawy iPhone 5 Anti-Scratch Cover Case

Built with the ordinary iPhone 5 user in mind, this case leaves nothing to chance. It’s tough looking, sturdy and durable.

To begin with, it boasts precise cutouts for its functions, speakers and even the charging ports. Therefore, from the minute you put it on your phone, you wouldn’t need to worry about user experience.

Besides that, the case is quite sturdy. The good thing with it being sturdy is that it holds firmly onto your phone at all times.

This is unlike the case with other flimsy cases. Typically, flimsy cases tend to loosen up over time and your phone may end up wiggling inside.

That, however, isn’t the case here.

And best of all, the case is reasonably thin. Its design is specifically made to minimize the amount of weight added onto your phone’s weight.

And although it’s not feather-light, it’s still reasonably light in weight. In fact, some people have claimed that they don’t notice its weight on the phone. However, there are a few who think that’s an overstatement.


  • Quite firm for a precise fit
  • Durable, shock-absorbent
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy access to functions and ports


  • The cutout for the wake/sleep button could have been made better

6. Griffin iPhone 5 Survivor Case

Getting a good phone case is one thing but another one altogether to get real value. That’s pretty much where this Survivor Case from Griffin comes in handy.

The case is, first off, designed and independently tested in line with the standards of the US Defense (MIL-STD-810).

Best of all, it comes with an integral display shield. This comes in handy in protecting your phone from rain and win. In fact, the case is capable of withstanding up to 200 mm/hr torrential rainfall over a period of at least one hour.

Its rigid internal frame is designed to withstand drops and shocks. That’s in addition to it coming with sealed ports which can be opened on-demand.

Our general observation is that this case is shatter-resistant. It has a fantastic shock-absorbing silicone. On top of that, it’s pretty rugged and, therefore, ideal for facing all sorts of environmental factors.


  • Durably designed
  • Shock-absorbent design
  • Meets US standards
  • Weather-resistant design


  • Sub-par screen protector
  • Camera cutout could have been better made

7. Speck Products CandyShell iPhone 5 Grip Case

A bold design is sometimes all it takes to communicate your sense of style. Indeed, this case from Speck is designed with boldness in mind.

To begin with, it boasts a textured finger pad surface. What’s more? It has an interwoven plastic cover along with rubber grips for enhanced protection to your phone.

Further to that, it boasts a 2-in-1 construction. Indeed, it has the alternative of a hard and soft protective casing.

So, if you don’t love hard cases, you can easily switch to a soft one. And vice versa is true.

While at it, we couldn’t help but notice the fact that it has raised bezels. The bezels come in handy in offering extra protection to your iPhone.

Lastly, there’s a cushiony inner layer which is meant to absorb occasional bumps and drops.


  • All-around protection
  • Great design
  • Awesome, raised bezels
  • Cushiony interior
  • Rubberized cover for buttons


  • Its button protectors aren’t a crisp as you’d expect

8. Otterbox Defender Series Case Model 77-38964

The good thing with Otterbox, however, is that they’re really good at what they do. In fact, their Defender Series family of phone cases is simply unbeatable.

Picture this – this case, in particular, comes with a show exterior which enables you to showcase your phone’s logo.

Besides that, you get a 3-payer protective case. This comes complete with a screen protector which is capable of withstanding scratches and drops.

On top of that, you also get a belt-clip holster along with a handy kickstand. So, if you’re looking to enjoy some videos in landscape mode, this is certainly a case worth investing in.

The good thing with Otterbox, however, is that they’re really good at what they do. In fact, their Defender Series family of phone cases is simply unbeatable.

Picture this – this case, in particular, comes with a show exterior which enables you to showcase your phone’s logo.

Besides that, you get a 3-payer protective case. This comes complete with a screen protector which is capable of withstanding scratches and drops.

On top of that, you also get a belt-clip holster along with a handy kickstand. So, if you’re looking to enjoy some videos in landscape mode, this is certainly a case worth investing in.

And the best part is that you get a 1-year warranty with every purchase. That’s a good deal because it assures you that the case would last you for quite some time as well.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Sleek design
  • Highly protective
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Comes with screen protector


  • A bit bulky
  • Its belt clip could have been better made

9. i-Blason iPhone 5 Case with Built-in Protector 

This full-body case provides your phone with a 360-degree protection. Indeed, the protection comprises a drop-resistant TPU bumper which acts as an all-around shock-absorbent.

Moving on, the case comes with a built-in screen protector. This comes handy in preventing any potential scratches on your device’s screen.

Most of all, you also get an enhanced screen sensitivity. That’s in addition to a pack of well-thought-out port protectors.

So, once you get this case, you needn’t worry about debris and dust damaging your handy device.

A closer look toward the corners, we see a pretty well-cushioned design of the corners. This unique design is just what you need to protect your device from accidental drops and falls.

It’s no wonder the company is so confident in their products. Indeed, you’ll end up with a 360-day warranty cover along with a friendly customer service if you give this a shot.


  • Full-body protection
  • Clear back
  • Well-cushioned sides
  • Built-in screen protector


  • Not as grippy as we’d have liked
  • A bit bulky

10.  iLuv Aurora Glow In The Dark ICA7T309BLK iPhone 5 Case

This may look like just any other iPhone case until you look for it in the dark. Well, you’ve read that right.

This case is designed to glow in the dark.

That way, you can have an easier time locating your phone even in a dark room. But besides that, you also get a pack of playful designs to choose from.

Lastly, you also get a laser etches lightweight design which also boasts an enhanced grip.


  • Playful designs
  • Visible in the dark
  • Great grip
  • Doesn’t compromise phone UX


  • Its edges wear out rather fast
  • Doesn’t hold firmly onto the phone (becomes loose over time)

The Buying Guide For iPhone 5 Case

Even though we’ve reviewed the top cases on the market currently, not two of them are exactly alike. Therefore, some key pointers to look out for include:


A case with a good grip can help prevent accidental drops.


proof  Indeed, it’s a plus to find a case that can withstand weather changes.


Go for a case that balances between aesthetics and protection.


Black is for the conservative guys, but if feeling lucky, go ahead and experiment with bold colors.

Which One Is the Best?

Although the decision on what the best iPhone 5 case is may vary from one person to the next, we think we have a winner from this list already. And the winner is the – Incipio Stashback IPH-847 Impact Resistant Case, a tough built and good looking option. Which one is yours and why? Feel free to share your feedback with us.

Final Word

The good thing with cases is that there’s always something for everyone. So, look around even closer and you’ll be sure to find something that achieves and exceeds your expectations.

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