Looking For the Best iPhone 4 Case in 2023? 10 Options Reviewed

Who else believes that the iPhone 4 is the best phone that Apple ever made? So, if you’re still using this 2010 phone, you’ll be glad to learn that you own something really good.

But if you’d like to add a few more years to this handy device, you may need to invest in a case. As you know, a good case can provide you with a much-needed shock-absorbent protection.

Besides that, it can help protect your screen in the event of an accidental fall.

To help you find the best one for your iPhone 4, here’s our review of 10 awesome cases currently on retail.

Best iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 Case – Comparison

Want a quick comparison chat that can help you make an informed decision? Here’s a quick comparison chart that you can use right away.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series2.69 x 0.81 x 5.14 inches3.38 ounces
2Black FRE LifeProof iPhone 4 Waterproof Case0.52 x 2.6 x 5.08 inches0.8 ounces
3Universal OtterBox Defender Case
4CandyShell Speck Products Grip Case7.8 x 1 x 4.5 inches1.92 ounces
5Surface Reveal Seidio CSRSIPH4-BK Case4.61 x 2.41 x 0.5 inches0.64 ounces
6Belkin iPhone 4 Essential Case
7Trident Aegis Case for iPhone 47.9 x 5.1 x 0.6 inches0.704 ounces
8Claire Bella Designer Case-Mate Print Case1 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches1.6 ounces
9Fitted Speck Products Case for iPhone 4
10Apollo Cygnet CY0866CPAPO Case

1. OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series

This OtterBox case has a hard inner shell and a rubberized exterior which will provide maximum protection against bumps and drops. This rubber also creates a grip which will prevent the phone from slipping from your hand.

It comes with a belt clip which you can use to attach to your waist. It has a built-in screen protector and the rugged exterior makes it possible to survive in the toughest environments.


  • It does not interfere with the sensitivity of the screen
  • The belt clip gives you options on how to move around with the phone
  • The grip is perfect


  • It is too thick and bulky

2. Black FRE LifeProof iPhone 4 Waterproof Case

As the name suggests, this case can endure up to 9 hours underwater without leaking a single drop into the phone. It is smooth and can easily slide into and out of the pocket.

It can also survive a drop from massive heights as well as the everyday bumps that you may subject it to. The volume and power buttons are easily accessible and are just as sensitive as without the case. The screen too is fully functional with the case on.

It gives your device a stunning look.


  • It is not bulky
  • It can withstand wet conditions
  • It is durable


  • It can get too hot quickly if used for long periods

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3. Universal OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4

This case has a textured exterior which feels like a mixture of rubber and plastic. This textured surface increases the grip and your phone will never slip out of your hands. It fits nicely and the phone does not move out of position.

The cutouts are precisely done to give you easy access to the volume and power buttons. Additionally, the USB port and the headphone jack have flaps to prevent the entry of dust and other foreign particles.

The holster can be converted into a stand for hands-free use of the device.


  • It fits nicely
  • It is durable
  • The grip is awesome


  • It is bulky

4. CandyShell Speck Products Grip Case for iPhone 4

This case will give your phone a stylish look. It is slim and the ribbed rubber creates an amazing grip. This ribbed back will also ensure that sliding it into and out of the pocket is easy and will also remain firm in the pocket.

It has a raised bevel at the corners and at the front to protect your screen from scratches when it lands or you place it face down. The cutouts ensure that the camera lens, buttons, and earphone jack operate with minimal interference.


  • It has a nice grip
  • It is not bulky
  • It is easy to take on and off


  • It offers minimal protection against bumps and falls
  • The rubber cover eventually wears down

5. Surface Reveal Seidio CSRSIPH4-BK Case for iPhone 4

This case will protect your phone while also giving it the simplest of looks. It fits perfectly and is really slim, so it does not add extra weight to your phone.

Any time you want to clean your phone, you will have an easy time taking it off and putting it back on. The flat sides mean that you can place it in an upright position and it would support itself.

The cutouts are perfectly done and you will easily access and use the volume and power buttons, the speakers, camera, USB port, and headphone jack. The front of the case has a raised edge which will protect your screen when you place or your phone lands face down.


  • It is not bulky
  • It is easy to take on and off
  • It does not affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen or buttons


  • It does not offer much protection from external impact

6. Belkin iPhone 4 Essential Case

The Belkin Essential case has what it takes to give your phone a classy and stunning look. With the bright purple color, you will instantly stand out. It fits perfectly and even removing it is the easiest of tasks. It has a bumper which will recede the iPhone just enough to protect the screen in case it is placed face down.

The cutouts ensure that the volume buttons, the headphone jack, and the speaker are easily accessible and function effectively. It has a smooth feel which makes it comfortable to hold in the hands.


  • It fits nicely
  • It is not bulky
  • Sliding it into and out of the pocket is really easy


  • It is not scratch or dustproof

7. Trident Aegis Case for iPhone 4

This case comes in pink and is dual-layered for maximum shock absorption. You can drop it from massive heights and your phone will still be protected from the resulting impact.

It has an opening at the back so you can still show off your Apple logo. The USB port and the headphone jack have a silicon plug which will safeguard them from clogging caused by dust and other foreign particles. The microphone and speaker bays are equally protected by dust filters.

Sliding it into and out of the pocket is also very easy. The grip too is strong and it feels good while held in the hands.


  • It fits nicely and tightly
  • All the openings are sufficiently covered


  • Removing the flap in the charging port (charger input position) is difficult

8. Claire Bella Designer Case-Mate Print Case for iPhone 4

This case is so slim that you will still get the feeling of the naked phone in your hands. It also fits perfectly and has a raised edge at the front to protect the screen when placed face down.

The ports and audio jack are easily accessible with the case on. The buttons on the case are metallic and work perfectly.


  • It is light 
  • It fits perfectly


  • It does not offer much protection from bumps and scratches

9. Fitted Speck Products Case for iPhone 4

With this case, all the corners will be fully protected as well. It is slim and has a raised lip to protect the screen when the phone drops face first.

The hard shell will protect your phone from sudden impacts caused by falls and bumps. The cutouts ensure you will have full access to the ports, camera lens, buttons, and fingerprint sensors.


  • It is light
  • It is easy to put on and take off
  • It has a nice grip


  • It is not durable

10. Apollo Cygnet CY0866CPAPO Case for iPhone 4

This Cygnet Apollo Case has a combination of a soft and hard case, to resist and absorb shocks as well. It fits nicely and it comes with a screen protector. It is rubbery and so is scratch-resistant. It is quite easy to take off and put back on.

The textured surface gives it a nice grip and feels nice in the hands. It is slim and maintains the original design of the phone.


  • It is not bulky
  • It is not slippery
  • It fits perfectly


  • The buttons are not properly aligned and are hard to press

The Buying Guide For iPhone 4 Case

While the 10 cases reviewed above are great, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. That way, you can get a case that’s, no doubt, a great fit for your device.


No matter what case you settle for, make sure it doesn’t block your phone’s key functions. The functions include the dock-connector port, microphone, bottom-mounted speaker, camera lens, top-mounted jack and so forth.


You want to settle for a case that provides all-around protection. Indeed, such a case should provide extra padding to guard against shocks, drops, and bumps.


Since iPhone 4 devices are designed to last for long, we believe that you should find a durable case for yours. Avoid cases made from cheap plastic. Instead, go for ones made using a resilient and protective material.

Which One Is The Best?

If you’re looking for a well-made and protective case, the Black FRE LifeProof iPhone 4 Waterproof Case is right up your alley. It’s not only protective but also waterproof and that makes it of immense value, at any day.

Final Thoughts

Even though everyone’s taste is different, we’re confident that you’ll find a case that protects your iPhone from damage. Most importantly, we hope that you’ll find a case that fits your style.

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