The 8 Best Home Security Cameras of 2023

When you are at home with your family, you want to feel safe and protected and one of the best ways to guarantee that is by having a security system in place.

It is for that reason that we are here to discuss the best home security cameras that should be:

  • Concealed
  • Portable
  • User friendly

We are about to delve deeper into this topic so feel free to come with us.

Best Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras: Comparison

If you barely have time to read our in-depth reviews and verdict, here’s a shortened table that might help. We’ve kept it brief and straight-to-the-point to help you cut to the chase.

RankingProduct NameWireless Communication TechnologyPower Source
1Google Nest Indoor Security CameraWi-FiCorded Electric
2Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home SecurityWireless
3Wyze Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera
4Ring White Spotlightrechargeable battery
5Wyze Indoor Home CameraWi-FiCorded-electric
6Kamtron Wireless Security CameraWi-FiCorded electric
7Ctronics Wireless Rechargeable BatteryWi-FiBattery Powered
8Chamberlain Indoor Security CameraWi-FiAC

1. Google Nest Indoor Security Camera

Indoor cameras are a good strategy when you are planning to keep an eye on your children or even pets.

But if you are talking about their security, you need to think twice because you cannot miss even a second of the action.

This indoor security camera by Google might be the one to suit your needs when it comes to security.

This is because it has a continuous recording capability and also sharp 1080p video that will update you on everything that has been happening in your home.

In addition, it offers good motion detection as long as you will have a good subscription plan that will enable you to view any recordings.

On the flip side, it might not auger well with some of the users because it lacks a privacy shutter. But having known some different features that might blow your mind away, you can try it any day.

Product Description

As a well-known indoor security camera, it is loved for its 1080p HD video resolution that displays quality footage.

In addition, it has a quick and easy set up because you will download the nest app to get going. It is not necessary to have a hub.

You will get timely alerts on your phone if you decide to install the camera in your house and this is how you will be getting time to time alerts.

Moreover, it has a two-way microphone and speaker that enables you to talk and get feedback from the other end.

This will ensure that your home will stay secure and you will always know what is going on at any time of the day.


  • Two-way audio
  • Quality night vision
  • Flexible camera angles


  • No privacy shutter

2. Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

If you are looking for a 100% wire-free camera for both your indoor and outdoor security surveillance, then this might be your best fit.

This camera by Arlo Technologies has been made to sustain outdoor conditions that include severe weather conditions while giving you surveillance as you require.

It has also been made to give you a seven-day recording for free. This is because it has been made with 1GB of cloud storage for free.

However, you might need to do more and upgrade and get a subscription that can help you get more recordings.

This camera might be as good as it sounds, but its price is as high as hell.

Many cannot afford it, but for those that don’t feel the pinch, then they are more than happy to walk home with it.

Product Description

This Arlo Pro camera comes with up to 5 cameras, and on top of that, it gives you an option to add others that do not exceed 15 cameras per system.

This camera will give you remote access from your mobile device through its Arlo free application.

 This camera integrates with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice command control.

Many see it as perfect, but the truth is that it sometimes face a few technological problems, and this becomes a problem to many since it comes at a very high price.

It has been made to be weatherproof and give High Definition quality video. The problem comes where you might be needing audio because it does not provide it.

Nevertheless, if you are that person that likes different colors, this camera will not make you its biggest fan either.

This is because it only comes with one color that is a white finish and this might be hard if you want to camouflage it somewhere that the background is not necessarily white.


  • HD quality images
  • Weatherproof
  • Good night vision


  • Very expensive

3. Wyze Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

If you are looking for a camera that can scan your whole room in a matter just a very few seconds, then you might look for this indoor wireless camera by Wyze lab.

When buying this camera, do not wait for it to sacrifice its most important features to keep the price down. You obtain what you get when you buy Wyze camera.

It has various features that many people look from an indoor camera that include night vision, motion detection, and to top it all, it is insanely cheaper than other cameras that are ranked together with it.

This camera will give you a two-week cloud storage capacity which does not include any monthly or weekly subscriptions.

Additionally, you can opt for a more permanent solution by buying a memory card. Although many people are just more than satisfied with the 14-day cloud storage that is free of charge.

As good as it may sound, this camera is only used for indoor purposes and not outdoor surveillance activities.

Product Description

First and foremost, this camera is integrated and works very well with Amazon’s Alexa that helps in voice command control.

Additionally, it has a strong night vision of up to 30 feet. This gives you better and clearer footage that is 1080p HD.

All the footage can be viewed directly on your mobile device that has an application connected to the camera.

Moreover, it has sound and motion detection with 14-day cloud storage which is free, giving you 10-15 seconds clips.

However, many people have had concerns in the past about motion detectors not working well because it might pick a mosquito but sometimes not pick a person.

Having the many features being good though, you can opt to have it in your home if the features are what you are looking for.


  • Affordability
  • Free rolling 14-day cloud storage
  • Does not require screws to mount


  • Restricted to only indoor uses

4. Ring White Spotlight Security Camera with Siren Alarm

The Ring spotlight camera is more than a battery-powered camera. It might be the ideal camera that can solve your security issues.

In case of any motions detected, the LED spotlights get activated, and you are immediately sent a notification on your mobile device.

Through this, you will be able to view or update yourself with all the occurrences in real-time even when you are not around your home.

In addition, it comes with a quick-release battery that allows for charging and ensuring that your camera will not be down at any time.

The camera also streams live always, but for you to save or share the streamed video footage, you will have to subscribe for a ring protect plan.

When you activate to this subscription, you will get a 30-day trial subscription.

This camera though is favorable for small homes that do not require monitoring of very many things at once. Big houses normally opt for alternatives.

Product Description

This camera works very well with Alexa from Amazon, which aids in voice control. You can request Alexa to show you any live stream coming from your Amazon Fire TV on your spotlight cam.

Additionally, this camera is 100% wire-free that is also weather-resistant. It has spotlights that are motion activated always to alert you in case there are nearby movements.

Its video resolution is 1080p, and you can enjoy this video quality anywhere, especially on your mobile phone.

Also, the camera has a 140-degree field of view that is very effective because you only need to have a clear view of where exactly you need monitoring.


  • 1080p resolution
  • Works well with Alexa
  • Gives alerts on your mobile device
  • Good night vision


  • Not favorable for big homes

5. Wyze Indoor Home Camera with Night Vision

This is yet another fine innovation by Wyze Labs to come up with this Wi-Fi camera that will always keep your inside house well surveilled.

This is very effective because it follows any kind of motion, including children and pets running in the house. The camera follows those motions.

Additionally, this camera is relatively cheaper because it is mostly preferred for indoor activities.

Moreover, it is very sharp even during night times because it has a very effective night vision.

However, it will sometimes give you hit and miss motion alerts because it follows all the motions that are nearby.

Product Description

First and foremost, you can live stream from anywhere with its 1080p full HD resolution anywhere on your mobile device.

Secondly, it has a motion/sound recording with free storage. The clips are normally 12-second long, and they get saved in its cloud for two weeks for free.

With its night vision feature, footages taken in the dark are very clear, and it can show images that are up to 30 inches away.

Any motion that is nearby, the camera always follows its direction and it can alert you on your mobile device immediately.

You should note that it is only for indoor surveillance and outdoor surveillance is not favourable using this camera.


  • Affordable
  • Smart motion tracking
  • 14-day cloud storage for free


  • Only used for indoor purposes

6. Kamtron Wireless Security Camera with Motion Detection

When you are looking for an indoor camera that will help you monitor your baby and pet while at home, this camera from Kamitron might be the best for your home.

This camera has a 62-degree wide-angle lens and on top of that, a field of view that spans 350 by 100 degrees.

Its recording capability is 1080 x 720p that enables it to transmit high-quality videos in high definition.

It is simple to use because you only need the camera system’s MIPC View application that you will install in your phone, and this will help you to view your house every time.

Product Description

This camera has a 24/7 Full HD recording, and you can always get videos of what is happening in your home any time through your phone.

Additionally, it detects any sound or motion that is nearby and immediately alerts you through the app installed on your phone.

Moreover, the videos that are recorded are supported by its cloud storage. This camera supports a maximum of 128GB memory card.

On the flip side, many people might argue that the images recorded here sometimes lag. Its audio too sometimes might have problems of clarity, and this might be a problem.


  • Mountable on walls
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Easy installation


  • Image and video sometimes lag

7. Ctronics Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Security Camera

Are you looking for a good indoor camera that will help you with baby monitoring in your home? Then look no further.

This wireless and rechargeable camera by Ctronics might be the best you can get to do you good in your home.

This is because it has an application that can easily be installed on your mobile device and by simply accessing it, you will be watching everything in a certain section of your home with the camera.

Additionally, it might give you almost the best images as it has 1080p image resolution. This helps in capturing important events, especially in places that are not well illuminated.

Product Description

The most notable feature in this camera is the enhanced Wi-Fi connection stability. This camera has more stable Wi-Fi, especially when you compare it to the others.

In addition, it supports an SD card of up to 128GB in its storage cloud that allows you to save and watch all the footage without missing the important details.

The night vision feature is believed to be effective because it gives clear images no matter how dark the place is.

This means that any motion nearby the camera will always be captured and a notification will be sent to your mobile device immediately.


  • 1080p quality videos
  • Used on both indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Smooth rotation by the camera


  • A bit expensive

8. Chamberlain Indoor Security Camera with Bluetooth Setup

Are you looking for a good and stylish security camera for your indoor surveillance? This camera, with a Bluetooth easy setup, might be the right for you.

It will help you to set up easily using the Bluetooth function to start monitoring immediately.

Most importantly, this camera has facial recognition software that might be helpful because it identifies familiar faces and notifies unfamiliar faces for you.

Product Description

The camera has built-in support for up to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. This allows your camera to connect with your phone securely anywhere, any time.

In addition, it has HD video quality that enables clear images on your mobile phone.

With this camera, you will be able to watch or monitor your child or even pet whenever you are not at home.

Some people, though, expressed their frustrations about the camera being too expensive for its quality.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to install
  • HD video


  • Can be complicated for first-timers

Buying Guide for Home Security Cameras

The idea to secure your home is a good one, but how do you ensure that you have the best home security cameras?

Simple, just prioritize a few important features and you are good to go.

Automation Ability

Your security system should be able to unite your camera with your home automation devices for a flawless smart home.

For instance, you want to control your security system hands-free using voice assistant. Of course, this will save you money and time because you will be able to do things like scheduling when your porch lights come on so that you can trick intruders to think you are home, even when you are not.

Mobile Compatibility

The Smartphone is one of the greatest inventions yet and rightfully so. There are mobile apps that can make it possible for you to control your security system from wherever you may be.

These apps notify you when your home security signals and sensors are triggered so that you can check live footage from your home to see what is happening. It cannot get any better than this if you ask us.

Expert Monitoring

You want to have the peace of mind that your home is safe whether you are present or absent and expert monitoring will provide you with that.

With professional monitoring, you are able to get assistance any time your security system is triggered. Sure, you can decide not to have this kind of monitoring but our advice is to get it.

While your system will notify you of a probable intrusion, you will be responsible for what to do next. Professional monitoring provides you with all the expert assistance you may require and that is a plus.


You want to be able to operate your security system on your own because you will not always have experts at hand to do it.

This means that the system should be easy to understand and even re-position.

System Flexibility

You may move to a bigger home hence the need for more equipment and your security system should be able to accommodate that.

You should be able to add more sensors, and cameras to your system without any issues.

Camera Durability

When it comes to matters concerning your security camera lifespan, you may have to part with a significant amount to ensure you get top-rated security cameras.

Look for reputable brands that are known to last long and provide quality images.

Planned Budget

It is always a good idea to have a budget in place whenever you plan to buy something and the same goes for your cameras.

There are many affordable home security cameras out there that can do a perfect job and all it would take is for you to carry out a little more research and find out which camera can give you more for less.

Product Warranty

Always ensure that you get a product with a warranty especially if it is electrical. You may buy your cameras and they malfunction a few months later.

Do you go into your pocket and buy new ones? That should not be the case. Your product manufacturer should be able to take care of that at no extra cost.

A manufacturer that is confident about the quality of their product will always offer a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Obviously, you have a few questions to ask about security cameras and that is why we have answered the ones below in the hope that you can learn one or two things.

Will a home security system protect against fires?

Yes, it can. A system with smoke sensors can notify you of an impending fire in good time and you may be able to arrest the situation before significant damage is done.

It can also notify the fire department so that they arrive at your home within the shortest time possible.

Is it possible to add a separate security camera to my system?

Some systems allow for that, while others do not. You want to get a system that is expandable to allow for such.

What is professional home security monitoring?

This is whereby you integrate your home with professional service providers such as the police or the fire department, so that in the event of an intrusion or fire, they get notified in time for them to act fast.

How to Conceal your Security Cameras

You do not want to make it obvious that your home is under surveillance and that is why you need to keep your cameras hidden.

Here are several ways to do that.

  • Use normal things around your home like flower vases or stuffed toys to plant your camera. Most people will not bother to see what you have there.
  • Pick a subtle place to place your camera without disguising it. Bookshelves are a great place to start as cameras are easy to blend in with books.You can also have your camera as part of a chandelier in your ceiling. The point here is not to make your camera invisible, but it should not stand out either.
  • Try to get good wireless cameras because you do not need to go through the hassle of hiding the wires, but if you already have one with wires, ensure that you hide them from plain sight.

Which One Is the Best?

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, quality security camera for your home, we’d recommend going for the Google Nest Indoor Security Camera.  That said, if you don’t mind spending a pretty penny for something really good that also comes with multiple cameras, the Arlo Pro 2 is the real deal.

So, it’s a tie for us. We think that both the Nest and Pro 2 are good cameras. The former is cheaper than the latter but the latter gives you more options.

Final Thoughts

Having cameras to survey your home can give you the peace of mind to relax whether you are away from your home or not.

Be keen about picking the right features and you will have the perfect security cameras in your hands. We believe you can now be able to make the right decision in respect to picking the right cameras.

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