Best GoPro Head Strap? Here Are 10 Choices Reviewed

The kind of head strap you go for matters a lot. So, even if you’ve invested in the best fishing gear, it would be a good idea to give some thoughts to your strap choice as well. Our understanding is that there are different kinds of straps:

  • Some can be worn over the helmet
  • Others are made as caps to be worn over the head

So, before you proceed to make a decision, it’s important to understand your unique needs first.

Best GoPro Head Strap

GoPro Head Strap – Comparison

Here’s a detailed but quick chart with all the details you need to make an informed purchase. You can simply use the chart to make a quick choice especially if you don’t have the time to read the full reviews.

RankingProduct NameMaterialWeight
1GoPro Head StrapFaux Leather0.62 Pounds
2AmazonBasics GoPro Head StrapRubber0.17 Pounds
3GoPole Arm-Helmet ExtensionPlastic0.0002 pounds
4CamKix Replacement HeadPlastic0.34 pounds
5TELESIN Multi-FunctionalAluminum alloy0.14 pounds
6Etubby Clamp Mount2.25 pounds
7MCOCEAN 17-in-1 Head Strap1.7 Pounds
8ProGear Helmet with Front Mount Bundle0.15 pounds
9WoCase GoPro Hero 4/3+0.022 pounds
10Bells and Bain Gosolo Hat

1. GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

Having a GoPro is great but having a well-made head strap for it makes the deal even sweeter. This GoPro Head Strap comes with fully adjustable features which allow it to fit different sizes. In fact, the strap can be even be worn over a helmet when necessary.

The strap further has a handy QuickClip which enables you to attach it firmly in place just like you’d do with a baseball cap. In fact, this strap is not only designed to be used around the head but also on any other 3mm to 10mm thick surface.

This handy strap is compatible with HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO Session, HERO4 Silver, HERO+ and HERO among others.


  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Quite stable and doesn’t cause your film to shake unnecessarily
  • Great customer support


  • Some complained of receiving faulty straps, fortunately, one can always return such for a replacement

2. AmazonBasics GoPro Head Strap with Camera Mount

What if you could find a waterproof head-strap to use for your kayaking, snorkeling or jogging sessions? Well, this one from AmazonBasics is not only waterproof but also compatible with HERO 6, HRO 5, HERO 4 and HERO Session GoPros.

One good thing about it is that it features a one-size-fits-all design. This can be worn either directly on the head or over most helmets. So, if you’re looking forward to hands-free filming, this Go-Pro might be the vantage point you need.

In fact, for added comfort, it comes with non-slip rubber inserts, adjustable nylon straps as well as polycarbonate buckles. The head strap’s waterproof design makes it ideal for all kinds of fishing activity. So, we’d confidently say that this is a must-have fishing gear.


  • Easily attaches on one’s head
  • It’s elastic
  • Has rubber lining which keeps it perfectly in place
  • Easy to use
  • Fits nicely over helmets


  • Leaves a huge re-imprint of the mounting plate on the head
  • Maybe a little cumbersome on a bare head

3. GoPole Arm-Helmet Extension

Taking clear and stable images through a Go-Pro attached on a head strap is usually easier said than done. So, with that in mind, the GoPoleThe Arm unit stands out with its unique design. First off, the arm is designed in such a way that it attaches onto a helmet. This gives it a unique vantage point of capturing aerial shots.

In fact, the arm enjoys a 180-degree flexibility meaning you can capture some incredible POV shots. And for added convenience, this cute extension is light in weight. What’s more? It’s designed to attach directly to all GoPro HERO cameras.


  • Great image quality
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight and therefore suitable for all-day use
  • Can be used as an extender for a suction cup mount


  • Being so high the camera may wobble although this doesn’t affect the video quality
  • Made from brittle plastic which feels cheap

4. CamKix Replacement Head & Backpack Mount

This is probably the best GoPro head strap under 15. But why so? Because first and foremost, it offers three different solutions which allow you to shoot hands-free even when busy fishing.

Its mount is designed in such a manner that it can be comfortably used on helmets, baseball caps or the bare head. We like the fact that its straps can be adjusted to fit comfortably. Last but not least, inside the strap are anti-slip swirls which are meant to offer a firm grip on the head.


  • Highly user-friendly
  • Fits securely over the head, cap or helmet
  • Handy quick clip provided
  • Compatible with almost all GoPro HERO models


  • They should make the straps a bit longer
  • This would work best with an extra buckle

5. TELESIN Multi-Functional Hat Clamp Mount

For those who like wearing baseball caps, a hat clamp mount would certainly be the best find. This one from TELESIN wows with its ability to fit perfectly. It has an easy-to-use clip which allows you to select a different cap for the day.

That gives you the freedom to pick a cap that matches your clothes or the occasion at hand.

Moving on, this handy strap boasts an aluminum alloy structure. This frame is quite strong, stable and also light in weight. So, if you’re looking to venture deeper into the sea, we think this design offers you great protection.


  • Well-made
  • Feels of high quality
  • Strong rotating pivot which moves smoothly
  • Stays put
  • Tiny and easy to carry around


  • The set screw meant to lock the camera in place is too short
  • Some have complained that it feels a bit too heavy

6. Etubby Clamp Mount

This particular strap is designed to work with the Logitech Webcam variety of the C922x, C925e, C930e, Brio 4K, LifeCam Studio and GoPro. In particular, it works with all devices with 1/4-inch threads.

A closer look at it reveals that it’s made from high-quality steel components. The components are pretty strong, stable and durable and can support devices weighing more than 1.35 pounds.

What’s more? Its Gooseneck arm is capable of extending for up to 26-inches. This gives you the freedom to adjust the equipment to the perfect height and angle needed to project a superb image.


  • Strong and durably built
  • Highly flexible all thanks to its Gooseneck arm
  • Can be used for multiple devices
  • Feels and looks great


  • A bit clumsy
  • Has too many parts and is, therefore, less user-friendly

7. MCOCEAN 17-in-1 Head Strap & Helmet Strap

Few straps can match the kind of value this 17-in-1 model from MCOCEAN has in store. First off, the unit comes with a suction cap which is incredibly easy to fit into place. It also comes with a drawstring bag for added convenience.

Moving on, the MCOCEAN comes with a well-made chest harness. This comfortably fits on your chest and adds even more stability to the whole equation.

There’s no doubt that this equipment is fully-fitted with all the little parts you need to be fully comfortable when at sea. Of course, too many parts make it a bit less user-friendly for first-time use but overall, this is an awesome find.


  • Comes with all the essential components included
  • Drawstring bag provided for keeping all your belongings
  • Powerful and well-made
  • Has extra safety features including a chest strap


  • The brand isn’t as popular
  • Cumbersome especially for first-time users

8. ProGear Helmet with Front Mount Bundle & Adhesive Pads

Designed to suit GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4, this unique gear offers good value for money. In fact, if you’re looking for a cheap GoPro head strap, this one might easily be the best deal for you.

ProGear is a Newzealand based company that has built a great reputation for itself in the field of producing quality photography appliances.

The entire packages with a complete mounting which ensures your precious camera remains perfectly in place at all times.


  • Well built
  • Easy to use
  • Great price
  • Durably priced


  • Durably priced
  • Not powerful enough for rugged use

9. WoCase GoPro Hero 4/3+ with Strap Mount

If you thought you had met the cheapest head strap for GoPro so far, think again. The WoCase is one of the few straps that only cost a few cents above the $5 mark.

What’s more? It comes with a fully adjustable design. This design is suitable for fitting different body sizes. We’d also like to note that this mount is compatible with almost all GoPro cameras. It’s also ideal for keeping all your camera footage crystal clear.

So, if you’re looking for a premium quality product that doesn’t cost too much, we think this would be an ideal pick.


  • Well built
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Affordably priced
  • Compatible with different GoPro products


  • May not survive extremely harsh usage
  • Looks and feels cheaply made

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10. Bells and Bain Gosolo Hat with GoPro Compatibility

Tired of fitting all the wires and ugly looking straps all over your head? Well, what if all you needed to do was wear a baseball cap?

The Bells and Bain Gosolo Hat comes with a fully-fitted GoPro mounting feature. In fact, it can accommodate both GoPro 3 and 4 with no qualms.

Moving on, this package comes complete with a Spandex pouch. That’s alongside a pack of dual buttons which securely lock your camera in place.

So, the minute you invest in this head strap, you’ll be sure to stop looking like a miner. In other words, you simply need to wear the cap and have fun walking around.

No one will even notice what you’re wearing. And so if you’re tired of attracting unwanted attention this might be a great alternative for you.

That said, we feel that the Bells and Bain Gosolo Hat is a bit overpriced. All in all, it’s well built and, therefore, capable of offering great value for money.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfectly secure for your GoPro 3 or 4
  • Looks great unlike other ugly strap-based units reviewed so far
  • Comes with well-built straps that securely lock your camera in place
  • Fashionable and functional


  • A bit expensive
  • The cap may not fit comfortably on people with small heads

The Buying Guide For GoPro Head Strap

Buying a good GoPro head strap should always involve more than just research. First off, you need to find a strap that’s well-built. It has to be made from high-quality parts, complete with strong buckles or clips.

Such a design ensures your GoPro remains firmly in place even when you’re exposed to harsh weather patterns. As you know, activities like fishing (particularly kayak fishing) can sometimes get a little challenging.

Moreover, weather patterns can change within a short time. So, it’s always a good idea to find a strap that’s weather and waterproof. Some other attributes to ponder on include.

  • Quality of materials used (look out for straps with rubber bands and aluminum components).
  • Well-priced (avoid units that are too expensive e.g. over $25 or too cheap e.g. under $5)
  • Consider going for a strap that enables to customize the fit
  • Going for a head strap from a renowned brand with a great customer support team

Which One Is The Best For You?

Considering all those features and attributes, we’d recommend the GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip as the best choice overall. It is well built and comes with all the features you need to be comfortable. Above all, it’s well-priced and generally represents good value for your money.

What You Should Know (FAQ)

GoPro head straps are designed to enable you to record video footage in a hands-free manner. Also, this unique tool enables you to showcase your personal perspective on things. So, for instance, if you’re heading out fishing, you can use the Head Strap to position your GoPro in a manner that it records all those precious moments.

One scenario where you’d need these straps is when you head out to fish on your own. For instance, if you’re using a 1-person fishing kayak, you can wear a strap so you record your experiences.

One important thing to remember is that with modern-day straps, you don’t have to wear one that makes you look like a miner. Modern technology has made it possible to look and feel good while still recording all that precious feedback.

But even though looks are important, it’s even more important to consider the kind of stability offered by your strap. An unstable strap would result in the recording of poor quality and shaky images and this would beat the purpose of investing in a GoPro in the first place.

Final Thoughts

 Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose strap or one that’s specifically made for GoPro cameras, it’s our hope that the reviews above will be of help. In particular, you can use the editors’ insights above to understand which product offers the best deal for you. Remember, to identify which head strap is the best you’d need to start by understanding your unique needs. That way, you’d be confident enough to go ahead and make an infor

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