Which Is the Best Flash for Sony a7Riii? The Latest Reviews Buying Guide

The Sony A7RII is a great camera except for the fact that it lacks a built-in flash. Therefore, using it in low-lit conditions would be difficult unless you invest in the ideal flash for it. But what exactly qualifies as the ideal lens for this camera model?

In the next few lines, I’d like us to talk about some of the options available at your disposal. Hopefully, this will help you make a succinct choice.

Best Flash for Sony a7Riii

Flash for Sony A7RII – Comparison

You don’t have to make shots in the dark. The shortened comparison chart below is meant to make it easier for you to find a product that meets the grade.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsManufacturer
1Sony-HVLF60M Camera Flash4.57 x 4.3 x 8.6 inchesSony
2Sony-HVLF43M17.8 x 9.3 x 9.3 inchesSony
3Sony-HVLF20M Camera Flash3.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 inchesSony
4Sony-HVLF32M MI Camera Flash4.45 x 3.86 x 6.89 inchesSony
5Godox V860II-S Camera Flash2.52 x 2.99 x 7.48 inchesGodox
6Nissin-i40S Camera Flash3.35 x 2.4 x 3.34 inchesNissin

1. Sony-HVLF60M Camera Flash

Sony-HVLF60M Flash allows you to use your Sony A7RII camera in low-lit environments because Sony A7RII camera has no built-in flash. It is easy to adjust the light settings on this flash.

In addition, the flash is installed with a built-in Led light to help in videography. Further, it is designed in such a way that light output is not compromised when the flash is shifted vertically or horizontally.

Besides that, the flash weighs 2 pounds, which is in the medium range. Above all, the flash is dust- and moisture-resistant and can be used outdoors in all weathers.


  • It has a LED light for video shooting.
  • Light settings can be adjusted as is fitting
  • It is weather-resistant
  • It can be shifted horizontally or vertically and the light output will not be affected


  • There are cheaper brands in the market

2. Sony-HVLF43M High Power Camera Flash

Sony-HVLF43M High Power Flash is a high powered illumination flash compatible with Sony A7RII camera. The flash has a range of over 30 feet which is quite a long distance scope.

Besides, the flash has a Quick Shift Bounce design allowing the light output to be maintained at a horizontal position when there is a 90-degree vertical shift. Additionally, the flash weighs 1 pound which is light and easy to carry around.


  • It is light in weight
  • It has high-powered illumination
  • It has a long distance illumination range of over 30 feet
  • It can be tilted up to 90 degrees without affecting the illumination in any way


  • It is a bit expensive compared with other brands in the market

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3. Sony-HVLF20M Camera Flash

Sony-HVLF20M Flash is a budget flash that is easy to set up. The gadget provides a flash to Sony A7RII, which has no built-in flash. The flash is highly recommended if you desire a low to medium powered illumination but not high powered.

The flash features a bounce back system to prevent shadows in your lighting. Further, it weighs only 3.2 ounces, and therefore it is very light in weight and portable.

Unfortunately, it lacks a power button and therefore a bit inconveniencing to switch it off.


  • It is very light in weight and very portable
  • It comes at a bargain price
  • The bounce back system prevents shadows in your lighting system


  • It is not a high-powered illumination
  • It lacks a power button

4. Sony-HVLF32M MI Camera Flash (Multi-interface shoe)

Sony-HVLF32M MI Camera Flash provides natural-like light. The flash is built with a bounce sheet which provides stable lighting even when the flash is tilted.

The flash’s dimensions are 4.5 x 3.9 x 6.9 inches, and it weighs 1.62 pounds, it is therefore reasonably compact and therefore quite portable.

Besides that, the flash is dust and moisture resistant and convenient to use outdoors in any weather condition.


  • The flash has natural-like light
  • The light stays stable when the flash is tilted
  • It is light in weight
  • It is weather-sealed


  • Although it is moderately priced, it is not a budget flash

5. Godox V860II-S Camera Flash

Godox V860II-S Camera Flash is compatible with Sony A7RII camera. It provides stable light in low-lit environments.

It features a built-in wireless X system-Godox 2.4G. The flash has up to 100 meters of light transmission, which is a long distance.

In addition, the flash is powered by a Li-ion Battery, which has a long running time for your convenience.

Further, the flash weighs 2.65 pounds, and it measures 2.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches which is a bit heavy especially when compared with other brands in the market.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Its battery has a long-running time
  • It transmits light up to a range of 100metres
  • The light is powerful and stays stable


  • The flash is a bit heavy for convenience carrying

6. Nissin-i40S Camera Flash

Nissin-i40S is suitable for indoor and outdoor flashing. The flash has a power zoom range of 16mm if the built-in diffuser is in position and a power zoom of 24mm to 105mm without a diffuser.

The flash comes with a spring-loaded system for locking on the camera hot shoe. Moreover, it has a LED light for video shooting. Additionally, the flash weighs only 7.2 ounces and measures 3.4 x 2.4 x 3.3 inches for a lightweight and portable gadget.


  • It is very fast, providing stable light
  • It has LED light for videography.
  • It is small and very convenient to carry around


  • It has a medium price point but there are cheaper units than this in the market

The Buying Guide for Sony a7RII Flash

Now that you have made up your mind on the need for an external flash, the next major task is to figure out which one to spend on. Think about the power of the lens which is represented in GN. The higher the GN value, the stronger the aperture value and ability to illuminate distant objects.

The second most important factor to consider is the flash’s recycling rate. The shorter the recycling rate, the shorter the wait in between two flash pop. The recommended recycling rate is 0.1 to 6 seconds.

Last but not least, if possible try to find a flash that can swivel and tilt. This would effectively provide you with dynamic lighting possibilities.

Which One Is The Best?

Sony-HVLF43M High Power Camera Flash is what in our view seems like the best flash for the a7RII from Sony. It boasts high-power illumination plus it can be tilted to allow for enhanced light distribution.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is an important factor to consider in photography. So, don’t gamble with the next flash you invest in. Hopefully, the review of the best flash for Sony a7RII above will help you make an informed verdict.

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