Best Flash for Sony A6000 -2023 Reviews Buying Guide

The new A600 as the mirrorless cameras with almost the same features with additional significant functions. The use of a Bionz X processor allows the camera to shoot continuously although at 11 fps. The biggest loss A6000 made the low resolution that forces the camera to use SVGA viewfinder and not the high-end XGA. Some people will not find it easy to put this camera away because of the possibility of getting the best flash for Sony A6000 is now possible.

Flash is an important accessory to any serious photo operator, and that is why for such a camera you need to get a product that will not let you down by providing the extra light in low light and enable you to get the best exposure in daylight settings.

We have our guideline here to help you choose the best flash for your camera and photography needs.

Best Flash for Sony A6000

Flash for Sony A6000 – Comparison

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Voking VK750 Universal Flash8.27 x 4.33 x 3.35 inches1.05 pounds
2Mieke MK-93008.43 x 3.23 x 2.83 inches1.06 pounds
3Godox TT350S Wireless Flash6.97 x 5 x 4.8 inches1.14 pounds
4Sony Alpha HVL-FM32M10 x 8 x 8 inches
5Neewer TTLGN362.99 x 4.49 x 6.93 inches0.61 pounds
6Neewer NWG620 Speedlite6.6 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches0.75 pounds
7Neewer TT560 Speedlite2.99 x 4.49 x 6.93 inches0.61 pounds
8Opteka TTL IF-5005.12 x 3.23 x 2.68 inches0.45 pounds

1. Voking VK750 Universal Flash

Voking VK750 is a universal flash on the camera and comes with a standard shoe. The product has a wireless multi-flash control function and three seconds recycle time. The flash is compatible with external power pack. The LCD panel lets you look into the functions awaiting your prompt. Another SpeedLite or the inbuilt camera flash can trigger the unit.


  • Excellent dust and water-resistant
  • When in the stroboscopic mode you become more creative
  • Supports optical slave mode


  • Does not hold firmly on the camera

2. Mieke MK-9300

According to the manufacturer, Mieke has a sturdy build and produces good quality pictures. Using the navigation buttons feels better on the fingers, and its compatibility with standard cameras is something that makes it desirable to own one. The flash complements the inbuilt camera to produce brighter images.


  • Supports multi-flash mode
  • Supports cool colors
  • It has eight levels of flash control
  • Accurate brightness control


  • The electric contacts do not in well with the Sony A600 connector
  • The shoe is lose

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3. Godox TT350S Wireless Flash

The Godox TT3 works well when connected to a compatible wireless trigger and a MI shoe. Has a built-in wireless transmission that operates up to a distance of 100 meters. The flash supports TTL auto flash as well as other versatile functions such as delay settings, synchronization, wireless shutter release, zoom settings, and other customized functions.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports full TTL functions
  • Built-in wireless flash transmission
  • Supports slave and master functionalities


  • Some consider it fragile

4. Sony Alpha HVL-FM32M

The Sony Alpha HVL flash gives your photos its trademark brightness coming from it. You can play with the flash by directing it to any angle that you want to use. There is a wide panel inside the flash to dispense light. It is moisture and dust resistant and sold with a durable carrying case and a shoe cap. You can plug this flash directly to the wall outlet or on your 12V car battery connector.


  • Bundled with five other accessories
  • Has a rapid multi-voltage charger that plugs into the wall socket
  • Comes with precision design soft box flash diffuser
  • Has a bounce flash reflector


  • Lacks image stabilization

5. Neewer TTLGN36

The flash is suitable for mirrorless digital cameras and is compatible with TTL auto flash making recording easier. You can set it up as a master or a slave to in your preferred work environment. The flash powers from two AA Ni-MH or LR6 Alkaline batteries. The power saving mode will automatically activate after 90 seconds of inactivity and 60 seconds when set as a slave.


  • Supports rear and front curtain synchronization
  • The flash uses 22 steps of power output
  • Supports optical transmission and illumination
  • Uses a dot matrix LCD panel that offers clear and easy operation


  • Overheats and melts the plastic covering the diffuser

6. Neewer NWG620 Speedlite

Purchasing this flash unit includes other accessories such as a hard diffuser and a wireless trigger. The flash does not work with TTL cameras and their menu functions. You can brighten your images using a powerful flash that recharges very fast. Link the flash with your PC using the synchronous socket. Do not worry about power because the device automatically enters into energy saving mode when idle for some time.


  • Powerful flashlight with eight levels of control
  • Synchronizes well with PC
  • The wireless trigger supports 16 channels
  • Has an exposure control mechanism
  • Creates stable output using two creative light effects
  • Has an overheat protection


  • The contact switch does not make proper contact
  • Battery drains faster after a few shots
  • Can shut down even when in use

7. Neewer TT560 Speedlite

The TT560 supports all angles in the vertical and horizontal plane when directing light in a scene. However, the product does not support TTL and menu functions on the camera. The flash has an automated charging indicator and, the flash will only charge when the device is turned on.  The charging indicator flickers every second when the battery is low. The level of power output is displayed as bars on the LCD screen as eight bars.


  • Supports both vertical and horizontal head movements
  • Has a test flash button that also acts as an On/OFF button
  • Bundled with a carry on case
  • Has a battery LED indicator that shows the battery status


  • The charge indicator is dim

8. Opteka TTL IF-500

The Opteka TTL IF-500 is a compact and lightweight flash that is compatible with most Sony cameras. The unit illuminates a room or a subject at ISO 100 and 105mm. With the flash, you will get good exposure in color and balance with the TTL metering. The flash unit supports full manual control option. The IF-500 is portable and easy to travel with. The main power sources are two AA batteries that provide a recycle time of 2 and 6 sec. for optimal performance use rechargeable batteries.


  • Manual and auto flash operations
  • Adequate exposure compensation
  • Good power in relation to its size


  • No tilt or swivel on the camera
  • Poor translation on the instruction manual
  • Does not have high-speed synchronization

How to take high-quality photos with the Sony A6000

As much as the Sony A6000 is a fantastic device, there is always more that you could do to get the best out of it.

Therefore, below is a quick and simple guide that you could follow to attain this target.

Use higher ISO

When you bump the ISO up to 1600, you are likely to get more top-quality pictures even in poorly lit conditions. However, do not go past 3200 as this would give you completely opposite of what you were going for.

The creative style feature

You can find this setting in the menu, and you could find it handy for boosting the color saturation.

For the sunny days

On such days, always use the flash as this would help in brightening up the shadows.

The aperture priority mode 

You can find this setting at the top of the camera, and you should find it handy in controlling the depth of field since you can decide how much of the image would be in focus.

In minimal light

Should the light be minimal, you should shoot the videos at 24fps and not 60fps to get higher quality images.

An external flash

This would help in lighting photos at indoor events where light is scarce.

There are also some vital controls in the Sony a6000, which could give you a smoother experience with the camera.

Program Auto (P)

This gives you the capability to shoot with the exposure automatically adjusted. On top of that, this mode also enables you to customize exposure, and this makes it suited for different conditions.

Shutter Priority (S)

With this setting, you can capture swift-moving subjects by simply making adjustments to the shutter speed.

Sweep panorama

You should find this particularly useful when you attempt to capture extra-wide subjects.

Sweep the camera across a scene and hold the shutter down. In the process, the camera would capture several separate photos and combine them into one image.

Intelligent Auto

This gives you the capability to shoot still images with the settings being automatically adjusted.

Face Detection function

Once this function detects the subject’s faces, it adjusts the exposure, focus, and flash settings before automatically performing the processing.

Eye AF

This function focuses on the subject’s eye, whereby once focus is achieved, a green rectangular frame shows up over this eye, which is the focus.

Lock-on AF

This function works by tracking the subject and then maintaining focus on this subject.

Flash for Sony A6000: Buyers Guide

Before you get to the point of buying an external flash for your Sony A6000, you must have replaced your battery several times. All external flash units come with their power source, so you longer have to worry about replacing camera batteries now and then.

Why do You Need an External Flash

The batteries that power external flash units are more powerful than the ones on the camera due to the illumination an object needs for it to come out clearly. Some external flashlights have features such as bouncing using different objects reducing the possibility of red eyes.

Now that we understand why getting the best flash for Sony A600 is important, it is good that you know what to look for before committing.

Connecting Socket

An external flash is built to sit on top of your camera possibly at different positions that allow different lighting results. The flashlight unit can either use remote or cable connectivity. A trigger connection to both the camera and the flash may act as a backup connection.

Type of Control

Some photographers prefer taking control of light settings instead of using the automatic default settings. Type of control also depends on the number of flashing units you intend to use on a set because setting units to fire at intervals require manual settings.

Tilting and Swiveling

External flash extends your freedom by allowing you to direct light to any angle of your choice. When shopping for one ensures that it has a degree of twisting and tilting in one direction or the other. Turning the flashlight is what makes a big difference in your photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out the following questions posed by users of the Sony A6000. And we’ve responded to each one of them in brief.

What are the significant disadvantages of SLR cameras?

Their main disadvantages include the fact that they are less portable, they need more maintenance and care, plus you need to spend more on purchasing extra accessories since they only come as one body.

How would you control camera shake in Sony a6000?

There are two ways to go about this. First is the anti-motion blur mode that aims to minimize the blurring that comes about from camera shakes.

Additionally, you could use a tripod to capture sharper images.


I hope that we have shed some light on the difficult task of choosing a flash. Going by the review, all the products covered here are compatible with the A6000, and it all goes back to what features in each flashlight will work for you.

Some features are unique to Neewer TT560 Speedlite such as charging when the flash is on. When you need peace of mind on the battery level a LED indicator flickers when the battery is low. The Neewer TT560 Speedlite is not only the best seller but also the best flash for Sony A6000 according to our review.

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