Best Flash for Nikon D90 – 6 Options Reviewed

Sometimes it is even difficult to appreciate the quality of a good picture unless you install an external flash on your camera. Inbuilt flashes create simple images that look generic whitewashed compared to images produced by external flashes.

Here we have a guideline to take you through the entire process of choosing the best flash for your Nikon D90.  We have presented a table to give a quick overview of the flashes under review.

Best Flash for Nikon D90

Flash for Nikon D90 – Comparison

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Mcoplus 14EXT6.3 x 5.51 x 4.72 inches2.15 pounds
2Neewe 750II SpeedLite4.33 x 3.54 x 8.27 inches1.15 pounds
3Neewe PRO FlashDeluxe9.6 x 6.3 x 5.4 inches1.63 pounds
4Altura Photo Flash Kit9.9 x 5.4 x 4.2 inches1.6 pounds
5Voking VK750III7.2 x 2.3 x 2.8 inches0.95 pounds
6Opteka 680 Dedicated Flash2.5 x 3 x 8 inches0.45 pounds

1. Mcoplus 14EXT

The Mcoplus 14EXT can access the Newer Nikon camera using the i-TTL menu. You can use the flash menu setting to change parameters from i-TTL or manual mode or use the multiple flash modes such as the exposure brackets and exposure compensation. The unit utilizes four pieces of AA Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries for power. To get the flash configuration, you need to connect two flashes by using the stop increments.


  • The flash controls ratio is good for macro shooting and other close-up shoots
  • Used in Lamp A and Lamp B flashing
  • Operates in manual or multi-mode


  • Connecting tubes do not attach properly
  • Heavy on the camera body

2. Neewe 750II SpeedLite

The Neewe 750 Speedlite has a powerful flash that draws its power from 1.5-Volt alkaline or Ni-MH batteries. You can connect the flash to an external power source. The PC synchronous port connects directly to the synchronous line of the PC.  The flash has features such as TTL auto flash mode suitable for flash brightness.


  • High-quality flash
  • Supports vertical and horizontal rotation angle
  • Have connectivity ports for PC and external power source
  • Support front and back curtain synchronous effects


  • The flash may stop working after several shots
  • Loose tightening screws

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3. Neewe PRO FlashDeluxe

A wireless trigger activates the Neewe PRO FlashDeluxe. The flash consumes power from four AA Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries. It has functional ports for PC and front curtain sync. Other notable features include power saving mode, sound indicator, overheat detection and memory function. The flash controls have eight levels of output control. The trigger set has a remote shutter function that gives you the convenience of selecting 16 channels.  The kit is bundled with Auto flash focus, wireless trigger, and camera remote control function.


  • A wireless trigger can turn on the camera, studio lights, and flash units
  • Has an external power and PC synchronous port
  • Backed by a one year warranty


  • The general construction of the unit is not satisfactory
  • Flash does not fire properly

4. Altura Photo Flash Kit

Altura Photo Flash Kit is a highly professional tool for every camera operator because of the powerful manual flash that is suitable for photographers at all levels. The flash promises high performance at affordable cost. The device has a universal compatibility feature that works with digital cameras with the standard horseshoe connection. The power source depends on four lithium, Alkaline, or Ni-HM. You can even attach an external power source of power.


  • All the components provided offer the best value
  • Universal compatibility with horse shoe connection cameras
  • High performance
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Flash does not work in TTL mode
  • Flash does not support rear curtain or high-speed synchronization

5. Voking VK750III

The automatic E-TTL flash is set through the camera lens testing light. A useful accessory when taking portraits, nighttime, landscape, architecture, street scenes, and weddings. Use the LED assistive preview focus to get the best angle for taking pictures. The preview focus gives you the current view of the subject and the way you want it to come out in the final product. Probably the only thing that you may have to do is to purchase batteries and start using the flash. Consider this flash if you own a DSLR canon.


  • A good external flash that is appropriate for handling professional looking photos in low light
  • Has a wireless sensor for controlling the flash
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal angle rotation
  • Assistive preview on the LED screen


  • Some units may fail to work without notice

6. Opteka 680 Dedicated Flash

Opteka Dedicated Flash can provide a flashlight to canon DSLR or point and shoot cameras. It has an adjustable tilt head that sits in six different positions at 90 degrees. The downward tilt works best when doing a close-up shoot. When in auto mode the zoom lens will match the exact focal length to give maximum lighting. You can also use the flash to shoot at reduced shutter speeds using the rear curtain synchronization.


  • Supports multi-positioning
  • Supports multi-zoom
  • Supports low light auto focus


  • Manual does not contain all instructions

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Flash for Nikon D90 – Buying Guide

You may have realized that in your previous shoots the built-in flash does not offer much versatility because once it is turned on; it flashes the light in one direction or angle. To avoid limiting your creativity, you have gone through the review and realized the importance of light on pictures.

Here are some considerations


You gauge the flash specs in line with your source of power. The output value in a flash is expressed as Guide Number (GN). The higher the GN, the more light it emits.

Rate of Recycling

Look at the interval between two flash pops, which is usually expressed in seconds; the number is always in two values as shown 0.1-6 seconds, the lower number shows how much you wait before popping the next flash, the higher number shows you the time to wait before taking the next flash.

Swivel and Tilt

Get a flash that can tilt upwards or downwards and it can swivel from left to right the better. This flash feature ensures that light is well distributed to the object or scene.


Getting the best flash out of this category seems to be the most complex task because almost all the devices here are trying to compete where the others seem to fail. The best flash for Nikon D90 is undoubtedly the Neewer PRO FlashDeluxe, a unit that comes with almost everything that you need for a shoot, for a perfect image.

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