Best Flash for Canon 70D 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A flash is an indispensable accessory for many photographers it provides the light when the environment is too dark. Enough light produces the best exposures, permits the freezing of moving objects, and can be a useful trigger to other sources of light.

A flash can act as a creative tool that adds aesthetic and beauty to the image collection. The benefits you get from an external flash far outweigh the ones you get from a built-in flash. The only new thing you have to worry about is how to handle and store the additional accessories.

Best Flash for Canon 70D

Flash for Canon 70D: Comparison

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Neewer NW680 Speedlite Flash1.08 x 1.08 x 0 inches15.5 ounces
2ESDDI Flash9.4 x 4 x 3.2 inches18.4 ounces
3Voking VK750III7.2 x 2.3 x 2.8 inches15.2 ounces
4Neewer 48-Led Ring Flash10.63 x 5.91 x 3.54 inches17.6 ounces
5Opteka Dedicated Flash2.5 x 3 x 8 inches7.2 ounces
6YONGNUO Pack2.44 x 3.07 x 8.43 inches15.2 ounces

1. Neewer NW680 Speedlite Flash

The main features that you get once you own this accessory include the TTL II flash mode that makes it easy to capture those special moments. Let no fast changing scenes pass you by when you can use the multi-flash mode. You can use the auto zoom or set the manual zooming mode up to a distance of 105mm. The LCD is very visible as it uses a backlight that switches ON and OFF.


  • Easy to capture special moments
  • Records a chain of fast-moving events
  • Flash recycling rate of 1-5 seconds
  • High-speed synchronization
  • Has a wide panel that extends the existing coverage to 14mm


  • Does not have a long life span
  • Pins below the horseshoe are rigid

2. ESDDI Flash

The flash recycling time is fast and offers more flexibility when your camera of choice is a DSLR. Test the standby function or power saving mode, thermal cut (the one that controls overheating), and the auto setting fixed zoom to see if they are working. The flash adds addition flair to professionally taken photos. When using this flash with your camera, it will not flash immediately with the initial flash but with the second flash coming from the master flash.


  • Best model that is compatible with DSLR with a standard horse base
  • Provides different lighting conditions fit for varying photography sessions
  • The flash has both the vertical and horizontal angle of rotation
  • Ability to control exposure
  • 12-month warranty


  • Slow and sometimes misses flash

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3. Voking VK750III

The automatic E-TTL flash is set through the camera lens testing light. A good accessory when taking portraits, nighttime, landscape, architecture, street scenes, and weddings. Use the LED assistive preview focus to get the best angle for taking pictures. The preview focus gives you the current view of the subject and the way you want it to come out in the final product. Probably the only thing that you may have to do is to purchase batteries and start using the flash. Consider this flash if you own a DSLR canon.


  • A good external flash that is appropriate for handling professional looking photos in low light
  • Has a wireless sensor for controlling the flash
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal angle rotation
  • Assistive preview on the LED screen


  • Some units may fail to work without notice

4. Neewer 48-Led Ring Flash

Neewer 48-Led Ring Flash is a design looking into the cost-effectiveness in the working environment. The high quality LED lights turns off when natural light sets in. The luminance levels are set to seven to give you an opportunity to experiment with the levels and get what you need. You can use the ring flash as a light prop by mounting it on the camera. Four colors to use as diffuser alternative are orange, transparent, oyster white, and blue.


  • The LED can act as a macro shot while in the field
  • Provides both continuous and stable light to achieve better photography
  • The LED has 48 pieces that bring in higher luminance
  • Low power consumption


  • Flash does not hold onto the rings
  • Rings are made of non-durable plastic

5. Opteka Dedicated Flash

Opteka Dedicated Flash can provide a flashlight to canon DSLR or point and shoot cameras. It has an adjustable tilt head that sits in six different positions at 90 degrees. The downward tilt works best when doing a close-up shoot. When in auto mode the zoom lens will match the exact focal length to give maximum lighting. You can also use the flash to shoot at reduced shutter speeds using rear curtain synchronization.


  • Supports multi-positioning
  • Supports multi-zoom
  • Supports low light auto focus


  • Manual does not contain all instructions


The YONGNUO Pack supports wireless master flash function using optical transmission and wireless radio transmission. The flash kit is a choice of the professional photographers who need shutter controls at high speeds. The higher your requirements, the more power you will consume.


  • Has a USB port for firmware upgrade
  • Supports auto and manual zooming
  • You can trigger the flash using camera set-top, PC or a remote trigger


  • Needs time to understand how the menus work

Flash for Canon 70D – Buying Guide

The same energy you use when looking for a camera should be the same when looking for the best flashlight. The choice of flash should highly depend on the type of camera and your needs to make sure you get something that will work for you.

Here are other considerations you need to make as you are in the business of being

Flash accessories and Light Modifiers

The accessories depend on how you want to get your light to affect the subject. Light modifiers come in different shapes and sizes.


The diffuser is an add-on light that either bounces the light in different directions depending on the reflecting surface. Diffusers soften and spread the light evenly eliminating light direction on photos.

Color and Filter Gels

Filters are placed on the flash head to change the color of light. The color filters create a balance lighting atmosphere leaving you with the desired effect eliminating the difference between ambient light and other room colors.


Experts recommend listing all the priorities that will act as a guide when shopping for the Best Flash for Canon 70D. The ESDDI Flash has a one-year warranty and its compatibility DSLR, and standard Canon makes it a better choice.

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