Best Flash for Canon 6D 2023 – The Ultimate Guide Review

For a person who owns a Canon 6D, you can continue using the built-in flash or get something that will give you more flexibility when working. You may go to a camera shop, and they try to explain to you flashlights are different, but you get more confused when they mention some technical terms that need further explaining.

You probably are here on the internet trying to understand what it means to get the best flash for Canon 6D. Let me bring you closer, in the next table you will see different brands with distinctive characteristics of each flash unit, all this in an attempt to spare you the technicalities of too much technical jargon. Hope you can follow now…

Best Flash for Canon 6D

Flash for Canon 6D – Comparison

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Godox V860II-N9.02 x 8.23 x 2.99 inches2.5 pounds
2Altura Photo Flash Kit9.9 x 5.4 x 4.2 inches1.6 pounds
3FlashPoint Zoom7.9 x 3.6 x 3.2 inches1.2 pounds
4YONGNUO YN968EX-Rt3.62 x 8.66 x 4.02 inches1.39 pounds
5YOUNGNUO YN600EX3.43 x 1.57 x 1.5 inches1.4 pounds
6Meike MK-320C Speedlite5.7 x 3.6 x 2.3 inches0.79 pounds

1. Godox V860II-N

The flash unit uses a Godox wireless system that uses a 2.4G wireless transmission facilitating all-in-one functionalities. The system offers support for exposure compensation, flash exposure lock, modeling flash and second curtain synchronization. The camera flash guarantees better shooting and lighting experience. It is a master that triggers Nikon Speedlite and as a slave flash to receive signals. Powered by a 2000mAh lithium battery to give a memorable shooting experience.


  • Has an auto zoom feature that sets to match image size and focal length
  • The head is flexible and enables a bounce flash
  • A convenient li-ion battery pack
  • Support USB firmware upgrade


  • Has a high price

2. Altura Photo Flash Kit

Altura Photo Flash Kit is a highly professional tool for every camera operator because of the powerful manual flash that is suitable for photographers at all levels. The flash promises high performance at affordable cost. The device has a universal compatibility feature that works with digital cameras with the standard horseshoe connection. The power source depends on four lithium, Alkaline, or Ni-HM. You can even attach an external power source of power


  • All the components provided offer the best value
  • Universal compatibility with horse shoe connection cameras
  • High performance
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Flash does not work in TTL mode
  • Flash does not support rear curtain or high-speed synchronization

3. FlashPoint Zoom

Flashpoint Zoom is popular among photography students and experts who want to achieve specific results. The product may not be as powerful as its nearest competitors may, but for its price, you will get its worth. It uses durable, and long lasting Li-ion batteries, which is ideal for professionals working extends hours or when covering long events such as marriage. Conferences and other ceremonies.


  • Has a mini stand and protective case
  • Has a flashpoint 1 year warranty
  • Extremely powerful flash
  • Compatible with Canon system features


  • Poor body construction
  • Instruction manual not comprehensive

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The YONGNUO has the support of the manufacturer that the flash unit works consistently with Canon units either in master or slave mode. The LED shows the brightness levels of the ambient light and has additional features to adjust it. The built-in diffuser and pairing the flash unit with a fog machine can create a lighted background effect. It can work on its own as an indecent flashlight or unit.


  • The high-powered LED is adjustable
  • Built-in color conversion filter and diffuser
  • Supports auto and manual zooming
  • The USB port supports firmware upgrade


  • Noisy zoom feature


When you are concerned about your pocket, the YN600EX offers almost everything you will need within its price range. The flash header works in both slave and master mode. An LED light features indicate the brightness levels with several options available for adjusting them. This unit has a built-in diffuser and is a perfect fishing unit that can work on its own.


  • High power LED with adjustable functions
  • The built-in diffuser has a color conversion filter
  • Has a high-speed synchronization
  • Supports wireless radio transmission


  • Does not have a headlock button

6. Meike MK-320C Speedlite

Meike MK-320C supports manual function, optical slaves, front and rear curtain synchronization and operates in stroboscopic mode. Invest in a flash unit that has overheating protection and automatic sleeping mode when not in use. The flash is flexible and has a rotating angle of 60 degrees to 90 degrees on a horizontal plane and -7 degree to 90 degrees on a vertical plane. You can turn ON or OFF the flash trigger.


  • The USB interface also acts as a charging port for the unit
  • Build-in LED light is appropriate when shooting videos


  • Complex menu

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Flash for Canon 6D – Buyers Guide

When buying a flash, it is very crucial that you know how it will help your work. Depending on your budget, you can buy a simple and an affordable one that does the basic things any other flash unit can do or get one with specific features and forget about upgrading in the near future. These are some of the points worth noting:


Set your budget knowing that every advanced functionality in a flashing unit costs an extra penny. The general rule is the more the feature your Canon has, the more powerful it is and therefore be ready to pay more.

Temperature Control

It is normal for electronic devices to turn hot during heating. You need to know which flashes can handle power well so that when the bulbs become overheated the system shuts down to warn you. Knowing this helps in understanding the type of flash to use when going for prolonged shooting.

New or Re-branded

When you opt to get the best flash from leading manufacturers, you will have little doubt on whether your camera will fit in. Make a list of all the compatible flashes that you know can work with Canon 6D and complete that purchase.


When the world of flashing units gets more complicated, seek assistance from the local photography outlet, and let them guide you. However, before you head there from our review apart from the complex menu, the Meike MK-320C Speedlite is the best flash for Canon 6D. The flash has a wider angle of travel and helps conserve energy by turning itself off in idle mode.

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