The Best DSLR Camera Backpack for Hiking 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best backpack for hiking, travel or camping? You needn’t look any further because, in the next few lines, we share one of the greatest line-ups of backpacks. Some of these come with special pads and dividers! Others are fully armed with all-weather exteriors. All in all, our favorite choice will go the bag that:

  • Is comfortable
  • Practical
  • Secure

Ready to find out which bag stood out as the overwhelming favorite? Read on

Best DSLR Camera Backpack for Hiking

DSLR Camera Backpack for Hiking – Comparison

For a quick comparison, below is a simplified chart to help you make an informed choice. You can always read the detailed reviews so you can make an even more confident choice.

RankingProduct NameColorWeight
1Lowepro Photo Hatchback BackpackGrey12.6 ounces
2Photo Sport 200 AW BackpackBlack2.9 pounds
3Gonex Ultra Lightweight BackpackBlack
4Canvas Backpack BC23680 From P.KU.VDSL
5Lowepro Inverse LP35236Black2.11 pounds
6Lowepro Pro LP36876-PWW BackpackBlack9.61 pounds
7Lowepro LP36869 Fastpack BackpackBlack3.96 pounds
8Thule TCDK-101 DSLR Rolltop Backpack
9Lowepro LP36888 Photo SportBlack 2.64 pounds
10Incase CL58068 DSLR Pro PackBlack2.69 Pounds

1. Lowepro Photo Hatchback Backpack

Designed with a huge volume, this backpack boasts a sleek and modern design. The fact that it’s uniquely made means it’s a great option even for day-to-day use.

Some reviewers often refer to it as a grab and go kind of bag. That’s because it comes with all the compartments you need for a great travel experience.

In its entirety, this bag can comfortably fit a superb DSLR lens, a flash, 2-3 extra lenses, a thin laptop (11-inch), memory card pocket, a water bottle among other personal effects.

On top of that, this high-performance bag boasts multifunctional compartments and a great organization.

For instance, it comes with a wide variety of attachment points and a superb reflector loop for enhanced visibility.

But as you know, hiking can get a little tiring and, therefore, finding a bag that can manage all the weight isn’t easy. Luckily, this one is designed with the shoulders, waist straps and sternum – which is all you need to be comfortable.

Moving on, the unit boasts SlipLock attachment loops which go a long way in providing the convenience you need. And to crown it all up, you get an all-weather protection. That’s all thanks to the AW covers included as part of its exterior design.


  • Spacious interior
  • Well-designed slots and compartments
  • Its interior is customizable to fit oddly shaped objects
  • Has a strong exterior with an AW cover
  • Great quality of zips


  • The camera compartment is difficult to access with the bag on your back

2. Photo Sport 200 AW Backpack

This uniquely zippered and secured backpack has all the muscle needed to carry all your basic items. For instance, it can accommodate a pro-sized DSLR and still leave lots of room for the flash and a kit lens.

Most importantly, you can stock up on water thanks to its 70 oz. capacity. And while at it, you’ll still be having lots of room for all your personal items.

In total, you get a 13.9 liter capacity on the top loading compartment as well. This unique compartment is all you need to keep your lunch, a jacket, and a cell phone.

As far as the safety of your precious stuff is concerned, this bag boasts an ultra-cinch camera chamber. This is all you need to have your precious camera gear fully protected.

Why so? Well, the chamber is specially padded which means even in case of an accidental fall, your camera would still be protected.


  • Spacious compartments
  • The camera compartment is well padded
  • Designed to ergonomically fit on your back
  • The bag itself is pretty light in weight
  • You also get a rain cover on top
  •  Comes with a dedicated hydration compartment


  • The bag isn’t as spacious, horizontally
  • Doesn’t come with a built-in hydration bladder

3. Gonex Ultra Lightweight Backpack

If you’re looking for a friendly companion to accompany you on your next trip, you may need to give the Gonex a try. Don’t let its seemingly small size fool you.

The bag is only compact but if you look inside it, you’re bound to discover lots of free space. In fact, it has three independent compartments.

The main pocket itself is large enough and capable of carrying everything you may need during your next trip. The outer pocket is the smallest and can be used to carry a camera plus a guidebook.

There’s also an inner zippered pocket which is perfect for carrying all your precious valuables. We’re talking about stuff like your passport, credit cards, and even cash.

To be honest, the Gonex seems optimized for travel. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best backpack for long-distance travel hiking, this one would be a great choice.

In fact, once you get it, you’ll be able to comfortably avoid overweight charges. Also, its compact volume leaves no room for excess baggage. That’s the kind of limit you need to avoid overweight charges, especially when at the airport.


  • Has a great exterior thanks to a water-repellent nylon material
  • Great zipper quality
  • Handy out pockets for keeping your personal effects
  • Perfect for different activities including vacation and travel
  • Its shoulder straps are made from breathable mesh


  • May offer less capacity than the other 2 bags reviewed so far

4. Canvas Backpack BC23680 From P.KU.VDSL

What if you could get the best backpack for day hikes at an under 50 budget? This canvas backpack from P.KU.VDSL is a sure bet for an adventure-filled lifestyle.

Indeed, it is made from a highly sturdy combination of canvas. This is further completed with a genuine cow leather trim. So, if durability is your craving, this is a must-have.

Moving on, this well-designed hiking bag boasts a relatively large carrying capacity. It has quite a few pockets that you can use to keep your wallets, keys, cellphones, iPad, and laptop.

Its closure boasts an over flap design, complete with a drawstring. So, whether you simply want to use it as a computer back or hiking daypack this unit seems to have all your needs well cared for.

Its unique design also provides it with a vintage design. And so, if vintage things are your thing, you’re bound to like this unit quite a lot.


  • Made from highly durable material
  • A unique and vintage-like design
  • Multiple storage compartments for your convenience
  • Well-made strap for a secure fit and comfort


  • Its compartments aren’t padded
  • Lacks the kind of weatherproofing we’d expect from an all-weather unit

5. Lowepro Inverse LP35236

There are so many backpacks on the market but few of them are designed with the discerning photographer in mind. In that regard, this one from Lowepro stands out with its dedicated design.

For instance, it has a dedicated compartment for a medium zoom lens. In addition, there’s extra space to carry 2 extra lenses in it.

However, you’d need to attach some of those lenses horizontally to maximize on space.

In its entirety, this backpack boasts a 3D contoured mesh lumbar belt. The belt is easy-to-adjust and is specifically meant to ensure there’s an even distribution of weight all across.

The straps are also adequately padded. This ensures you’re always comfortable even when carrying excess weight for a whole day.

And unlike other bags that hide the camera compartment far away, this one doesn’t. In fact, it comes with a quick-access top. This way, you can access your device without having to remove the backpack from your back.

And as you know, hiking trips can be unpredictable at times. For that reason, you only want to invest in an all-weather backpack.

Fortunately, this one has a built-in all-weather AW cover. The cover does a good job of protecting your precious gear from all kinds of elements.

And there is more – this unit comes with a padded shoulder strap which is detachable. This provides you with the extra carrying options you need at all times.


  • Comes with a 3D contoured mesh lumbar belt
  • Boasts 420D nylon double velocity
  • Detachable straps for added convenience
  • Ability to fit pro DSLR medium zoom lens
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Limited carrying capacity

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6. Lowepro Pro LP36876-PWW Backpack

This is a multipurpose bag in the sense that you can use it for different purposes with ease. In fact, it’s easily convertible into a carry-on backpack which makes it easy maneuver in different situations.

So, whether you have a hill to climb or a jungle to trek through, this bag has it all. You can even use it for your routine works e.g. whenever you have a shoot to go to.

Now, let’s see what’s in store for you. Number one, you get the space to keep up to 6 extra lenses and speedlights.

Besides that, you get a generous capacity to store all your precious cameras in. Lastly, you get a padded interior that enables you to accommodate at least 3 screens.

Thanks to this enhanced space capacity, you can always use this bag to carry anything you need.

No doubt, this is a travel-friendly unit as well. Its YKK locking zippers are nothing but wonderful. Most importantly, its mesh side pockets and adjustable sternum strap make it an instant darling to travelers.

​A closer look at it further reveals a creative front document pocket, a convertible compression as well as SlipLock attachment loops for ease of use.


  • Perfectly padded and shaped for photography devices
  • Has a sleek and modern look
  • Customizable interior for added flexibility
  • Great zip quality
  •  Superb sternum strap for a comfortable fit


  • Its handle is quite unsteady and rotates from time to time

7. Lowepro LP36869 Fastpack Backpack

If you don’t mind forking out a few more dollars for a classy camera backpack for hiking, it’s high time you zero-in on the Lowepro LP36869.

Some of its primary storage zones include a camera zone, a dedicated storage for accessories and flexible interior. The flexible interior comes in handy with its freedom to customize.

The bag also has an open zone at the top. This also presents you with multiple pockets that you can use to keep pens, cables, and a smartphone.

However, as you know, hiking puts a great strain on you. Can you imagine carrying such a huge bag for a whole day and having to keep up with the demands of the jungle?

Fortunately, this unit comes with a padded waistbelt. This can be used to take care of extra weight and also provide a superior, custom-fit.


  • Has a built-in all weather cover
  •  Lots of storage zones for convenience
  • Padded pockets for added security to your devices
  • Freedom to customize some parts of the interior
  • Long lasting design


  • Not as roomy, more of a medium-sized backpack

8. Thule TCDK-101 DSLR Rolltop Backpack

What do class and quality mean to you? Well, if you’re after excellence, don’t let the TCDK-101 miss out of your list.

The backpack comes with a generous capacity that can house a pro DSLR body. In fact, it can even house an ultra-wide-angle lens.

It also has a dual-density padded bottom. That’s good enough for providing an extra layer of safety for all your devices. On top of that, this bag goes a long way in providing you with a custom fit design and protection.

Inside it is a creatively made divider system which conveniently folds around al gear types. So, if you’re after the best MacBook Pro laptop backpack, this one has got your back.


  • Provides a spacious rolltop compartment
  • Built-in zipper dividers for creative customization
  • Can accommodate ultra-wide-lens
  • Classy and sleek design


  • The bag is a bit too huge for small-bodied individuals
  • Pricey

9. Lowepro LP36888 Photo Sport

Few backpacks have the kind of flexibility offered by this one. Indeed, it comes with the ability to keep your precious gear secure no matter what.

Think of rock climbing, biking, running or even snowboarding! This is the go-to bag since it has all the alterations that matter.

For instance, it features a custom pull-tab which enables you to clinch and even tighten your gear perfectly in place. Just one swift action is all it takes to enjoy a bounce-free protection.

Moving on, this backpack enjoys a roomy top loading compartment. This is built with all it takes to safeguard everything you might have on board even in rugged conditions.

Most importantly, you can enjoy using this bag all thanks to its comfort features. For instance, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps alongside a sternum strap.

And in case you’re carrying too much weight, you can always tap into the provided waist strap. This comes with two zippered side pockets as well where you can stash a few quick grab items.

​Overall, the unit is further safeguarded by a well-made AW cover which ensures your stuff is safe from snow, dust, sand, and rain. And lastly, this unit has a great adapter complete with a 2-liter hydration reservoir for your convenience.


  • Roomy and durable design
  • Designed to be comfortable for all-day wear
  • Padded interior for protection to delicate gear
  • Has an all-weather cover for additional safety
  • Quick release buckles provided for quick access


  • Lacks a divider between the top and bottom compartments

10. Incase CL58068 DSLR Pro Pack

What if your wish is to find a simple bag that specifically focuses on practicality? Well, this DSLR backpack for hiking is sure to stun.

In fact, it can accommodate up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro, a smartphone and even an iPad. That’s in addition to a full sized DLSR full body camera.

On the exterior, its 840D nylon construction is quite powerful and durable. Inside it is a huge storage volume. The interior comprises a few customizable dividers. You can use these to design compartments unique to your type of camera, lens, and other accessories.

Holding all that weight, however, requires a well-made design. Luckily, this one has a mesh back panel that’s pretty convenient. Its large, padded shoulder straps are also of great importance and they go a long way in enhancing your comfort as well.


  • Well-made, customizable interior
  • Awesome straps for optimal comfort and convenience
  • Its zips are of great quality
  • Looks great and quite practical


  • Its side pockets don’t fit an average water bottle

DSLR Camera Backpack for Hiking – Buying Guide

A camera backpack for hiking should be well made. But above all, it should be designed in a manner that it’s resilient to the dynamic needs of outdoor life. For that reason, we’d recommend considering the following factors when shopping for one.

All-Weather Design

The jungle can be unpredictable. You might be greeted by an all-sunny morning only to be surprised by a stormy mid-day. For that reason, we’d specifically insist on going for a bag with weatherproof features.

Customizable Interior

Photography and video recording gear come in all shapes and sizes. For that reason, you want to make sure the kind of backpack you settle has the capacity to adjust to your needs. So, avoid going for bags with sturdy interiors all-through. Instead, try to find one with flexible dividers for optimal design flexibility.

Secure & Comfortable Design

The first sign that a backpack is safe for your devices is the sight of a padded surface. Such a surface would conveniently act as a shock-absorber thereby protecting your cameras and lens from direct impact in case of a fall. Also, the comfort of the straps matters a lot. Go for straps and sternum designs that allow for a secure and comfortable fit.

Which One Is The Best?

In our opinion, the Lowepro Inverse LP35236 is the best choice overall. It’s well-designed and has the kind of capacity you need for all your heavy-duty gear. It’s also all-weather ready and sleek in design. We’d recommend it as a great choice for all-time use.

Final Thoughts

As a photographer, videographer or hobbyist, knowing your devices are secured is the best feeling ever. So, don’t hesitate to find a good bag to add to your collection. Who knows, it might be the reason why your next hiking trip will be the most rewarding one!

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