Best CF Card for Canon 5D Mark III 2023: 6 Top CF Cards For Footage Photos

If you are a photo fanatic, then you must have had the opportunity to sample the final products coming from the Canon 5D Mark III. The camera has a dual memory card slot that carries a compact flash (CF), and the other one holds the secure digital (SD) memory card. The CF cards are faster and perform better in video recordings, therefore, giving you the best choice in selecting the primary memory card to use.

In this article, we will cover the best CF cards for Canon 5D Mark III.

Here is a table comparing their various features in case you do not get the opportunity to go through the entire article.

Best CF Card for Canon 5D Mark III

About the Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III is popular with professional camera handlers because of the great imaging and well-built body. The camera assures you of both auto and manual exposure controls and audio levels control are capable of autofocus, and audio monitoring.

The 5D Mark III allows using both internal and external microphone with noise suppression features. This feature is ideal for capturing videos in the open without interference and guarantees a clear sound.

The video saving mode is .Mov files that use MPEG-4 AVC/H.2.64 encoding offering different resolutions within the ranges of 1920 X 1080, 1280 X 820, and 640 X 480.  All these resolutions guarantee you a bright and vivid picture.

The listed CF cards below are suitable for use in your Canon 5D Mark III, all you have to do is look at their features and their prices as well as your immediate work environment to help you decide on the best.

CF Card for Canon 5D Mark III – Comparison

The following review does not follow any particular order, so you need to read the review and make an informed choice.

RankingProduct NameFlash Memory TypeMemory Storage
1Lexar Professional 1066 x 32GB CF CardCompactFlash32 GB
2Transcend Compact Flash Memory CardCompactFlash64
3Komputerbay 32GB CardCompactFlash32 GB
4ScanDisk 32GB Extreme PROCompactFlash32 GB
5Delkin CF700 Memory CardCompact Flash CF Memory Card32 GB

1. Lexar Professional 1066 x 32GB CF Card

Use this storage to capture the best moment in high-quality images and videos at an amazing speed. The minimum and the maximum read speed are 65MB and 155MB per second respectively. The CF card can store 1080p full HD videos including 3K and 4K video formats. With the video capture guarantee rates as VPG-65, you are sure of getting high-quality video.

The amount of storage on each Lexa Professional cards is the differentiating factor.


  • High-speed performance using the UDMA technology for reading transfer speed
  • Backed by professionals in the industry and given a lifetime warranty
  • Available in different storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB


  • Poor customer service on quality control
  • Some cards contain errors leading to failures when in use

2. Transcend Compact Flash Memory Card

Get the best and high-quality videos and images using Transcends innovative technology.  The cards support the CompactFlash 6.0 rating, and this is in line with its high-speed performance and vast storage. The ultimate brand of the transcend family implements has a Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) rating of 20. The manufacturers assure you of getting high-quality pictures without dropping frames even when using 3D.


  • Very high speeds of up to 1000X in performance and reading at 160MB and writing at 120MB
  • Built using innovative technology that supports the detection and correction of errors
  • The card supports four channels and multiplatform compatibility
  • Uses ATA interface
  • Available in the ranges of 16GB to 128GB storage capacity


  • The cost is prohibitive compared to other cards

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3. Komputerbay 32GB Card

The Komputerbay CF card allows you to download and store a huge number of pictures and videos. You can purchase this card for use in digital cameras, camcorders and any other Compact Flash-enabled devices. With the card in place, the makers of this card assure you that you will never run out of memory anytime soon


  • A very high speed of 1066X that enables you to record data playback and transfer quickly and easily
  • Highly compatible with any device that is Compact Flash enabled
  • The company assures a lifetime read guarantee giving long lasting and reliable storage.


  • Produces distorted playback on LCD camera
  • Slow camera response

4. ScanDisk 32GB Extreme PRO

A camera operator who wants a CF card that withstands their rigorous schedule, ScanDisk 32GB has sustained write speeds that capture 4K cinema quality Ultra HD and Full HD video. The cards have a VPG rating of 65 that confirms the smooth video capture and write speeds of up to 150MB per second. You can capture continuous bursts by capturing multiple frames in a second.

ScanDisk extreme PRO as the name suggests is said to work on extreme weather conditions with temperature ranging from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. A video shooter working on extreme weather conditions can depend on this CF memory card.


  • Available in storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 265GB
  • Offer good quality performance and reliability
  • Has a unique and sleek design model
  • The high speed guarantees quick media transfers
  • Compatible with most compatible media devices


  • The compact flash may corrupt some media files

5. Delkin CF700 Memory Card

With writing speeds of about 67MB per second, the CF 700X series promises the support of recording in slow motion with a guarantee of not dropping frames or slowing the camera buffer. The construction of the Delkin CF700 goes through controlled production to increase their longevity, quality, and reliability.


  • The card does not drop frames in HD recordings
  • Supports Rapid-fire RAW recording
  • Excellent in slow motion video recording


  • Some cameras do not recognize the card

CF Card for Canon 5D Mark III – Buying Guide

Getting the best Compact Flash for your canon 5D Mark III can be tricky especially when new cameras and features replace the earlier versions. To get the best performance for your camera, you would need the best memory cards like the ones already listed in the review.

The canon 5D Mark III supports dual memory card slots meaning you will always be having enough memory to spare

What You Need to Know About the CF Cards

These cards use flash memory meaning they consume less power compares to other storage devices. Do not be shocked of their powerful nature because of their small and rugged nature.

Their thickness cushions them against bending or breaking and may be not losing them when swapping them. Most of these cards have storage capacities that will answer every videographer or camera operator’s needs. Memory sizes vary in the ranges of 4GB to 512GB. Like any other storage devices, the price is distinguishing factor in the market.

Their slight similarities to SD cards are in their small and compact nature and using the two means sliding them into the camera slot. The major differences however are thickness seen in CF cards and have higher storage capacities than SD cards.

The tough build found in CF cards makes them hard to break. If you compare the SD and CF cards in the same harsh environment prone to breakages, the CF will last you longer giving more storage time.  

The feature provided by CF cards such as excellent speeds in reading and writing is what makes people love them. It is even more surprising that owner of a camera such as the Canon 5D Mark III with dual slots for both CF and SD cards; people prefer to use the CF cards.

Which one is the Best?

This review has five CF memory cards that you can consider for your camera model, but to get the best, you need to look at things such as the purpose of the video you are about to take, video format, video editing suite, storage medium, and work environment.

You can use the same conversations to consider a CF card for any digital device that supports them. We hope that you the list of the best CF card for Canon 5D Mark III will give you the best performance and if you need lots of RAW video recording with no buffers then go for the Delkin CF700. The Delink supports recording videos in slow motion. However, for faster recording you will need the Komputerbay 32GB Card reading at 1066X is a perfect solution.

Remember that every memory card has ranging memory storage capacities that determine the size and type of videos that you can store. Please note the higher the storage capacity the more money you are likely to spend.

Please share with us which CF memory model do you use or intend to use, let us know in the comment section.

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