6 Best Case for Sony RX100 in 2023

The Sony RX 100 is a compact digital camera that is a host of features fitted into the small but sturdy frames. The camera comes down from a history of features for the modern photographer’s needs. When it comes to traveling, you need a small and a handy one that allows for ease of access when you want to switch batteries or memory cards.

A good camera case should offer protection to your equipment and provide an ideal space for storing your camera when not in use. Choosing the best case is not as easy as it may seem, you have to look at many parameters as you also look at the comfort it brings when carrying it.

The table below illustrates some of the features of the best case for your Sony digital camera.

Best Case for Sony RX100

Case for Sony RX100 – Comparison

RankingProduct NameMaterialColor
1MegaGear Ultra-Light NeopreneNeopreneBlack
2MegaGear Hard Golf Camera CasePolycarbonateHot Pink
3JJC Camera PouchNeopreneDark Grey
4MegaGear Ever Ready CaseLeatherDark Brown
5Hard Travel CaseEvaBlack
6Black EVA Shock Resistant Compact CaseBlack

1. MegaGear Ultra-Light Neoprene

This MegaGear is an ultra-light neoprene camera case with a design having a sense of convenience and protection in mind. They are tailor-made to fit the camera and lens giving you a perfect snug fit to keep your camera from shaking


  • Tailored for a perfect fit
  • Neoprene material is protective keeping the camera safe from scratches and dust
  • The carabiner is suited for clipping your camera on your backpack or waist
  • Available in bold and vibrant colors
  • Good for outdoor travels


  • Unpeeling the camera from the case is cumbersome

2. MegaGear Hard Golf Camera Case

The Hard Golf Camera Case protects your camera from the possibility of damage while working on the outdoors. The hard case’s design reduces scratches, bumps, and shocks while giving faster access to the device. Use the carabiner to secure your camera on your backpack or waist.


  • Design constructed with a robust, durable exterior with internal foam padding
  • Protects the camera body as well as the lenses
  • Available in fun and artistic colors
  • Accessible carabiner for easy clipping
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Will not fit some RX100 models

3. JJC Camera Pouch

The camera case is for protecting and transporting your camera to the point of the shoot. Made from neoprene material that offers protection from dust, scratches, and minor impact. It is easy to use when you consider the easy to operate touch and fastening flap. There is an inside pocket for battery storage on the inside and another one outside for other smaller accessories such as memory cards.


  • Comfortable and durable neoprene material
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Pockets for storing batteries and other accessories
  • A pouch fastening flap closure


  • Stretches after continued use

4. MegaGear Ever Ready Case

The MegaGear Ever Ready Case is light in weight and features a removable flap that allows taking photos with the camera still inside the protective bag. The leather bi-cast keeps your camera from falling or knocks.


  • Tailored using high-quality leather
  • Enhanced external protection
  • Convenient for rapid use without taking it off the case
  • Stylish design that enables functionality


  • Does not fit some of the RX series

5. Hard Travel Case

The material used for making this case is EVA, which is waterproof can also protect against bumps, dents, and scratches. The case fits the camera making enhancing its portability.


  • The case is a premium compact fit for Sony cameras
  • The case protects against dust, water, dents, and scratches


  • Not very rigid for shock resistance

6. Black EVA Shock Resistant Compact Case

The case is water and shock resistant light in weight and compact design and soft interior that protects your device from scratch. The accessory pockets inside the case give access to batteries and accessories such as memory cards. Small accessory pockets inside the case give you quick access to memory cards and batteries.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Soft interior protects the camera from scratch
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Interior pockets to store smaller camera accessories


  • The rubber case is not shock resistant

Case for Sony RX100 – Buying Guide

Camera cases designs for small cameras should be comfortably be held in hand, wrapped around the neck or on your waist belt. Here are some of the things to look at when looking for the best case for Sony RX100.

  • Size of the camera determines the design that fits your camera and needs
  • The camera orientation should also come into consideration. Are you looking to be holding your camera in a vertical or horizontal position?
  • Straps should also answer your quest to get the best strap choice that fits your wearing style. It can be hanging from both sides of the camera, from the case itself or stuffed to hang vertically.
  • Do you need more space for other camera accessories like extra batteries or SD cards? Then look for a case that has internal or external pockets that can hold such accessories.
  • The two likely contenders for the best case for Sony RX100 are the Hard Travel Case and MegaGear Ultra-Light Neoprene. These two are not only popular but also have strong and sturdy cases and guaranteed camera protection.

However, if you want a clear winner for convenience, the MegaGear Ever Ready Case may not be popular, but the convenience of being able to take photos by flipping the lens cover wins it for this review. It is designed to make work more comfortable for both professionals and beginners because it even allows for setting the camera on a tripod with the case still on.

We hope this information helps you in making a confident decision when it comes to purchasing camera cases and straps. Kindly let us know what questions you have about different situations for your RX 100.

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