5 Best Camera Under 600 Dollars – 2022 Options Alongside a Buyer’s Guide

A few years ago, the best cameras used to command very high prices. But with the advancement in technology, nowadays you can get a great camera for less than $600. Yeah, you heard that right! So, which one is right for you? This guide covers some of the best options available on the market including:

  • Their different sort of specs to keep an eye on
  • Pros and cons
  • Which one is the best?
  • How to choose the right one
Best Camera Under 600 Dollars

Camera Choices Under 600 – Comparison

After testing dozens of camera models, these are our top recommendations that offer the best value for money. Take your time to look at what each has to offer to ensure you find one that meets your needs.

RankingProduct NameModel NameBrand
1Canon EOS T5 Rebel SLR CameraT5Canon
2Nikon D5300 CMOS Digital SLR CameraNikon D5300Nikon
3PANASONIC LUMIX ZS100 CameraPanasonic Lumix ZS100Panasonic
4Sony RX100 Digital CameraSony DSC-RX100/BSony
5Olympus OM-D E-M10 Digital Mirrorless CameraOM-D E-M10 IIOlympus

1. Canon EOS T5 Rebel SLR Camera

If you are new to SLR photography, there is something to like about this Canon camera model. First off, it boasts a lightweight and rugged design to ensure long-lasting performance.

 In addition, it comes equipped with a 3-inch TFT color LCD screen to allow for superior live view recording. Similarly, the camera includes EF-S IS II zoom lens (18-55mm) designed to help you capture photos that are nothing short of brilliant.

On top of that, the camera spots an 18-megapixel image sensor along with the DIGIC 4 image processor. Thanks to these two features, capturing high-resolution pictures and recording HD videos is easy.


  • Allows continuous shooting up to 3fps
  • Plenty of shooting modes
  • Powerful image sensor and processor
  • Records videos in full HD 1080P


  • The battery takes a lot of time to charge and does not last long

2. Nikon D5300 CMOS Digital SLR Camera

Featuring a 24MP CMOS DX-format image sensor, the camera allows you to capture the most life-like pictures in stunning clarity.

Also, it comes with a 3.2-inch Vari-angle LCD screen designed to swivel up to 180-degrees. This enables you to shoot from different and exciting angles.

Additionally, the camera is integrated with Wi-Fi connections to help you share your favorite photos with friends and family. A built-in GPS also come in handy so you can share your location while posting pictures on social networks.


  • Lightweight, compact, and rugged design
  • Excellent autofocus system
  • Large and ultra-high resolution screen
  • Dazzling image and video quality
  • Delivers 5fps continuous shooting


  • Slow photo review

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With 4K video recording, the PANASONIC LUMIX ZS100 camera is capable of delivering ultra-high resolution videos at 30fps. Plus, it incorporates a 0.2-inch Live View Finder for improved visibility when shooting under bright sunlight. 

What’s more? The camera boasts a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor that provides for brighter, clear and vivid images even in low light conditions.

More importantly, it is fitted with a 3-inch LCD that is touch-enabled to allow for a wider and superior viewing experience. Besides, the camera is integrated with the world-renowned 10x zoom lens that offers great flexibility ranging from 25mm to 250mm.


  • Captures high-quality images day and night
  • Offers faster auto-focusing speeds
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Auto-focus feature is not always accurate
  • Lens quality could have been better

4. Sony RX100 Digital Camera

This is yet another great camera perfect for both beginners and advanced photographers. With full HD 1080 video capture at 60fps, the camera allows you to record razor-sharp videos.

Similarly, it includes a wide range of controls for still and video shooting including shutter priority, manual modes, and iAuto mode. This gives you more creative control while helping you refine your photography skills.

You know what else? It comes equipped with a 1-inch CMOS sensor that enables you to capture high-definition images thanks to its 20.2 MP resolution.


  • High-performance lens
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • Customizable control ring
  • A wide range of ISO sensitivity ranging from 125mm to 6400mm
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Lacks wireless capability when it comes to uploading images

5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Digital Mirrorless Camera

Whether you’re just a photo enthusiast or a novice looking to optimize your creativity, this camera delivers perfection with each shot.

Performance wise, it features 5-Axis image stabilization system to help you shoot best-in-class and sharp images on the go. On top of that, the camera offers strong Wi-Fi connectivity for ease of sharing every moment and controlling the device remotely.

Also, you get a large and bright electronic viewfinder featuring 2.36 million pixels so you can effortlessly view what you’re shooting.

Last but not least, it comes fitted with a burst-shooting function with a speed of up to 8.5 shots per second. As such, recording fast-moving subjects is very easy.


  • Silent shutter function for discreet shooting
  • Convenient inbuilt flash
  • 5 variable fps to choose from and intuitive controls
  • Ultra-fast touch auto-focus
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Not ideal for pro photographers
  • Drains battery power very fast

What is the Best Type of Camera for Beginners?

For starters, there are so many camera options under 600 to choose from. Therefore, it is important you determine what type you would want to use.

For instance, if you want simplicity and portability, a small point-and-shoot camera would be best the choice. You can slip it into a spare pocket or your daily backpack. Most point-and-shoot camera models boast a built-in flash and a decent zoom range.

However, if you’re looking for a camera that offers great versatility, you may want to consider a ‘system’ camera.

System Cameras

These are cameras that come with interchangeable lenses and a separate body. With two to three lenses, you can shoot a lot including action sports, portraiture, wildlife, architecture, and still life.

Basically, system cameras are available in different options to choose from including a mirrorless compact and DSLRs cameras. DSLRs are the common type and they tend to be more handful. In fact, they feel more natural and comfortable in the hand.

However, the problem with a camera that comes with multiple lenses is that it is easy to forget the lenses at home. As such, you may miss out on great photo opportunities.

Camera Under 600 Dollars – Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we will outline some of the things to consider when purchasing a camera under 600. Here is what you need to know.

ISO Range

ISO is simply a measure of the camera’s sensitivity to light. Therefore, cameras with higher ISO range makes it easy for you to shoot high-quality images in low light conditions. Generally, cameras offering ISO 1600 or higher are the best.

Image Stabilization

Another factor to keep in mind is image stabilization. This function is especially important for advanced photographers. It simply minimizes shakiness while shooting to keep your video clips and photos looking sharp.


Since you’ll be holding your camera most of the time, you should consider how it feels in your hands. Basically, you should look out for a compact and lightweight model with intuitive controls.


Generally, a higher megapixel count is associated with better, sharp and high-quality images. For less than 600 dollars, you can get a camera with 18MP to 20MP which is good value for money.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed specifically controls how long the camera takes to collect light. This is as opposed to aperture and ISO which work by directing how much light is absorbed.

Basically, shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second. This means that a shutter speed of 1/120 opens for only one 120th of a second. Therefore, a camera with higher shutter speeds tends to capture for a short period of time. And as a result, you get blur-free shots.

Lower shutter speeds, on the other hand, enable you to soak up a lot of light thereby resulting in blurry photos. This is more so if the subject in question and camera are not still.

Lens Quality

Also worth considering is the quality of your camera’s lens. Generally, lenses that have the same aperture and focal length tend to differ substantially in terms of quality.

Poor quality lenses are not sharp enough to filter light through so you can take high-quality images. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to tell the quality of different lenses. So the best approach would be to read customer reviews and stick with reputable camera brands for guaranteed quality lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

With that in mind, below are a few frequently asked questions about best cameras under 600 that we came across. Check them out.

What is the best camera for under $600?

It depends more on your preferences. But for under $600, you can get a really good mirrorless camera, DSLR, or compact camera.

Are mirrorless cameras better than DSLRs?

Mirrorless cameras are lighter, faster, more compact, and better for taking videos. However, this comes at the cost of access to lesser lenses plus accessories. DSLRs, on the other hand, have the advantage in lens selection. They also work better in low light but are more bulky and complex.

What is the best resolution for a good camera under 600?

Generally, a higher resolution is associated with high-quality and sharp images. So, for less than $600, you can get a good camera with at least 18MP.

Which is best for you?

While all these cameras are worth considering, the Nikon D5300 CMOS Digital SLR stands out as the best option for you in this guide. We love the fact that both beginners and seasoned photographers can benefit from it. Not to mention its Vari-angle LCD screen, Wi-Fi connection and GPS feature that ensures better performance.

Final Words

Getting the best camera under 600 will definitely help you hone your photography skills especially if you’re a beginner. Although some of these cameras cannot compete with most high-end cameras, they make a great investment for any photographer.

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