10 Best Camera Sling Bag 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

The camera sling bag was a hit sometime in the past and it is now resurfacing as a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike.

Since this is the case, it would make sense for us to talk about the best camera sling bags. Photographers are now keen on minimalizing their gear with cameras getting compact over time.

We would love to take you through the correct process of acquiring a good bag, so why don’t you come with us?

Best Camera Sling Bag

Camera Sling Bag 2023: Comparison

We’ve got a pretty long and detailed reviews article here. Don’t have time for that? Here’s a shorter comparison table obtained from the main article.

RankingProduct NameColorWeight
1Altura Photo Sling Camera Backpack BagBlack1.1 Pounds
2USA Gear Backpack Case Camera Sling BagBlack1.05 Pounds
3CADeN Camera Waterproof BackPack Camera BagL4-black2.16 Pounds
4CADeN Sling Back Pack DSLR/SLR Camera BagD15 Black1.49 Pounds
5Mind Shift Photo cross 13 Gear Sling BagCarbon Gray2.65 pounds
6Qipi Sling Bag Style Camera bag CaseBlack1.7 pounds
7Amazon Basics SLR Black Camera Sling BagBlack1.5 pounds
8Lowepro Sling Passport III protective sling BagGrey1.1 pounds
9MOSISO Mirrorless Case SLR Sling BagBlack1.4 pounds
10Neewer Backpack Case Sling Camera BagPurple1.25 pounds

1. Altura Photo Sling Camera Backpack Bag

The Altura Photo Sling Camera Backpack Bag is for those who are really active with shoots as it provides a fast release strap. This offers a secure fastening on your body. Of course, this also prevents the bag from constantly swinging when running or even cycling.

Product Description

One great thing about this bag is that it comes with two access points. The first access point is through the side door. This one helps you to hold the lens or camera while your bag is still attached to the body.

The cavernous front door is the other access point. You can customize this one with Velcro dividers to help it fit a big DSLR camera with up to 3 lenses and other accessories. The bag’s internal dimensions are 5” deep and 8” wide and 10.2 “high.

Other Features and Benefits 

The top of this bag features a small zippered pocket that you can use to store your small items such as keys, a spare battery, or flash triggers. The inner side also has a see-through mesh pocket, which can be used to store clean cloth, memory cards, and the like.

The good this is that this pocket is fitted with a flap on the top, which helps to prevent your items from falling off when folding the door flap back. When it comes it comes to design, the bag’s exterior is beautiful and simple with a grey center strap and mostly black design.

Another great thing is that this bag us light and nice and performs effectively when fully loaded and as a camera sling bag since it stays well balanced in weight distribution. Also, it is well padded on the back for maximum comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable
  • Compact size
  • Affordable price


  • Tight space

2. USA Gear Backpack Case Camera Sling Bag

Our next item on this list is the USA Gear Backpack Case Camera Sling Bag. This bag is a great size for carrying DSLR lens, cameras, and accessories. Let’s do a brief review to give a better understanding of the sling bag.

Product Description

Velcro dividers are super important in a camera bag as they help to keep your camera components and electronics safe. Most bags have inbuilt camera gear slots, but this USA gear bag features a Velcro adhesion on the sides.

This means that the bag can house any type of gear, and you can be rest assured that they will be well protected. This product is ideal for carrying a DSLR camera, additional lenses, and personal accessories you might require. More importantly, this product comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Other Features and Benefits 

The sling strap system makes it easy for you to access your camera or gear. You can rotate the bag from your back to the front with much ease. Another great feature is that this sling bag has a removable rain cover that protects your valuable items when it unexpectedly starts raining.

There’s more. The interior dividers are well padded for protecting your gear and other accessories in case the bag fall down. Besides that, you can remove or add the dividers to suit your packing needs. The multiple pockets in this bag allow you to store items such as lenses, straps, flash, camera, and many more.

The shoulder strap is also padded, which ensures you are comfortable while carrying the bag. Also, the strap can be used on the right or left side. Simply clip it to the loops located on the lower corner of this bag. The padded back also helps in making the bag more comfortable.


  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to access the camera
  • Comfy shoulder strap
  • Adjustable and removable dividers


  • Weak stitching

3. CADeN Camera Waterproof BackPack Camera Bag

The other camera bag to earn a spot on this list is the CADeN Camera Waterproof BackPack Camera Bag. This grey colored bag is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable yet secure bag.

Product Description

The bad can fit one camera, a tripod, three lenses, and other accessories. It has zippered a design on the side and front, which makes it easy to access your gear and camera. In addition, there is a top zipper pocket that you can use to store your daily necessities.

Other Features and Benefits 

The elastic mesh pocket on the side can be used to store your tripod or water bottle. The sling design makes further enables you to access your camera and lenses easily and quickly. Besides that, you can adjust the shoulder strap to a personal preference for maximum comfort.

Its interior is highly padded, which helps to protect your expensive items from scratches and accidental shocks. More importantly, this bag comes with a one year guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • One year guarantee
  • Highly padded interior
  • Easy to access your camera and other categories
  • Multiple pockets
  • Affordable


  • Non-removable strap

4. CADeN Sling Back Pack DSLR/SLR Camera Bag

The CADeN Sling Back Pack DSLR/SLR Camera Bag is well designed and comes with a nice elegant design. Its quick and easily accessible multiple doors make it easy for you to get your camera while staying on one location or when moving about.

Product Description

This backpack features some of the best drop protection and best crash on the market today. It has 28 mm thick Eva foam that helps to protect the pouches of the bag. Besides that, it features seven thick layers of padding, which means even full drops at long heights cannot damage the items in the bag.

The interior has a breathable and shockproof mat that features a hidden pocket that you can use to put your personal items such as data cable, ID or card, or other accessories. In addition, the strap is well padded to reduce pressure on your shoulder.

The bag has three pieces of buckle system that protects your valuable electronics from being stolen. Also, this unit comes with a one year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Other Features and Benefits 

The exterior lining of the bag contains a waterproof coating that acts as a barrier between any form of liquid and your expensive electronics. In case the moisture becomes too much, this mode comes with a cover that protects your items from rain.

The other great feature is that the bag has two access points that allow you to access the camera within two seconds. More importantly, it can be used in multiple ways. You can use it on the back as a backpack, or you can use it on the front as a chest bag.

Then there are pockets on the exterior that you can use to store sunglasses, battery, cap, lens, etc. The four extra pockets on the inside, making it easy for you to access credit cards, SD card, or other essential items you may need.


  • Extreme protection
  • Adequate space
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Lightweight


  • Fits one camera only

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5. Mind Shift Photo cross 13 Gear Sling Bag

Another great option is the MindShiftPhotocross 13 Gear Sling Bag. This product is well designed and provides you with quick and easy access to your kit. This is all thanks to the unique side-opening design that allows you to swing it around then easily grab your gear.

Product Description

The top zippered panel makes it easier for you to access your camera and other accessories. The interior of the zippered panel features two mesh pockets that you can use to organize and store memory cards, camera batteries, or any other small electronic.

There is also a slip pocket on the bag’s side where you can fit your computer. The four removable and adjustable dividers allow you to arrange your camera and other personal belongings in the most preferred manner.

There is a stretchable side pocket that you can use to keep your trekking pole, monopod, or a tripod. This sling bag is made with a polyester and nylon, which makes it sturdy and durable. It is designed to water-resistant and features a cover that helps to protect your belongings when it rains.

Other Features and Benefits 

When you rotate this sling bag from the back to the front, you will find a pocket in between the front panel and the camera compartment. This zippered pocket can be used to store notebooks, clothing, or even snacks.

Carrying this bag is super easy because it features an inbuilt side and top handle. Besides that, the shoulder strap is adjustable and well-padded, so it rests comfortably on your shoulder without causing discomfort.

It also has a stability wing that helps to distribute weight evenly along the shoulder. For a better fit, this bag has a waist belt that can be used with stability wing or shoulder strap to prevent the bag from unnecessarily shifting to the front, especially on rough and uneven terrains.


  • Waterproof bottom
  • Well-padded straps and interior
  • Stretchable pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • A bit pricy

6. Qipi Sling Bag Style Camera bag Case

If you want a camera sling bag that offers you quick access to your gear, consider checking out the Qipi Sling Bag Style Camera bag Case. The bag has a beautiful purple color in the interior and black color on the outside. To know more about this sling bag Read on!

Product Description

For starters, the bag is designed with an easy to access item design. As a result, you can easily rotate it form your back to the front, which offers you easy and quick access to your camera or other items you may have packed in the bag.

Besides that, the crossbody shoulder strap is well padded for optimum comfort. So you don’t need to worry about the bag’s strap hurting your shoulder or making you uncomfortable. The bag comes with a six-month satisfaction guaranteed warranty from the manufacturer.

Other Features and Benefits 

This bag holds your mirrorless or DSLR camera with a regular zoom lens, and it also spacious enough to hold additional flash units and lenses. Then there’s rain cover that helps to keep your valuable items safe and dry. This means you can use it in any weather condition.

In terms of size, this back is large enough to hold all the necessary items. The bag’s dimensions are 5.9″ height, 9.4″ Width, and 10.6 lengths. As you can see, that interior is super large and contains removable organizer inserts.

More importantly, you can easily customize this backpack to meet your needs. The small compartments are designed to hold your essential items neatly. Also, you don’t need to worry about your items being stolen since this unit features an anti-theft pocket. So, you can safely pack your valuables in the pack when traveling or outdoors.


  • Makes it easy to access the camera
  • Extra pockets
  • Super comfortable
  • Safe


  • A bit small

7. Amazon Basics SLR Black Camera Sling Backpack Bag

Next up is the AmazonBasics SLR Black Camera Sling Backpack Bag. The good thing about this bag is that it has an ergonomic design and is affordably priced. It can fit 2-3 lenses and one SLR body and several accessories.

Product Description 

The interior of this bag is heavily cushioned to protect your expensive equipment from any kind of damage. Besides that, the sling design makes it easier for you to carry and access your camera. You just need to quickly and easily slide it from the back to the front.

Another notable feature is that the interior has a bright orange color that makes it easy to find your dark-colored gear a snap. You can adjust or even remove the dividers for convenient storage. On top of that, the interior can be configured as o meet your storage needs.

Other Features and Benefits 

The main compartment is large enough to hold the main accessories and your camera. Also, the inside has two inside pockets that you use to pack extra memory cards. The mesh pocket on the outside and the zippered compartment offers great storage for additional items such as batteries, phones, flash, or keys.

Then there’s the buckled strap that helps in securing the tripod to the backpack’s side. Also, the bottom is fitted with rubber feet that allow you to stand the bag upright whenever you want to put it down. The top handle is used to lift the backpack easily when you want to go.

This bag will serve you for a long time because it is built from a nylon and polyester exterior, which makes it quite sturdy and durable. More importantly, it comes with a manufacturer’s on year warranty.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Several inside pockets
  • Tripod securing design
  • Durable


  • ConNot suitable for large lensess1

8. Lowepro Sling Passport III protective sling Bag

For skiers, mountain climbers, hikers, and climbers who love capturing unexplored spots, the Lowepro Sling Passport III protective sling Bag might be an excellent option. It is convenient and easy to access, which allows you to get your camera and capture intimate sights easily.

Product Description

This model is designed as a durable and universal sling bag. This means you can use it for a long time and it will stay in good condition. In addition, the bag comes in two different colors grey and black, which allows you to select the most preferred color.

The Lowepro Sling Passport III protective sling Bag can fit a Sony NEX or compact DSLR, including a Nikon D3200 and 18-55 mm lens, smartphone, flash, additional lens, tablet, and other personal items. Further, this camera bag has a cradleFit design pocket and floating-foam style that protects and suspends your valuable items.

Other Features and Benefits 

There multiple separate compartments on this bag where you can pack your neatly pack your essential items. You will find three pockets on the exterior of the bag where you can pack your documents, a bottle of water, or even sunglasses.

Besides that, you can customize the shoulder strap in this backpack to your preference. You can also extend the bag significantly by increasing the interior compartment up to 30 %. As you can see, it is almost impossible to run out of space with this camera sling bag.

The shoulder pad is easily removable, and the shoulder strap can also be adjusted to the most comfortable length. This makes it an ideal choice for traveling, especially on those long journeys where you need maximum comfort. Finally, the backpack has an easy and quick unzipping.


  • Can be expanded
  • Features multiple pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • A bit pricy

9. MOSISO Mirrorless Case SLR/DSLR Camera Sling Bag

If you are looking for a small camera bag that will give you a little bit of everything, the MOSISO Mirrorless Case SLR/DSLR Camera Sling Bag might just be what you are looking for. It is designed to hold your camera and other personal items securely.

Product Description

This MOSISO bag is highly padded, which helps to protect your camera and other essentials. This means in case you accidentally drop the sling bag, the items in the bag will not be damaged. Still, on safety, this unit is waterproof, shockproof, and breathable, which further guarantees your item’s safety.

The bag also has an adjustable strap, which makes it ideal for rotating it around from the back to your front. There is also a strap on the side that can be used as a tripod holder. This bag ensures you access your camera quickly without having to shuffle it around.

Other Features and Benefits 

The main compartment of the MOSISO bag can wrap around and fit n DSLRSLR/ plus an attached lens. It can also fit an extra lens for changing when necessary. Then there is a mesh sleeve on the outside, which you can use to pack small items such as keys, phone, or sunglasses.

The good thing is that your item’s safety is not compromised. The compartment is not only secured with a zipper but also features a buckle for maximum security. So you don’t need to worry about your items getting stolen.

The pocket on the top is well rounded and can be used to fit flash or other accessories you might require. That’s not all. There is a hidden pocket on the back that can be used items like wallet, keys, or credit card since the bag is safe from theft.


  • Removable inserts
  • Easy to access the gear and camera
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Lightweight


  • Weak stitching

10. Neewer Backpack Case Sling Camera Bag

The Neewer Backpack Case Sling Camera Bag is one of the most durable sling bags on this list. It is well made with high-quality material, which makes it super sturdy. Though sturdy, it is lightweight so you will not have a problem carrying the bag around.

Product Description

This backpack can be used to fit different cameras and accessories such as Olympus, Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, and other DSLR photographic gadgets. It has a great capacity and can fit cameras with a regular zoom lens.

In addition, this sling bag allows you to pack additional lenses, monopod holder, LED, flashes, and batteries. The dividers can be adjusted, which makes it easy for you to arrange your belongings neatly. The mesh pocket on the inside can be used to store smaller items such as monopod or tripod.

Other Features and Benefits

This is a great bag for traveling because it has ample space for storing the items you require. It is specifically designed for maximum on-the-go use. On top of that, it has several compartments that you can use to pack your gear and other personal items in a convenient and safe place.

Like all the items on this list, this bag has a sling backpack style that allows to quickly and easily rotate the bag from the back to the front. This makes it easy for you to access your camera. There is also the breathable shoulder strap that makes it convenient to carry the bag.

The shoulder strap is well padded, which prevents it from hurting your shoulder or causing any kind of discomfort. The dividers are also padded, which ensures your items are not damaged in case the backpack fall down accidentally. Also worth mentioning is the rain cover that protects the items in case it rains.


  • Ideal for traveling
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to access the camera


  • A bit small

Buying Guide for Camera Sling Bag

The best camera sling bag is meant to replace heavy camera backpacks and you need to consider a few features before buying one such as:

Lightweight Structure

Chances are that you will be walking around a lot with your camera whenever you are shooting. So who wants a heavy bag weighing down on them? No one in their right mind we bet!

You want your sling bag to be lightweight so this means no heavy material.

Comfortable Strap

As you carry your bag, the strap will have to go on your shoulder and perhaps pass through your chest. The last thing you want is for the straps to be abrasive or bite into your skin.

A good bag should have extra padding on the back and on the straps. This will provide cushioning to make carrying the bag easier.

Bag Durability

You should be able to carry your bag regardless of prevailing weather conditions. This means that it should be durable enough to withstand the rain as well as the scorching sun.

It should also be waterproof to prevent water from seeping in and damaging your camera.

Easy to Shift

You want to be able to shift your bag from the back to the front and vice versa easily. You will be putting your camera in and out of your bag countless times and you do not want to be struggling with your bag each time you do that.

Bag Compartments

A bag with several compartments is better than one without. Why? Well, because with compartments, you are able to organize your gear better instead of tossing it all in one place where it will be hard to find.

Besides, having your camera gear in different compartments evenly distributes weight in the bag which is a good thing.

Bag Size

Generally, sling bags are small in size but you want to get one that will fit your basic camera gear. Some bags are extremely small that even fitting your camera in is a problem.

Measure your camera before picking out a bag.

How to Safely Travel with your Camera

As a photographer, you are going to be travelling with your camera a lot of times. As such, you need to be careful about how you do that.

Here are a few tips that can be of help.

Conceal or Get Rid of Branding

The logo on your bag and camera say a lot about how much you paid for it and this makes you an easy target for thieves.

You want to hide any branding on your bag or remove it altogether to avoid all the hassle.

Use Padding

Anything can happen while you are in transit, regardless of how good your bag is. As such, you want to cushion your camera with extra padding to reduce chances of it getting damaged.

You can also get a padded case to put your camera in before putting it in the bag.

Carry Several Memory Cards

As much as you try to safeguard your stuff, you are bound to misplace it, plus there is always the threat of unprincipled people trying to steal it from you.

The good thing about camera gear is that most of it is replaceable. However, there is no way you can recover lost content from your memory cards.

This is the reason why you should always have your content spread out on multiple cards. When it comes to things like external hard disks, they have a lifespan as well, so you see why this makes sense.

Get Insurance

Since anything can happen to your camera gear, you want to ensure that it is guaranteed. This way, you can always have your stuff replaced when damaged or lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about sling bags? Be sure to go through the ones below and perhaps you can have one or two answered.

What is the best sling bag?

There are many amazing sling bags in the market, so we cannot single out a particular one as the best. However, there are certain features like portability and durability that make a bag worth buying and these are the ones you should be looking out for when making your purchase.

Is there a difference between a crossbody and sling bag?

Both terms are often used interchangeably. Crossbody refers to when the strap of the bag runs from the shoulder to the hip diagonally.

It is also referred to as a sling bag because it is easy to spin around. Therefore, both terms are used to refer to the same thing.

Why is a sling bag better than a backpack?

When using a sling bag to carry your camera, you can easily and rapidly access it by shifting the bag from your back to the front without removing it.

With a backpack, you have to remove it from your back first to access your camera.

What should I carry in my sling bag?

Remember that this bag is smaller in capacity compared to backpacks. In that regard, you want to carry only the key things that you will need such as memory cards and extra batteries.

Best Choice

The Altura Photo Sling Camera Backpack Bag is, in our view, difficult to beat. Its adjustable padded dividers make it highly versatile. Lastly, it boasts good build quality which makes it ideal for long-term use.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a fan of sling bags or not, you can now see why it would be beneficial to own one for your camera.

Avoid carrying too much stuff in the bag though since it only has one strap which can make things too heavy and uncomfortable for you.

You have all the information you need to make the right choice so go ahead and do it.

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