The 6 Best Camera Bag for Sony a6000 in 2023

If you own a camera, it means that you will always be on the move with your camera. Do not take the risk of parking your camera in the checked luggage area unless you want to add yours to the statistics of lost Sony A6000.

When traveling you need to have your camera on board and place it where you can easily access it. There are several bags that we will review and help you decide on the best option to choose. These options are fair both to your shoulder and to the wallet.

Best Camera Bag for Sony a6000

Camera Bag for Sony a6000: Comparison

RankingProduct NameMaterialColor
1Sony LCSU21 Carrying CaseClothBlack
2zdMoon Camera Canvas BagCanvasGrey
3MegaGear Ever ReadyPU LeatherLight Brown
4Nylon SLR BagNylonGrey
5Valufoto Khaki SlingPolyesterBlack
6ONA- Camera Messenger BagDark Truffle

1. Sony LCSU21 Carrying Case

This bag is stylish with soft padding for extra protection. The bag has enough room to carry a camera, a camcorder, additional lenses, and other accessories. The bag has two more dividers inside each with a Velcro fastener on both ends that allows repositioning the dividers’ whichever way you like. The bag has an adjustable strap for carrying around the shoulder.


  • Best suited for camcorders, alpha next cameras, and cybershop cameras.
  • The bag is stylish with a soft canvas to provide extra protection
  • Has an adjustable inner partition for extra storage


  • May not fit all camera accessories that are non-essential

2. zdMoon Camera Canvas Bag

The bag is a well-constructed package with a perfectly stitched exterior. The case is made of a padded bright orange interior so hiding small accessories in the bag becomes less of a nightmare. Other than the carry on straps, there is a big belt on the side to hoist the bag on the side or as a backpack. The outer pouch can hold a USB charging cable, a spare battery, and a small remote control.


  • Light and durable canvas construction
  • Protects camera against damage, scratches, and dust
  • Enough storage and pockets to store accessories


  • The bag tends to flip when using the strap because of the central stitching position

3. MegaGear Ever Ready

The MegaGear Ever Ready is a lightweight design that features movable flap that enables the taking of pictures when still inside the camera. The bi-cast cast has a soft interior that protects against falls and breakages.


  • The natural leather has a battery compartment
  • Its rugged construction gives maximum cover camera against shock, dust, and image
  • Functional accessibility, all the camera access points, slots, and buttons are accessible without opening the bag
  • Stylish design for both the experienced and the newbies


  • Chances of getting a different color are very high

4. Nylon SLR Bag

Use this bag to protect your camera from water as you can comfortably travel with it. The enclosure is made of a soft cushion and a non-scratch microfiber cloth. Inside the bag, three enclosures can store memory cards, batteries, chargers, etc. Traveling with this bag should make it easy for you to stay organized even when carrying most accessories.


  • Organizes and protects your camera and accessories
  • Water resistant bag
  • The walls are double-padded to guarantee extra protection


  • May not fit all accessories at once

5. Valufoto Khaki Sling

Manufactures of this sling bad assure you that it is made of durable materials. The bag has enough storage for DSLR attached to the lens and still has enough space for another lens. A rain cover is bundled alongside the sling bag.


  • Suitable for DSLR and point and shoot cameras and accessories
  • You can move the foams in the dividers to create more space


  • Does not have a waist strap
  • Rain cover not big enough to cover the bag

6. ONA- Camera Messenger Bag

ONA is an Italian leather used to make the Dark Truffle Version of the Brixton camera bag. Makers of this bag used wax for finishing and creating a rich patina. The product is genuine leather that can only get better with age. The bag should carry a camera, two to three lenses, and a mini laptop.


  • Antique brass tuck-clasp closure
  • Side weather flaps
  • Can store two extra lenses  


  • The bag does not fit the rugged terrain

Camera Bag for Sony a6000: Buying Guide

The immediate things you are going to think about when it comes to moving with your camera are the accessories that go with it and then think about the price and comfort. Here are some other considerations.

Changing Lenses

If you are heading for an event that requires no change of lens, in such scenarios a bag with a holster can do the job.

Consider if you are a point and shoot photographer

If you are the kind of a photographer with the spontaneity to take photos on the go, then look for something that can hold the camera that is better than a purse or your back pocket.

The need to Add or Remove Accessories

When you are involved in the rigorous process of shooting may be uncomfortable when you have to carry a heavy load while at the same time holding onto the camera and other accessories. Consider a bag with extra dividers for more accessories.

Are you a Frequent Flier?

You always want to carry your camera with you when traveling from one country to another.  Look for a bag that will fit in well into the luggage compartments. Make sure you get a bag with an interior to facilitate easy packing.

Nature of Shoot

Are you seeking an outdoor adventure? Go for a bag that has a rugged outlook fit for such a task.

From our review, ONA- Camera Messenger Bag seems to satisfy those who seek more space for extra lenses and gives them the antique feeling.

Some of these bags not only offer protection to the camera but they also allow you to carry accessories and personal items. This is something most buyers will not put into consideration when out there looking for the best camera bag for Sony A6000. You are also free to consider something sleek, a backpack, a sling bag, or something that looks rugged.

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