10 Best Backup Camera with Night Vision 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered if there was something you could do to reverse your care with minimal chances of error? Well, if you’ve been behind the wheel for quite some time, chances are that you know how difficult reversing a car using the rear view mirror only is. This is because, the mirrors tend to leave a wide margin of error and you might easily reverse into a ditch, hit a rock or even bump on a low pavement.

Thankfully, modern technology is always there to make our lives easier. Backup cameras provide you with an advanced method of getting a better shot of the rear of your car so you can reverse with more accuracy. You only need to place one of these cameras on your car’s license plate, set up the system and you’ll be good to go. 

However, there are a few important things to always keep in mind about these cameras.

  • Quality of image needs to always be high
  • Night vision is an incredibly important feature
  • Some cameras have a waterproof housing for added protection
  • Lookout for grid lines which make it easier to reverse
Best Backup Camera with Night Vision

Backup Camera with Night Vision – Comparison

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, here’s a quick rundown of some top camera options available at your disposal. You only need to take a closer look at one that tickles your fancies to make a quick, informed decision.

RankingProduct NameProduct DimensionsBrand
1LeeKooLuu Night Vision7.95 x 4.76 x 3.82 inchesLeeKooLuu
2eRapta Wireless Rear View Backup Camera6.7 x 0.8 x 4.3 inchesERapta
3Pyle PLCM7500 Car Backup Camera5.75 x 11 x 3.5 inchesPyle
4Esky Night Vision EC170-08 Backup Camera5.11 x 3.12 x 2.16 inchesEsky
5RVS Systems 7 Inch Display Backup Camera7 inchesRear View Safety
6eRapta Night Vision9.4 x 1 x 1.3 inches
7Camecho IR Night Vision11.81 x 3.94 x 5.91 inchesCAMECHO
8Auto-Vox Cam 6 Night Vision8.66 x 1.37 x 1.1 inchesAUTO-VOX
9XO Vision HTC35 HD Universal Backup Camera1.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches
10AUTO-VOX Cam 1 Rear-View Camera7.36 x 1.22 x 1.37 inchesAUTO-VOX

1.  LeeKooLuu Night Vision Rear View Camera

Revered for its waterproof design and enhanced video inputs, this backup camera system presents car owners with a deal they cannot afford to miss out on. First off, it is controlled by a 4.3-inch mirror monitor which also has a pair of video inputs.

This pair of video inputs would come in handy especially if you’re considering adding a second reverse cam or dashcam for your vehicle or trailer. Another aspect of this is that it clips on all virtually all average-sized rear view mirrors which means you can use it on any vehicle.

A closer look at it further reveals that it comes with an HD camera which can be conveniently installed on the license plate. You only need to use the existing fixing screws and bolts for this crucial role.Another plus with this camera is that it comes with an IP68 rating which is highly water-proof in addition to coming with LED functionality for enhanced view at night

Our expert editors found that this is a relatively inexpensive kit. However, its screen tends to glare a bit in the sun. Also, cable transmission is pretty straightforward for this unit because it’s powered by the current used for the reversing lights.


  • Designed to be water- and mud-proof
  • Incredible color contrast
  • Loaded with a wireless transmitter
  • Turns on automatically when one backs up the car


  • Its wiring is too short and may not work well for a dodge sprinter

2. eRapta Wireless Rear View Backup Camera

If versatility is top of your concerns, the eRapta digital backup camera will no doubt present you with value worth pondering on. In fact, other than being a backup camera, this one can be used as a security surveillance camera as well.Most importantly, this unit does an incredible job of eliminating blind spots making all your trips much safer.

To top it all up, the monitor conveys colored images which is a great advantage especially when the clarity of images is of the essence. And of course, best of all, this camera comes with night vision which is made even better by the use of IR technology. This ultimately indicates the fact that this camera doesn’t rely on natural lighting to create clear images. It’s, therefore, easy to see why this is often ranked among the top rear view camera choices.


  • Waterproof protection for extra safety in rainy conditions
  • The company provides reliable customer support
  • High-quality night vision images
  • Excellent communication from the camera to the monitor
  • Highly versatile meaning it can be used for different uses


  • Some users complained of lack of clear installation guidelines

3. Pyle PLCM7500 Car Backup Camera with Reverse Assist Scale

Known for its ability to provide a wide-view of the rear of your vehicle, the PLCM7500 is reputed for its high-resolution and a well-thought-out design.

First off, it comes with a 170-degrees field of view and a 7-inch display which clearly is one of the most generous views we’ve come across so far. The main advantage of this enhanced view is that it helps you cover more ground and, therefore, avoid the blind spots. That said, it would be important to keep in mind the fact that this unit has greater fish-eye distortion which makes it a little challenging to deal with wider angles. Another flop with the otherwise great camera would be that it lacks wireless functionality.

Therefore, the installation process can get a little technical. However, we would like to add that despite this weakness, this camera works pretty well once you have it in place.


  • Encased in a water-proof housing
  • A large field of view
  • Comes with video and audio inputs
  • Covered by a year-long warranty
  • Presents you with an incredibly high resolution


  • Larger than the average rear-view mirror
  • Lacks wireless functionality

4. Esky Night Vision EC170-08 Backup Camera

User-friendliness is the unique selling point of this rear-view camera. First off, its design is quite simple and elegant and you really don’t need any technical skills to install or even operate it.

Most importantly, this camera is capable of delivering superior images with top-notch resolution.Another major benefit of this camera is that it is based on the NTSC TV system which is often recommended as a long-lasting solution to poor rear-view images.

So, you can rest assured that this can offer a permanent solution to poor image quality, especially at night.It’s also worth appreciating the fact that this camera comes with a durable yet stylish housing. This is a big plus since the cover can withstand any kind of weather.To top up all these benefits, this camera offers superior image quality a feat achieved through its high definition color CMOS.

That basically means that any time you reverse your car, this camera will generate high-quality images even at night. Also, these images are relayed in color.So, if you’re looking for a rearview camera that’s designed to provide you with maximum value for your money, this one might be a perfect one – worth considering.


  • Superior quality of images
  • Easy and hassle-free to install
  • Housed in a stylish body which also waterproof
  • Capable of covering a 170-degree view angle
  • Excellent, full-color camera
  • Powerful for night vision


  • May not work well in brightly lit surroundings

5. RVS Systems 7 Inch Display Backup Camera RVS-770613

Sometimes, good value comes in the form of a 130-degree rear-view angle housed in a 3.25Hx3LX1.5D inches brackets. If that sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, then welcome to the RVS-770613. It comes with a generous 7-inch TFT LCD screen complete with a universal mount and full-color capability

On top of that, the system has a 66-inch cable complete with aircraft-grade connections. That’s of course, in addition to all other components that you may need to achieve a stable and reliable connection.If durability is a concern for you, you’ll be glad to learn that this camera is rated at waterproof IP69K.

What’s IP69K rating? Well, that simply means that the camera is designed to withstand heavy washdown and, therefore, offers complete assurance that the camera is built to the highest level of protection possible.

Another awesome advantage to this backup camera system is that it comes with 18 infrared lights. These offer 50ft worth of night vision. On top of that, the system offers 130-degrees of ultra-wide rear viewing angle and an uninterrupted 7 inch LED digital panel.


  • Backed by a 1-year guarantee
  • Lifetime tech support
  • High waterproof protection
  • Crystal clear images (800×480 pixel resolution)
  • Additional cameras can be added to this system
  • Excellent infrared night vision
  • Accurate, distance grid lines


  • Quite technical to install

6. eRapta Night Vision Backup Camera ERT01

The eRapta ERT01 is renowned for its high-quality infrared functionality which makes it a top choice when night vision is of the essence. This, of course, comes in addition to a 12VDC video functionality all thanks to a powerful video cable of this unit.To top it all up, this unit comes with an extra-wide 7-inch monitor which making viewing rear images an absolute relief. Add that to the fact that the ERT01 comes with 18 IR lights and you have what could easily be one of the most reliable night vision cameras in town.

Yet another plus with this cheap night vision backup camera would be that it comes with a CMOS semiconductor which is a highly powerful sensor. So, whether you’d like to use it for your car, light automobile or heavy equipment, this system has surely got all those needs covered.Also, the fact that the camera uses a thick video cable goes a long way in beefing up the quality of the final image, effectively extending your value for money, a notch-higher.


  • Single connection to the camera of easy installation
  • Easy to install as compared to others
  • Installed in a waterproof apron
  • Uses non-corrosive materials for durability
  • Powerful lens for clearer images


  • A few ounces heavier than its main rivals

7. Camecho IR Night Vision Rear View Camera

Thanks to its super-large 7-inch widescreen, the Camecho 12V backup camera stands out from the park with its high resolution and unparalleled viewing angles. And thanks to this added advantage, you can count on it to deliver a high level of resolution, capturing every tiny detail you need to be aware of at any day.

It’s, therefore, not surprising to see that this camera is rated highly rated all thanks to its full-color functionality. And let’s also not forget that it enjoys remote control for better management.


  • Can accommodate 2 rear view cameras
  • Stable images even when on the move
  • Highly versatile
  • Excellent customer support


  • Some users complained of signal interference
  • Quality of LCD screen seems cheap

8. Auto-Vox Cam 6 Night Vision Reverse Backup Camera

Auto-Vox is one of the trustworthy names in the world of production of automobile accessories. With a track-record spanning 10 years, this company stands out as a go-to source for quality night vision wide angle backup cameras. But do they live up to expectations?

Well, a closer look at Auto-Vox Cam 6 reveals that it’s an IP67 rated waterproof backup camera. This is a relatively high rating which also confirms the fact that this unit can do an incredible job irrespective of the weather. Secondly, this camera is relatively easy to install as one only needs to install it behind the license plate before tightening the screws using a wrench. As far as the quality of the images is concerned, this one has a pretty powerful camera which also boasts a strong image sensor.

In other words, it’s possible to view top-quality images, especially in poorly lit conditions.Also, it comes with optional parking guidelines. So, if you don’t want to use the ready-made grid for this work, all you need to do is switch to normal.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly power efficient
  • Delivers top quality images
  • Highly compatible
  • Durable and waterproof


  • It’s certainly not an IP68 waterproof camera as claimed
  • Parts of its housing look cheap

9. XO Vision HTC35 HD Universal Backup Camera

Having a clear, uninterrupted view of the rear of your car especially at night is one of the many worries that drivers have to deal with. Luckily, the XO Vision HTC35 wide-angle camera gives you a superior viewing angle thereby providing you with unparalleled viewing advantage.

On top of that, it comes with a single video output which does an incredible job of delivering top quality content. And to make the deal even sweeter, there’s NTSC format color system for guaranteed image stability.Last but not least, this camera is housed in a waterproof casing in addition to having 9 LED assist lights for clear viewing.


  • Designed to work in rugged conditions
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 9 powerful LED lights in place
  • Can be connected via in-dash DVD player
  • Extremely easy to install
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quality of video image isn’t really top-notch
  • Comes with permanent grid lines that can’t be disabled

10. AUTO-VOX Cam 1 Rear-View Camera Universal 

Who said you have to break the bank to access a high-quality backup camera? The Auto-Vox Cam 1 is one of the best night vision LED rear-view cameras under $50.One thing we really like about it is that it’s truly easy to install.

You don’t need to be a guru to do this. Likewise, you don’t need to drill a hole behind the license plate.The product comes with clear mounting instructions which provide you with detailed information on how to install it right on your license plate.

On top of that, the camera boasts an IP68 waterproof rating and 6 high brightness LEDs.It’s, therefore, safe to say that this is one of the best cameras at its price range especially if you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-install option.


  • Turns automatically on/off depending on the conditions
  • Easy to install
  • High waterproof protection
  • Relatively high-quality images
  • High definition image processor


  • Takes a few seconds to warm up
  • Lacks a night dimming feature

The Buying Guide For Backup Camera with Night Vision

Backup cameras for cars are normally exposed to tough outdoor conditions and, therefore, need to be of the highest-quality possible to deliver good value in the long-run. For that reason, you want to go for a unit that comes with waterproof housing – preferably IP68 rating.

Secondly, go for a powerful yet easy-to-install system, preferably one that comes with a ready-made mounting feature. It is also imperative to look at the quality of the images relayed through the camera. The higher the quality, the easier it will be for the driver to make informed decisions. Last but not least, it’s a good idea to go for an adjustable camera such as one that allows you to either choose to use grid lines or remove them.

Which One Is Best For You?

With all these cameras standing out with their respective features, finding one that offers the best bang for your bucks might be a little tricky. Fortunately, our experts have tracked this market for quite a while and were, therefore, able to arrive at Pyle PLCM7500 as the best overall pick. This decision was informed by the fact that it comes with high-quality protection, powerful lens, and advanced technology.

Final Thoughts

Your security is of essence whenever you get behind the wheel. So, don’t take chances. By getting the best backup camera with night vision, you can easily pinpoint the blind spots and also, easily avoid knocking on pavements and other hard-to-see objects when using the car. To this end, the rule of the thumb is to always go for a well-made camera which is capable of transmitting crystal clear images irrespective of the weather or time of day.

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